Getting Back Into Pokemon Cards

So recently been getting back into pokemon card something from my childhood.something i love and miss and regret rid of my original cards so recently just been buy the cards i had back in the day but i really want to get all the original 150 pokemon something i wanted to do as a kid but never but being an adult with money something i can try. In 2016 that is a goal of mine to get.

I just love the old cards there is something about them that is special but also when im looking at them i have all these memories from my childhood i still remember getting my first card and having a folder of cards and it was one of the most things i loved in the world as a kid. how i always wnted that charizard but never getting it but the day i regret when i was older and i thought i didnt need pokemon and telling mu mother to get rid of them that is something i regretted but i thought pokemon was only for a little kids.

But now im rebuiling my collection and i stopped collecting in fossil and jungle days but now having money i can find the cards i never had but also can get the sets i never had and finding all these other older cards i never had it is fun and glad to be collecting pokemon cards again.


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