The PS4

We now have the PS4 as being offical and watching stream this morning was very intereting, even though they didnt show what what the box looks like (it doesnt bother me because i rther see games) we got to see the controllers specs, the interface and other information about the console. we got games, people who are working on games and were we really expecting  aprice because i wasn’t thats for e3 to announce price and bundles there. i was pumped before the event and it left we wanting to preorder one straight away because my must buy is killzone that looked so good hope its a lunch title, now bring on e3 and the announcment of the next xbox.

Highlights for me: 

Killzone: Shadowfall - I am a big fan of this series and this game trailer really blew me away and i am very excited for this game the story sounds cool but this game just looked awesome really can’t wait for this game.

Infamous: Second Son - I am a big fan of this series and to see it coming to the ps4 with a new story and a new character and has this interesting story around it, i wished they showed off some gameplay but this trailer was good.

Watch Dogs - This looks just awesome i thought it looked good at e3 but this new trailer shows off more and im super excited i can’t wait to get this game and i want it it seems like there is so much to do in this game.

PS4 Interface And Features - i really like the interface they showed and some of the features they said sounds very interesting very excited to hear more about them i can see me using some of the stuff they said and how the vita works with this stuff is cool aswell.

Diablo 3 - I am not a pc game so this interests me because i will be checking this out on the console would have been cool to get a trailer but still cool news.

New Controller - I am in love with the new controller and that share feature is very interesting and the touch part is cool, i like the controller a lot but glad it still is a dualshock controller.

Now the next xbox will have to do some big stuff which will be interesting but i hope some of them rumors isnt true like the kinnect rumor because i will not be buying it for sure and i just want good games but the truth is i know at the begining i will only be buying one console and by E3 i will have my mind made up but i think i will be sticking with the ps4 myself.


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