21 years ago... Evangelion

so it's been 21 years since Evangelion debuted and i just want to talk about my experience and my love for this anime. I was really into anime before i watched Evangelion i remember seeing ghost in the shell and akira on vhs and i don't know if i had seen Pokemon and dragon ball z but that had been my experience with anime and i didn't even know it was called anime. So when i got around watching Evangelion it was on tv and it was because i saw an ad for while i was watching south park on a lacal tv station over here called SBS i remember it saying next week after south park Evangelion will debut or something like that. So i stayed up late to watch the first episode and loved it and i watched every epsiode ever week.

For me why i love evangelion and really got into it was because i really liked the story but for i really could relate to the characters and but i could relate to the characters that were going to school because i was in school. But also the EVA's were just awesome and that first episode was amazing and really spoke to me, you had the characters and the story but the amazing action but also just amazing music and it was just amazing to watch and to watch something like that after south park on a school night just felt special.

After watching every episode even watched it when the family went on holidays and it wasn't something i couldn't miss. by the end i was love with this anime and was the first anime i really loved and i really didn't know what anime was aswell. the more anime i watched or didn't watch i always remember evangelion. When the first time i had my own my money and was getting back into anime one of the first things i wanted to do was to buy the anime on dvd so got the boxset which was about $100.

Then i had some time out of anime until the rebulid movies started coming out and i was kinda getting back into anime but i didn't really until i decided to get netflix and watch attack on titan. But since then i have rewatched the rebulid movies over 5 times or something like that and i think there alright and they don't touch the original anime and that is anime i try to watch once a year.

So I have a lot of memories with Evangelion and is something i love and something i can connect to and something i think is amazing.


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