So Phantom Pain Is MGS5

So the internet was right phantom pain was MGS5 and ground zeroes has been put into 5 aswell. So i have some thoughts about this and everything involved -

So this started with phantom pain this mystery game but we all knew it was metal gear solid 5 and finally confirmed but the phantom pain was a stupid thing that they did but now its called MGS5: Phantom Pain and i dodnt want games to do that and create a fake studio and there is the new trailer which just the phantom pain trailer with some added stuff and then we got the sad new mr snake wont be voicing snake and i got to say this just makes me sad and less excited about the game now. Because to me he is the voice of snake and not to even ask just pisses me off and makes me angry because i will hear the new voice and i will say fuck off. I just this news. I am a big MGS fan and 4 would be one of my fav games and i will say i am not that excited i am interested to see what happens but i am less excited and i will pick it up because i am a fan but some of the things i have read and seen really leaves me less impressed. Also this is going to be an open world game and to me this series is not an open world game and i really dont like that idea but when i see the game in action it might change my mind but for no it does not impress me.

Like other people i wish kojima was making something else then i think and or would like a break from MGS and even the spinoffs and i am a big MGS fan and he says he is going to do something else but just comes back to this series, even another zone of enders but maybe a new ip because i think he creates some interesting stuff but its to bad he has to go back to this maybe after this game he will but i don’t see it happening.


My Top 20 PS2 Games *Updated*

So here is an updated list of my top 20 ps2 game which is also a response to Brad’s list which he recently done. So i made some changed from my last list i did on this topic and added some games but here you go - 

20. Hitman: Blood Money

- This would be my fav hitman game on the ps2 to me this because it seems liked there were more ways to finish the main mission and more open as a game to do and it was a lot of fun and the story was very interesting.

19. Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus

- The first sly cooper game is still amazing and still lives up to what it promises and it has this charm to the game that i love from the characters to the levels and to even the bosses and the story which is fun and a really good kids story but has a pixar vibe aswell.

18. Shellshock: Nam ‘67

- there were a few vietnam games on the ps2 and to me this was the most interesting one on the ps2 and since its the team behind the killzone games and i think for one of there first games it was really good and it had some really grusome moments.

17. Smugglers Run 2: Hostile Territory 

- I found this series really fun and even though it was driving around it was really fun and did hope there would have been a ps3/360 game and is from Rockstar Games and they have become a fav delevoper for me and i found this game just fun to play and why its in my top 20.

16. Def Jam: Fight For NY

- When i was really into rap music i really got into this game series i liked the first game but the 2nd game was so fun from the fighters you had in the game and with a cool but stupid story mode but they really impoved the fighting. It was a really fun fighting game. I loved the the create a character, it was very cool and so good all the choices you had.

15. The Getaway

- This game a lot of bad bugs in thi game and i never finished this game because of that but i still loved this game because of the story it was like a england gangster story from the movies and i i did like the gameplay even though it was perfect and was hard but i had a lot of fun with the game.

14. Tony Hawk’s Underground

- I love tony hawk games but it was hard to pick just one but thinking about the one i had the most memories i had fun it would have to be underground. Why i loved this the most ? is because it was just tons of fun and i liked the story but all the stuff they added to this game from creating your character and to be able to get off the board which was big but i found the tony hawk games fun but the story i like rising up to be a pro skater.

13. The Warriors

- Another Rockstar game and this was at the time the best video game that was based on a movie property but this added a backstory aswell that was not seen in this movie which i loved and thought this game was just awesome and just tons of fun and had the rockstar gameplay and loved it.

12. Kingdom Hearts 2

- I really thought this series was going to be crap but the first game was really good and then i plyed the 2nd one and i enjoyed it more then the first one and thats why the 2nd one is on my list. When you mix square and disney characters you get this cool series and it better then the final fantasy series right now.

11. Gran Turismo 4

- I am a big fan of this series and would be one of my fav racing series and i thought 4 was awesome and did so much and looked really good and had fun and does the racing sim the best and the racers were good and added some really good stuff and but did the racing the best and had so many cars to drive and do up and thats what you want from this game.

10. Freedom Fighters

- This is such a game and one of the games that should have been series but never was which just sucks to me but this game is so much fun but what i liked it had a very interesting story and was a squad based action game and i really liked it, this is a game that deseves to get a hd version or a 2nd game.

9. Bully

- Aka Canis Canem Edit and i thought this was such a fun game and being a teenager while playing this game i thought it was more awesome. but it was like a high school grand theft auto had all these activites it was open would but you dont have the gun or that just stuff kids would have in school and it was so fun and you being a character sticking up for other people was really good, Just a fun game.

8. God Of War

- I love this series and i love all the games in this series but out of the first i still love the first one i remember playing the demo and just found it amazing and just fun to kill and had an iteresting story about geek mythology which i was always interested in.

7. X-Men Legends 2: Rise Of Apocalypse

- When X-men was big there games, movies and everything else but there was an awesome x-men series called legends it was an action/rpg game and they only made 2 and always wished they would make more because it was fun and had a good story but the 2nd one was the best one to me. Just because they improved everthing in the 2nd game but had a better story aswell because Apocalypse was the main bad guy in the game but i loved the rpg element and loved the action element in this game and loved the x-men characters and this was an x-men story from the comics just really fun and one of the great ps2 games.

6. Manhunt

- The game that banned is one of the games in my top 20 and another game from Rockstar and i loved it because im a big fan of horror movies and it had a horror movie feel with serial killers with a big brother feel and very brutal but also a very stealth game. I found it very interesting game and i never got around to the 2nd one heard it was bad.

5. Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

- Going from crash to this series was interesting and got to say it took me a while to really love this series but once i did i loved the hell out of this game and i think it was the world but once i knew the world everything else fell into place for me. i love the characters but you have this sorta open world level and i just love it and the 2 main characters are awesome and hope to see this series in the future i think a vita game would be perfect.

4. Dark Chronicle

- Aka Dark Cloud 2 and this art style is why i love this game it was so cute and i really couldnt get into the first game but this game was much brighter and a little interesting story but is an rpg game with a little town sim. I found this game fun and would have hours of fun and regret not keep this game.

3. Final Fantasy X

- Oh when we had good Final Fantasy games and this is when the spin offs and the to many FF’s started coming out but the intro to this game is awesome but i loved the rpg fighting and i loved the story and i really got into this game and i really loved the world and had a time travel element that was cool, such a fun game and Final Fantasy R.I.P to me.

2. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

- I have loved this series from the first one on the Psone and i have to say on the ps2 the third one was just awesome to me, i loved the stuff he brought the third game like the cameo changing and eating snakes and such. And hiding from guards in the grass but had some awesome boss fights but i loved how it was set in the 60’s and i loved the story but i was likes his stories but i loved how it was about nuclear war and the russia and i just found it very interesting and also great characters and the intro to big boss i just loved this game.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 

- This game i played for so long i can’t even remember how long i was playing this game a year after it came out it was so fun to play. There was so much to do and the biggest gta game and just to explore was so much fun in this game. I loved the gangster / hip hop theme because i was getting into that music at the time and it reminded of a few films i had saw and the characters were awesome and funny and a game that had awesome missions and was just fun overall including just messing around in this open world game.

Well there is my list and finally top 20 ps2 games list because i have done this list a couple of times. These games to me a must play and should be checked just and i would love to see them to come on the psn or hd upgrade would be awesome but the ps2 has had a lot of great games on the system.


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