Top 10 Video Games Of 2013

So like every year i like doing my top 10 for video games and movies but im also adding tv shows and comic books this year so check them out when i post them but first is video games.

This year was interesting some really awesome games, some interesting indie games but some great retail games but not many fps but it was a good year with next gen hitting and some just great games this year but also some bad games in the mix.

10. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
- This game really shocked i wasnt expecting to like this game,to me it just sounded like a cash in but after getting with a ps+ discount and i loved it, a fun story but what they added but had the same kind of gameplay of far cry 3, this game ended up shocking me and it was just awesome, can't wait for episode 2.

9. Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse Ep. 1
- I was so excited for a new broken sword game and after playing the first episode it really feels like the first game and it has a really interesting story and looks really good and playing it on vita is so good just loving this game.

8. Beyond: Two Souls
- I loved the game by the end and i know it has some problems but i dont mind it because i really liked the story but ellen page and her character really stole the game for me and just had a interesting game to play and good to see sony and QD have the guts to do this game because i enjoyed this game a lot.

7. Ni No Kuni
- I have not even finished this game yet but i loved so much it had to be on my list, it really looks good and some of it is done by studio ghibli and it just a fun rpg from the look of the monsters to the character and traveling is just fun and a fun story and one best rpgs i have played since persona 4 and got me back into rpgs.

6. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag
- After 3 i was really sick of this series and wasn't even going to pick this up but the pirates theme just looked so good i had to give it ago and just playing as a pirate is awesome going around ship is fun, overall its fun game with a fun story to go along with it. just some fun characters just had a great time with it.

5. Tearaway
- This game so much fun with creating stuff to the cute characters with a fun story and has a bit of lbp in it which is always great but uses to vita features and just lets you have fun and one of the best games to play on the vita just so much fun.

4. Tomb Raider
- This is a game that shocked me because i didnt want a tomb raider reboot i was done with tomb raider drake was my new tomb raider but after playing it it was so awesome, you have the stuff that i liked from the uncharted games but you also has the tomb raider stuff which i loved and got really dark which i like to bad for the ending which i didnt like.

3. Bioshock Infinite
- This game had an awesome story, an amazing ending and good shooting gameplay but for me this game was about the story which i loved and how crazy it gets at the end is amazing. It has great characters but the world is interesting and how it ends is just wow and i love it. 

2. Grand Theft Auto V
- Just an awesome game to me this is the best gta game there is so much to do, just tons of funs but also has an awesome story and just the changes they added also just opening the whole map from the start and making it huge was just awesome and its a fun playground just driving around and looking at stuff is just fun. it is a fun and awesome game overall

1. The Last Of Us
- This was the best game of the year and this has to be my favorite game of this generation aswell, thats how much i loved this game. Everything about this game is amazing to me and why i will get ND games until they stop making games.

Other Games That Didnt Make The List: 
Doki Doki Universe - just a fun and simple game
Guacamelee - just a fun game
 Hotline Miami (ps vita) - only started playing for the vita this year and its so fun

Disappointment: Batman Arkham Origins
- I had a feeling this game was going to let me down from the change of devs i just knew and when i got around playing it and the bugs really killed this game for me at the start. The story was the highlight and the gameplay felt just to plane to me. If the rumor that we are getting an arkham game every year then that just makes me sad.

worst: Deadpool
- This started out as a fun game but by the end it was just boring and the same thing and i am a big deadpool fan and the thing is as character they got right but just mad a boring game and it seems like the blew there budget at the start and didnt know what to do for rest of the game which was to bad from the devs of the good transformers game.


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