2013: Movies And Video Games

2013 looks like a good year for movies and video games, but in the movies we have the next phase for marvel starting with iron man 3. We have a new dc movie and will superman work. Also a couple of interesting remakes and more comic book movies and some very interesting little movies should be a good year. 10 movies i’m excited for 2013 -

10. Thor: Dark World
- I loved the first thor movie and i think they are just expendanding more on the characters from that universe i am very excited for and i love me some loki so to see him back then i am excited.

9. Man Of Steel
- I still have fears about this movie but from both trailers i do think it work and i hope it does even if it doesnt have the best director but its still a movie i am excited to see and i am really excited to see Russell Crowe in this movie.

8. The Place Beyond The Pines
- This movie looks interesting and i am a big fan of gosling but also a big fan of bank robbery movies and this has a interesting plot to go along with this movie.

7. Elysium
- Have not seen any footage from this movie but this has an awesome plot but from the director of district 9 a movie i loved and this just sounds like another awesome sci-fi movie so im just excited for this movie.

6. Stoker
- This is from the director of Oldboy a movie i just loved and this looks really interesting from the trailers, The characters really look interesting and one i want to see.

5. Kick Ass 2
- I liked the first movie but i liked the comic book better and i loved the 2nd comic book and i hope the 2nd movie has what i loved about the comic book. some crazy stuff happenes and i want it to see that in the movie.

4. Sin City: A Dame To Kill
- I loved the first movie it would be in my top 5 comic book movies of all time and i am excited i just hope they are not rushing it but seems like they have a great cast and a great story and different stories so should be awesome i hope.

3. Iron Man 3
- I am very excited to see phase to of marvel starting with iron man 3 and how iron man deals with happens after all the avengers stuff and the trailer look great and looks darker which i am loving and very excited for the movie.

2. Evil Dead
- This remake just looks awesome and i am very excited for this movie it looks as gory as the original and is doing what i loved about the first 2 movies but changeing the story a little bit but keeping what makes the story awesome the same and i am very excited for it.

1. Pacific Rim
- After seeing the first trailer i was sold and if this was the only movie coming out i would be happy because im super excited for it. Giant Monsters Vs. Giant Robots. super excited this movie and has a great cast very excited but i do hope del toro does moutains of madness soon.

Other Movies I Want To See:

Movie 43 - It looks funny and has a good cast each short is directed by a different director so this should be interesting.
Oblivion - A very cool looking Sci-fi movie but im not the biggest fan of crusie so i hope i can like him in this.
This Is The End - Looks funny and with a bunch of funny people i want to see it.
cloudy chance with meatballs 2 - I liked the first movie which i wasnt expecting much and hope the 2nd one is as good.
Oldboy - this remake is something i want to see just how bad its going to be is a question.
Carrie - another remake that looks interesting hope it is good nd i like stephen kings stuff.
The worlds End - Another end of the world comedy but this time done by edgar wright and the end of his trilogy can’t wait.
Pain & Gain - looks like it will be fun like bad boys was and hope its like the same even though i hate walhberg.
Gravity - another cool sci-fi movie and i hope it is good as i think it will.

Video Games for 2013 looks interesting for the first half we have some big cool games like god of war and the last of us and more and i think we should be seeing a new console by sony and MS by end of the year and we will be seeing some big games on them consoles. I want more vita games and hope to see big games announced from e3 and the new consoles there seems like 2013 will be a big year in the games.

10. God Of War: Ascension
- I am a big fan of this series and i am looking forward to this but i wish we have seen more from the single player game the online part looks interesting but i wont hardly play it but still excited to play this game.

9. Tomb Raider
- So this is a reboot and it looks really interesting and something i will like i havent played a tomb raider since on the ps2 so for me its been a long time. This looks brutal and been inspired from uncharted so it should be interesting.

8. Deadpool
- I am a big fan of deadpool as a character and the comics are awesome and the trailer and stuff i have read sounds awesome and this game just sounds like its going to be tons of fun.

7. Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse
- Broken Sword series is my fav point and click series and to see it coming back is awesome and very excited for a new tale in this series.

6. Beyond: Two Souls
- The next game from the makers from heavy rain and i loved that game and this game looks awesome and it has ellen page this game looks very interesting.

5. South Park: The Stick Of Truth
- A cool look RPG in the south park universe and has the comedy but also looks fun to play very excited hope it comes out soon before the death of thq or doesnt affect this game.

4. Watch Dogs
- I think this is a nextgen game but will also be on the ps3/360 and should be fun because this game looks interesting but also looks awesome can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

3. Bioshock: Infinite
- It looks so good and i can’t wait to get my hands on this, the story looks awesome and it just looks fun. Everything has sold me on this game and i can’t wait.

2. Grand Theft Auto 5
- This game looks awesome and i want this game so bad, i love this series and i even loved 4 even people hate that series and i can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

1. The Last Of Us
- The end of the world story and looks brutal but awesome and by naught dog has my money and my soul because i want this game now it just looks aesome and i can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

Other Games I Want To Play:

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time - Looks like its going to be as fun as the other 3
Star Wars 1313 - looks like its going to look awesome
Killzone Mercenary - killzone on the vita
Tearaway - looks really good and will be a lot of fun
Rainbow Six Patriots - the story is really interesting me hope it comes out soon


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