E3 2013 Thoughts

E3 this year had some awesome games this year and the conferences were interesting I enjoyed sony 's one because of the games and the price but also Sony will let me play my games offline if I don't have the internet. But with Sony showing support to Indy games and have some interesting games coming down the pipen but also them not showing every game has me thinking they have more interesting games sooner then later. But I give credit tonMs for showing a lot of games but only problem is a lot of them games are not that interesting and the price and Ms policies just kill it for me. EA and UbiSoft showed some great and interesting stuff. And the big N showed a game that I am very interested in X which I will buy a wii-u for also the Mario kart game looks good but kinda hoping to see a pokemon RPG on there soon which I would buy a wii-u straight away for that. E3 had some great and interesting games and feels like a better show in years but also got me excited for more games and the next gen here is to the future of games. now onto some game thoughts on some of the games -

Metal Gear Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
- This was one of the best trailers i saw from E3 and before E3 i had some doubts about this MGS game but this trailer convinced me to be excited about this game and it would the game i most excited from E3. JUst the open world in action and the characters and how the game looks good but the story looks really good and being a big fan of the series im super excited for it but still the voice is bothering me because sutherland is not snake.

Dead Rising 3
- I have never been into this game series but this makes it look less fun and it seems like there going for a darker tone and i dont know about that even though i was never into the series but it had a fun look about it. The only thing i liked about it was driving the car bit it the trailer seemed like it was fun.

Sunset Overdrive
- The art style is something i am loving but besides that i have no interest in anything else and its sad to see them doing a MS exclusive game since i grew up with this company doing sony exclusives its sad to see but also weird to see.

- I like the mechs and that seems to add something to this game but besides that it just looked the same as all the other FPS and being just an online only games i really dont play them games anymore so yeah but i would like to see more stuff about this game.

Witcher 3
- I didn’t like the 2nd game but this game looks interesting with the open world i really want to play this game now.

- Very interested in this game but this world they created looks interesting and something i want to play and the weapons look awesome and this just looks like an interesting game but has a very interesting story and something i want to play.

The Evil Within
- This looks like a game to bring the horror back to video games, it reminds of the original Resident Evil game + Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it just looks awesome and i want to play this game.

Infamous: Second Son
- Oh man this game just looks amazing and i can’t wait for this game. The footage looks really good and the new abilites for the new guy looks fun and the story looks very interesting and just looks fun and a new setting and this is the game im buying the PS4 for.

Killzone: Shadow Fall
- Still looks awesome but just looks stunning and has added some new stuff to this universe that makes it look interesting and something different, will be one of the games im getting at launch.

The Order: 1886
- Now this looks interesting and looks like it will be an interesting game on the PS4 but with the added steampunk to this world and you have me interested with some supernatural monsters, i can’t wait to see more from this game.

The Divison
- Well there tryin something different here and im liking what i am seeing and hearing it does look interesting and something i would love to try out and i just like the world they are creating in this game want to say this is a must buy for me but i want to see more from this game and how everything works in this game.

The Crew
- I like a fun racing game and this looks like it will a fun one with some interesting online stuff i am very interested in this game. Also it looks good for a next gen title really want to see more of this stuff.


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