Getting Back Into Pokemon Cards

So recently been getting back into pokemon card something from my childhood.something i love and miss and regret rid of my original cards so recently just been buy the cards i had back in the day but i really want to get all the original 150 pokemon something i wanted to do as a kid but never but being an adult with money something i can try. In 2016 that is a goal of mine to get.

I just love the old cards there is something about them that is special but also when im looking at them i have all these memories from my childhood i still remember getting my first card and having a folder of cards and it was one of the most things i loved in the world as a kid. how i always wnted that charizard but never getting it but the day i regret when i was older and i thought i didnt need pokemon and telling mu mother to get rid of them that is something i regretted but i thought pokemon was only for a little kids.

But now im rebuiling my collection and i stopped collecting in fossil and jungle days but now having money i can find the cards i never had but also can get the sets i never had and finding all these other older cards i never had it is fun and glad to be collecting pokemon cards again.


My Top 8 Moment From Gaming In 2015

Instead of doing a list of the best games from 2015 i thought i would do something different and do a list of the best video game moments. So i came up with 8 they stood out to me and i might not love every game on the list but i loved the moments. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD

8. Arkham Knight The Joker Moment
- I wasn’t expecting the joker to be in arkham knight but then when he appears for the first time wow but his role in this game is awesome. also when the joker takes over batman was really cool but that first appearance of the joker in the game was the wow moment for me.

7. Everybodys Gone To The Rapture Ending
- I liked this game but that ending was something else and was just wow it fills in the holes that happened during the game but it was just amazing to watch that ending and to find out what happened to these people was amazing.

6. Until Dawn Twist
- Okay this game was awesome and if you love horror movies and most of the game it goes like a normal horror movie until there is a twist in the middle of the game where you think one character is killing the characters off. But then you find out something else is killing the people off and just wow who it is.

5. Fallout 4 Seeing Wife Get Killed
- Fallout has been so much fun but the moment in the game that still sticks out to me is seeing your wife getting shot in front of you and then the people take your chile it was just wow and the moment so far from the game that made me go wow.

4. Arkham Knight Jason Todd Moment
- these scenes were you see the joker do things to jason todd really stands out to me and is some of the wow moments from the game. They don’t last long but there is 4 or 3 scenes they show and you just watch but it stands out.

3. Phantom Pain The Dog Moment
- The moment you find a little puppy and bring him to base is just the cutest moment and bring him back to base and to see the interaction is awesome but then to see him grow is amazing i just love it and to me something that standouts out from phantom. the truth is a lot from phantom pain sticks out so its hard to pick what moments to put on this list.

2. Witcher 3 Bloody Baron Quest
- this quest is one of the best missions or quests i played this year from any game. this quest is fucked up and the more you play it the more it gets interesting and the more  you learn about these characters and what happened to these characters to make them turn out this way and the ending to the quest is just fucked.

1. Phantom Pain Ending
- The ending to phantom pain is just amazing and just wow the revealing of everything at the end. the game may have its problems but i love the game and that ending mission and everything that comes after it is amazing. and just sets up everything that came in metal gear solid games which was awesome and that reveal is something i still think about.


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