Getting Back Into Anime With Space Dandy

Been watching a lot of anime of the last year or so and because of streaming services i have been able to discover a lot of stuff on these services i have either heard of (attack on titan) or some i have never heard of (Psycho Pass) or stuff i thought i would never watch (Naruto). But to me there has only one that really stood out made me watch more made me put money down on these streaming services and that was Space Dandy. I just thought it was amazing when i watched it earlier this year and it was so different it felt like you were on drugs and i loved it. The animation was the standout and something that made this something special to watch with this very cool anime that had a interesting story and had some emotional moments.

So getting back into anime has been interesting and im still watch stuff and i have started watching new stuff week to week and always checking out interesting stuff and looking for stuff that looks really interesting. So im going to stick with watching more anime.


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