So Phantom Pain Is MGS5

So the internet was right phantom pain was MGS5 and ground zeroes has been put into 5 aswell. So i have some thoughts about this and everything involved -

So this started with phantom pain this mystery game but we all knew it was metal gear solid 5 and finally confirmed but the phantom pain was a stupid thing that they did but now its called MGS5: Phantom Pain and i dodnt want games to do that and create a fake studio and there is the new trailer which just the phantom pain trailer with some added stuff and then we got the sad new mr snake wont be voicing snake and i got to say this just makes me sad and less excited about the game now. Because to me he is the voice of snake and not to even ask just pisses me off and makes me angry because i will hear the new voice and i will say fuck off. I just this news. I am a big MGS fan and 4 would be one of my fav games and i will say i am not that excited i am interested to see what happens but i am less excited and i will pick it up because i am a fan but some of the things i have read and seen really leaves me less impressed. Also this is going to be an open world game and to me this series is not an open world game and i really dont like that idea but when i see the game in action it might change my mind but for no it does not impress me.

Like other people i wish kojima was making something else then i think and or would like a break from MGS and even the spinoffs and i am a big MGS fan and he says he is going to do something else but just comes back to this series, even another zone of enders but maybe a new ip because i think he creates some interesting stuff but its to bad he has to go back to this maybe after this game he will but i don’t see it happening.


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