10 Things I Liked About GTA V Gameplay Trailer

I always get excited for a new GTA game and i thought 4 was great game but was missing some stuff that i loved about the series and the teaser trailer for the 5th game has me impressed and now we finally have a gameplay trailer and im super excited. Now with this gameplay trailer we see lot of awesome stuff but it starts out showing how big this game is going to be but this trailer showed some amazing stuff that has me super excited for it and just the things you can do when you are not on a mission just looks fun and looks as fun as SA and can’t wait for this game. This game just looks like they have really made it a better game in every way and im excited for that. Also i think i will love this world and the missions just look great just everything about this game just looks awesome. 

10. The Dog
- Seeing the Dog walking behind Franklin and if that happens in the game that is going to be awesome and could be a gaurd dog when you have him out this could be very interesting and just looks cool.

9. The Characters
- By looking at this trailer and liker other GTA game this is going to have some crazy characters and this trailer has some of them just on the sidewalk or the bounty hunter chick there are going to be some interesting characters.

8. Online Looks Insane
- The 10 seconds look at at online looks insane and can’t wait to see more of this because i liked 4 online and if they expand on that i will love that.

7. Deciding What To Spend Your Money On
- Like SA you get to spend on money on stufff and that is cool from clothes and doing up your car to getting tats and more stuff its going to be awesome with all the stuff you can do. The stock exchange stuff sounds interesting. 

6. The Detail In The Game
- The detail in the game just makes it look awesome just seeing the cracks on the road but also in the houses and just the stuff in the background far away just looks insane. Even on cars and characters there is so much detail.

5. Other Activites
- Playing Golf and other things looks like its going to be fun when your sick of playing missions it would be good to do this stuff and looks like there is a lot.

4. Not Being On Mission
- Besides the activites you can just walk the streets and just looking at stuff and doing other stuff and to me exloring this world is going to be fun from card to bikes to planes and i can’t wait to do that stuff. you have way to earn extra money from bounty hunters and other stuff seems like all this stuff is going to be awesome.

3. The Gameplay Has Improved
- Just looking at the gameplay it has changed from 4 it looks like a mix of RDR and Max Payne 3 and i love them games. It looks more fun because with some of the gameplay in 4 did make me fustrated at. I really hope its fun as it looks in the trailer.

2. The Heists
- I wonder if mission will be heists but i got to say what they showed in the trailer it looked fun from you setting it, you picking how to do it and that sounds awesome and picking the people who will be on the team and who will do what just sounds so awesome and makes me excited and what you wear also but then there is the gameplay and how you play it just looks awesome and i can’t wait.

1. Changing The Players
- I didn’t know know how the changing the players would work and i was very worried how it would work and by the trailer it looks awesome just pressing a button to change to a person but while you are with a different person then the other guys will be doing there thing. They don’t just stop what there doing when you change to a different person but they will be doing there own thing from the trailer ridig a bike with your son or a middle of a car chase with the cops its so awesome where the guys will be doing things while you are not playing them.

Very excited about this game with the new stuff there doing and i can’t wait to see what else they have in this game but the stuff in this trailer just looks awesome and also just sounds awesome to play. But one thing im worried about are the drugs in the game and it being banned in Australia but besides that im super excited for this game. 


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