Top 10 Video Games Of 2013

So like every year i like doing my top 10 for video games and movies but im also adding tv shows and comic books this year so check them out when i post them but first is video games.

This year was interesting some really awesome games, some interesting indie games but some great retail games but not many fps but it was a good year with next gen hitting and some just great games this year but also some bad games in the mix.

10. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
- This game really shocked i wasnt expecting to like this game,to me it just sounded like a cash in but after getting with a ps+ discount and i loved it, a fun story but what they added but had the same kind of gameplay of far cry 3, this game ended up shocking me and it was just awesome, can't wait for episode 2.

9. Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse Ep. 1
- I was so excited for a new broken sword game and after playing the first episode it really feels like the first game and it has a really interesting story and looks really good and playing it on vita is so good just loving this game.

8. Beyond: Two Souls
- I loved the game by the end and i know it has some problems but i dont mind it because i really liked the story but ellen page and her character really stole the game for me and just had a interesting game to play and good to see sony and QD have the guts to do this game because i enjoyed this game a lot.

7. Ni No Kuni
- I have not even finished this game yet but i loved so much it had to be on my list, it really looks good and some of it is done by studio ghibli and it just a fun rpg from the look of the monsters to the character and traveling is just fun and a fun story and one best rpgs i have played since persona 4 and got me back into rpgs.

6. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag
- After 3 i was really sick of this series and wasn't even going to pick this up but the pirates theme just looked so good i had to give it ago and just playing as a pirate is awesome going around ship is fun, overall its fun game with a fun story to go along with it. just some fun characters just had a great time with it.

5. Tearaway
- This game so much fun with creating stuff to the cute characters with a fun story and has a bit of lbp in it which is always great but uses to vita features and just lets you have fun and one of the best games to play on the vita just so much fun.

4. Tomb Raider
- This is a game that shocked me because i didnt want a tomb raider reboot i was done with tomb raider drake was my new tomb raider but after playing it it was so awesome, you have the stuff that i liked from the uncharted games but you also has the tomb raider stuff which i loved and got really dark which i like to bad for the ending which i didnt like.

3. Bioshock Infinite
- This game had an awesome story, an amazing ending and good shooting gameplay but for me this game was about the story which i loved and how crazy it gets at the end is amazing. It has great characters but the world is interesting and how it ends is just wow and i love it. 

2. Grand Theft Auto V
- Just an awesome game to me this is the best gta game there is so much to do, just tons of funs but also has an awesome story and just the changes they added also just opening the whole map from the start and making it huge was just awesome and its a fun playground just driving around and looking at stuff is just fun. it is a fun and awesome game overall

1. The Last Of Us
- This was the best game of the year and this has to be my favorite game of this generation aswell, thats how much i loved this game. Everything about this game is amazing to me and why i will get ND games until they stop making games.

Other Games That Didnt Make The List: 
Doki Doki Universe - just a fun and simple game
Guacamelee - just a fun game
 Hotline Miami (ps vita) - only started playing for the vita this year and its so fun

Disappointment: Batman Arkham Origins
- I had a feeling this game was going to let me down from the change of devs i just knew and when i got around playing it and the bugs really killed this game for me at the start. The story was the highlight and the gameplay felt just to plane to me. If the rumor that we are getting an arkham game every year then that just makes me sad.

worst: Deadpool
- This started out as a fun game but by the end it was just boring and the same thing and i am a big deadpool fan and the thing is as character they got right but just mad a boring game and it seems like the blew there budget at the start and didnt know what to do for rest of the game which was to bad from the devs of the good transformers game.


10 Things I Liked About GTA V Gameplay Trailer

I always get excited for a new GTA game and i thought 4 was great game but was missing some stuff that i loved about the series and the teaser trailer for the 5th game has me impressed and now we finally have a gameplay trailer and im super excited. Now with this gameplay trailer we see lot of awesome stuff but it starts out showing how big this game is going to be but this trailer showed some amazing stuff that has me super excited for it and just the things you can do when you are not on a mission just looks fun and looks as fun as SA and can’t wait for this game. This game just looks like they have really made it a better game in every way and im excited for that. Also i think i will love this world and the missions just look great just everything about this game just looks awesome. 

10. The Dog
- Seeing the Dog walking behind Franklin and if that happens in the game that is going to be awesome and could be a gaurd dog when you have him out this could be very interesting and just looks cool.

9. The Characters
- By looking at this trailer and liker other GTA game this is going to have some crazy characters and this trailer has some of them just on the sidewalk or the bounty hunter chick there are going to be some interesting characters.

8. Online Looks Insane
- The 10 seconds look at at online looks insane and can’t wait to see more of this because i liked 4 online and if they expand on that i will love that.

7. Deciding What To Spend Your Money On
- Like SA you get to spend on money on stufff and that is cool from clothes and doing up your car to getting tats and more stuff its going to be awesome with all the stuff you can do. The stock exchange stuff sounds interesting. 

6. The Detail In The Game
- The detail in the game just makes it look awesome just seeing the cracks on the road but also in the houses and just the stuff in the background far away just looks insane. Even on cars and characters there is so much detail.

5. Other Activites
- Playing Golf and other things looks like its going to be fun when your sick of playing missions it would be good to do this stuff and looks like there is a lot.

4. Not Being On Mission
- Besides the activites you can just walk the streets and just looking at stuff and doing other stuff and to me exloring this world is going to be fun from card to bikes to planes and i can’t wait to do that stuff. you have way to earn extra money from bounty hunters and other stuff seems like all this stuff is going to be awesome.

3. The Gameplay Has Improved
- Just looking at the gameplay it has changed from 4 it looks like a mix of RDR and Max Payne 3 and i love them games. It looks more fun because with some of the gameplay in 4 did make me fustrated at. I really hope its fun as it looks in the trailer.

2. The Heists
- I wonder if mission will be heists but i got to say what they showed in the trailer it looked fun from you setting it, you picking how to do it and that sounds awesome and picking the people who will be on the team and who will do what just sounds so awesome and makes me excited and what you wear also but then there is the gameplay and how you play it just looks awesome and i can’t wait.

1. Changing The Players
- I didn’t know know how the changing the players would work and i was very worried how it would work and by the trailer it looks awesome just pressing a button to change to a person but while you are with a different person then the other guys will be doing there thing. They don’t just stop what there doing when you change to a different person but they will be doing there own thing from the trailer ridig a bike with your son or a middle of a car chase with the cops its so awesome where the guys will be doing things while you are not playing them.

Very excited about this game with the new stuff there doing and i can’t wait to see what else they have in this game but the stuff in this trailer just looks awesome and also just sounds awesome to play. But one thing im worried about are the drugs in the game and it being banned in Australia but besides that im super excited for this game. 


E3 2013 Thoughts

E3 this year had some awesome games this year and the conferences were interesting I enjoyed sony 's one because of the games and the price but also Sony will let me play my games offline if I don't have the internet. But with Sony showing support to Indy games and have some interesting games coming down the pipen but also them not showing every game has me thinking they have more interesting games sooner then later. But I give credit tonMs for showing a lot of games but only problem is a lot of them games are not that interesting and the price and Ms policies just kill it for me. EA and UbiSoft showed some great and interesting stuff. And the big N showed a game that I am very interested in X which I will buy a wii-u for also the Mario kart game looks good but kinda hoping to see a pokemon RPG on there soon which I would buy a wii-u straight away for that. E3 had some great and interesting games and feels like a better show in years but also got me excited for more games and the next gen here is to the future of games. now onto some game thoughts on some of the games -

Metal Gear Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
- This was one of the best trailers i saw from E3 and before E3 i had some doubts about this MGS game but this trailer convinced me to be excited about this game and it would the game i most excited from E3. JUst the open world in action and the characters and how the game looks good but the story looks really good and being a big fan of the series im super excited for it but still the voice is bothering me because sutherland is not snake.

Dead Rising 3
- I have never been into this game series but this makes it look less fun and it seems like there going for a darker tone and i dont know about that even though i was never into the series but it had a fun look about it. The only thing i liked about it was driving the car bit it the trailer seemed like it was fun.

Sunset Overdrive
- The art style is something i am loving but besides that i have no interest in anything else and its sad to see them doing a MS exclusive game since i grew up with this company doing sony exclusives its sad to see but also weird to see.

- I like the mechs and that seems to add something to this game but besides that it just looked the same as all the other FPS and being just an online only games i really dont play them games anymore so yeah but i would like to see more stuff about this game.

Witcher 3
- I didn’t like the 2nd game but this game looks interesting with the open world i really want to play this game now.

- Very interested in this game but this world they created looks interesting and something i want to play and the weapons look awesome and this just looks like an interesting game but has a very interesting story and something i want to play.

The Evil Within
- This looks like a game to bring the horror back to video games, it reminds of the original Resident Evil game + Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it just looks awesome and i want to play this game.

Infamous: Second Son
- Oh man this game just looks amazing and i can’t wait for this game. The footage looks really good and the new abilites for the new guy looks fun and the story looks very interesting and just looks fun and a new setting and this is the game im buying the PS4 for.

Killzone: Shadow Fall
- Still looks awesome but just looks stunning and has added some new stuff to this universe that makes it look interesting and something different, will be one of the games im getting at launch.

The Order: 1886
- Now this looks interesting and looks like it will be an interesting game on the PS4 but with the added steampunk to this world and you have me interested with some supernatural monsters, i can’t wait to see more from this game.

The Divison
- Well there tryin something different here and im liking what i am seeing and hearing it does look interesting and something i would love to try out and i just like the world they are creating in this game want to say this is a must buy for me but i want to see more from this game and how everything works in this game.

The Crew
- I like a fun racing game and this looks like it will a fun one with some interesting online stuff i am very interested in this game. Also it looks good for a next gen title really want to see more of this stuff.


So Phantom Pain Is MGS5

So the internet was right phantom pain was MGS5 and ground zeroes has been put into 5 aswell. So i have some thoughts about this and everything involved -

So this started with phantom pain this mystery game but we all knew it was metal gear solid 5 and finally confirmed but the phantom pain was a stupid thing that they did but now its called MGS5: Phantom Pain and i dodnt want games to do that and create a fake studio and there is the new trailer which just the phantom pain trailer with some added stuff and then we got the sad new mr snake wont be voicing snake and i got to say this just makes me sad and less excited about the game now. Because to me he is the voice of snake and not to even ask just pisses me off and makes me angry because i will hear the new voice and i will say fuck off. I just this news. I am a big MGS fan and 4 would be one of my fav games and i will say i am not that excited i am interested to see what happens but i am less excited and i will pick it up because i am a fan but some of the things i have read and seen really leaves me less impressed. Also this is going to be an open world game and to me this series is not an open world game and i really dont like that idea but when i see the game in action it might change my mind but for no it does not impress me.

Like other people i wish kojima was making something else then i think and or would like a break from MGS and even the spinoffs and i am a big MGS fan and he says he is going to do something else but just comes back to this series, even another zone of enders but maybe a new ip because i think he creates some interesting stuff but its to bad he has to go back to this maybe after this game he will but i don’t see it happening.


My Top 20 PS2 Games *Updated*

So here is an updated list of my top 20 ps2 game which is also a response to Brad’s list which he recently done. So i made some changed from my last list i did on this topic and added some games but here you go - 

20. Hitman: Blood Money

- This would be my fav hitman game on the ps2 to me this because it seems liked there were more ways to finish the main mission and more open as a game to do and it was a lot of fun and the story was very interesting.

19. Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus

- The first sly cooper game is still amazing and still lives up to what it promises and it has this charm to the game that i love from the characters to the levels and to even the bosses and the story which is fun and a really good kids story but has a pixar vibe aswell.

18. Shellshock: Nam ‘67

- there were a few vietnam games on the ps2 and to me this was the most interesting one on the ps2 and since its the team behind the killzone games and i think for one of there first games it was really good and it had some really grusome moments.

17. Smugglers Run 2: Hostile Territory 

- I found this series really fun and even though it was driving around it was really fun and did hope there would have been a ps3/360 game and is from Rockstar Games and they have become a fav delevoper for me and i found this game just fun to play and why its in my top 20.

16. Def Jam: Fight For NY

- When i was really into rap music i really got into this game series i liked the first game but the 2nd game was so fun from the fighters you had in the game and with a cool but stupid story mode but they really impoved the fighting. It was a really fun fighting game. I loved the the create a character, it was very cool and so good all the choices you had.

15. The Getaway

- This game a lot of bad bugs in thi game and i never finished this game because of that but i still loved this game because of the story it was like a england gangster story from the movies and i i did like the gameplay even though it was perfect and was hard but i had a lot of fun with the game.

14. Tony Hawk’s Underground

- I love tony hawk games but it was hard to pick just one but thinking about the one i had the most memories i had fun it would have to be underground. Why i loved this the most ? is because it was just tons of fun and i liked the story but all the stuff they added to this game from creating your character and to be able to get off the board which was big but i found the tony hawk games fun but the story i like rising up to be a pro skater.

13. The Warriors

- Another Rockstar game and this was at the time the best video game that was based on a movie property but this added a backstory aswell that was not seen in this movie which i loved and thought this game was just awesome and just tons of fun and had the rockstar gameplay and loved it.

12. Kingdom Hearts 2

- I really thought this series was going to be crap but the first game was really good and then i plyed the 2nd one and i enjoyed it more then the first one and thats why the 2nd one is on my list. When you mix square and disney characters you get this cool series and it better then the final fantasy series right now.

11. Gran Turismo 4

- I am a big fan of this series and would be one of my fav racing series and i thought 4 was awesome and did so much and looked really good and had fun and does the racing sim the best and the racers were good and added some really good stuff and but did the racing the best and had so many cars to drive and do up and thats what you want from this game.

10. Freedom Fighters

- This is such a game and one of the games that should have been series but never was which just sucks to me but this game is so much fun but what i liked it had a very interesting story and was a squad based action game and i really liked it, this is a game that deseves to get a hd version or a 2nd game.

9. Bully

- Aka Canis Canem Edit and i thought this was such a fun game and being a teenager while playing this game i thought it was more awesome. but it was like a high school grand theft auto had all these activites it was open would but you dont have the gun or that just stuff kids would have in school and it was so fun and you being a character sticking up for other people was really good, Just a fun game.

8. God Of War

- I love this series and i love all the games in this series but out of the first i still love the first one i remember playing the demo and just found it amazing and just fun to kill and had an iteresting story about geek mythology which i was always interested in.

7. X-Men Legends 2: Rise Of Apocalypse

- When X-men was big there games, movies and everything else but there was an awesome x-men series called legends it was an action/rpg game and they only made 2 and always wished they would make more because it was fun and had a good story but the 2nd one was the best one to me. Just because they improved everthing in the 2nd game but had a better story aswell because Apocalypse was the main bad guy in the game but i loved the rpg element and loved the action element in this game and loved the x-men characters and this was an x-men story from the comics just really fun and one of the great ps2 games.

6. Manhunt

- The game that banned is one of the games in my top 20 and another game from Rockstar and i loved it because im a big fan of horror movies and it had a horror movie feel with serial killers with a big brother feel and very brutal but also a very stealth game. I found it very interesting game and i never got around to the 2nd one heard it was bad.

5. Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

- Going from crash to this series was interesting and got to say it took me a while to really love this series but once i did i loved the hell out of this game and i think it was the world but once i knew the world everything else fell into place for me. i love the characters but you have this sorta open world level and i just love it and the 2 main characters are awesome and hope to see this series in the future i think a vita game would be perfect.

4. Dark Chronicle

- Aka Dark Cloud 2 and this art style is why i love this game it was so cute and i really couldnt get into the first game but this game was much brighter and a little interesting story but is an rpg game with a little town sim. I found this game fun and would have hours of fun and regret not keep this game.

3. Final Fantasy X

- Oh when we had good Final Fantasy games and this is when the spin offs and the to many FF’s started coming out but the intro to this game is awesome but i loved the rpg fighting and i loved the story and i really got into this game and i really loved the world and had a time travel element that was cool, such a fun game and Final Fantasy R.I.P to me.

2. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

- I have loved this series from the first one on the Psone and i have to say on the ps2 the third one was just awesome to me, i loved the stuff he brought the third game like the cameo changing and eating snakes and such. And hiding from guards in the grass but had some awesome boss fights but i loved how it was set in the 60’s and i loved the story but i was likes his stories but i loved how it was about nuclear war and the russia and i just found it very interesting and also great characters and the intro to big boss i just loved this game.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 

- This game i played for so long i can’t even remember how long i was playing this game a year after it came out it was so fun to play. There was so much to do and the biggest gta game and just to explore was so much fun in this game. I loved the gangster / hip hop theme because i was getting into that music at the time and it reminded of a few films i had saw and the characters were awesome and funny and a game that had awesome missions and was just fun overall including just messing around in this open world game.

Well there is my list and finally top 20 ps2 games list because i have done this list a couple of times. These games to me a must play and should be checked just and i would love to see them to come on the psn or hd upgrade would be awesome but the ps2 has had a lot of great games on the system.


The PS4

We now have the PS4 as being offical and watching stream this morning was very intereting, even though they didnt show what what the box looks like (it doesnt bother me because i rther see games) we got to see the controllers specs, the interface and other information about the console. we got games, people who are working on games and were we really expecting  aprice because i wasn’t thats for e3 to announce price and bundles there. i was pumped before the event and it left we wanting to preorder one straight away because my must buy is killzone that looked so good hope its a lunch title, now bring on e3 and the announcment of the next xbox.

Highlights for me: 

Killzone: Shadowfall - I am a big fan of this series and this game trailer really blew me away and i am very excited for this game the story sounds cool but this game just looked awesome really can’t wait for this game.

Infamous: Second Son - I am a big fan of this series and to see it coming to the ps4 with a new story and a new character and has this interesting story around it, i wished they showed off some gameplay but this trailer was good.

Watch Dogs - This looks just awesome i thought it looked good at e3 but this new trailer shows off more and im super excited i can’t wait to get this game and i want it it seems like there is so much to do in this game.

PS4 Interface And Features - i really like the interface they showed and some of the features they said sounds very interesting very excited to hear more about them i can see me using some of the stuff they said and how the vita works with this stuff is cool aswell.

Diablo 3 - I am not a pc game so this interests me because i will be checking this out on the console would have been cool to get a trailer but still cool news.

New Controller - I am in love with the new controller and that share feature is very interesting and the touch part is cool, i like the controller a lot but glad it still is a dualshock controller.

Now the next xbox will have to do some big stuff which will be interesting but i hope some of them rumors isnt true like the kinnect rumor because i will not be buying it for sure and i just want good games but the truth is i know at the begining i will only be buying one console and by E3 i will have my mind made up but i think i will be sticking with the ps4 myself.


2013: Movies And Video Games

2013 looks like a good year for movies and video games, but in the movies we have the next phase for marvel starting with iron man 3. We have a new dc movie and will superman work. Also a couple of interesting remakes and more comic book movies and some very interesting little movies should be a good year. 10 movies i’m excited for 2013 -

10. Thor: Dark World
- I loved the first thor movie and i think they are just expendanding more on the characters from that universe i am very excited for and i love me some loki so to see him back then i am excited.

9. Man Of Steel
- I still have fears about this movie but from both trailers i do think it work and i hope it does even if it doesnt have the best director but its still a movie i am excited to see and i am really excited to see Russell Crowe in this movie.

8. The Place Beyond The Pines
- This movie looks interesting and i am a big fan of gosling but also a big fan of bank robbery movies and this has a interesting plot to go along with this movie.

7. Elysium
- Have not seen any footage from this movie but this has an awesome plot but from the director of district 9 a movie i loved and this just sounds like another awesome sci-fi movie so im just excited for this movie.

6. Stoker
- This is from the director of Oldboy a movie i just loved and this looks really interesting from the trailers, The characters really look interesting and one i want to see.

5. Kick Ass 2
- I liked the first movie but i liked the comic book better and i loved the 2nd comic book and i hope the 2nd movie has what i loved about the comic book. some crazy stuff happenes and i want it to see that in the movie.

4. Sin City: A Dame To Kill
- I loved the first movie it would be in my top 5 comic book movies of all time and i am excited i just hope they are not rushing it but seems like they have a great cast and a great story and different stories so should be awesome i hope.

3. Iron Man 3
- I am very excited to see phase to of marvel starting with iron man 3 and how iron man deals with happens after all the avengers stuff and the trailer look great and looks darker which i am loving and very excited for the movie.

2. Evil Dead
- This remake just looks awesome and i am very excited for this movie it looks as gory as the original and is doing what i loved about the first 2 movies but changeing the story a little bit but keeping what makes the story awesome the same and i am very excited for it.

1. Pacific Rim
- After seeing the first trailer i was sold and if this was the only movie coming out i would be happy because im super excited for it. Giant Monsters Vs. Giant Robots. super excited this movie and has a great cast very excited but i do hope del toro does moutains of madness soon.

Other Movies I Want To See:

Movie 43 - It looks funny and has a good cast each short is directed by a different director so this should be interesting.
Oblivion - A very cool looking Sci-fi movie but im not the biggest fan of crusie so i hope i can like him in this.
This Is The End - Looks funny and with a bunch of funny people i want to see it.
cloudy chance with meatballs 2 - I liked the first movie which i wasnt expecting much and hope the 2nd one is as good.
Oldboy - this remake is something i want to see just how bad its going to be is a question.
Carrie - another remake that looks interesting hope it is good nd i like stephen kings stuff.
The worlds End - Another end of the world comedy but this time done by edgar wright and the end of his trilogy can’t wait.
Pain & Gain - looks like it will be fun like bad boys was and hope its like the same even though i hate walhberg.
Gravity - another cool sci-fi movie and i hope it is good as i think it will.

Video Games for 2013 looks interesting for the first half we have some big cool games like god of war and the last of us and more and i think we should be seeing a new console by sony and MS by end of the year and we will be seeing some big games on them consoles. I want more vita games and hope to see big games announced from e3 and the new consoles there seems like 2013 will be a big year in the games.

10. God Of War: Ascension
- I am a big fan of this series and i am looking forward to this but i wish we have seen more from the single player game the online part looks interesting but i wont hardly play it but still excited to play this game.

9. Tomb Raider
- So this is a reboot and it looks really interesting and something i will like i havent played a tomb raider since on the ps2 so for me its been a long time. This looks brutal and been inspired from uncharted so it should be interesting.

8. Deadpool
- I am a big fan of deadpool as a character and the comics are awesome and the trailer and stuff i have read sounds awesome and this game just sounds like its going to be tons of fun.

7. Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse
- Broken Sword series is my fav point and click series and to see it coming back is awesome and very excited for a new tale in this series.

6. Beyond: Two Souls
- The next game from the makers from heavy rain and i loved that game and this game looks awesome and it has ellen page this game looks very interesting.

5. South Park: The Stick Of Truth
- A cool look RPG in the south park universe and has the comedy but also looks fun to play very excited hope it comes out soon before the death of thq or doesnt affect this game.

4. Watch Dogs
- I think this is a nextgen game but will also be on the ps3/360 and should be fun because this game looks interesting but also looks awesome can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

3. Bioshock: Infinite
- It looks so good and i can’t wait to get my hands on this, the story looks awesome and it just looks fun. Everything has sold me on this game and i can’t wait.

2. Grand Theft Auto 5
- This game looks awesome and i want this game so bad, i love this series and i even loved 4 even people hate that series and i can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

1. The Last Of Us
- The end of the world story and looks brutal but awesome and by naught dog has my money and my soul because i want this game now it just looks aesome and i can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

Other Games I Want To Play:

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time - Looks like its going to be as fun as the other 3
Star Wars 1313 - looks like its going to look awesome
Killzone Mercenary - killzone on the vita
Tearaway - looks really good and will be a lot of fun
Rainbow Six Patriots - the story is really interesting me hope it comes out soon


Best Of 2012: Video games And Movies

So here are my top 10 Video Games of 2012 and i think it was a good year but not an amazing year for games some very good and interesting games. Looking back at games in 2012 it was interesting and going in 2013 i will be cutting down on buying games because of getting psn+ and getting them free games i dont need to buy as many brand new games. there should be 2 new consoles next year and it depends on what has what but i might pick one of them. but 2012 for games was good but for me it wasnt amazing.

10. Binary Domain
- I didn’t expect this game to be any good and thats why i bought it at a bargin because i thought it wasnt going to be that good but after half 20 mins in this game and i was in love with the game because it awesome characters but also the realtionship between the characters and the story was interesting and it was fun to play overall and i loved the ending to the game so that helps aswell even had some hard bosses but they were fun and just an awesome game.

9. Sleeping Dogs
- Another Game that i wasn’t expecting much until everyone was loving it and i knew i had to play and when i got my hands on it and i just loved it, it was so fun to play and even though most open world games copy gta but this does does the same thing but makes it more fun and focuses on hand to hand combat which is awesome in the game. So fun and even after you finish the game there is still some cool stuff to do.

8. Max Payne 3
- A lot of people hate this game but i loved even though this was a hard game but i loved the story but the characters but i liked how close it was to man on fire which is a movie i loved. i just found this fun game and i just loved and why it is in my top 10 and i think it was one of the greatest games this year.

7. Far Cry 3
- I got this for christmas and been playing it non stop and just loving it and has to be on this list because it fun but has a good story and one awesome character called vaas that i love in this game and all the stuff in this game is fun and even the stealth stuff, just a really fun game.

6. Spec Ops: The Line
- Another game i wasn’t expecting much but it was so awesome because of the awesome story they told and because of the awesome ending the music added to this game also the theme and felt like the story was one of the great war movie but it was video game and i was playing it and it was awesome.

5. Mass Effect 3
- I will admit i hated the ending but thinking about i still loved this game the story and the adventure from start to the ending i just loved about this game and it was a good story to end the mass effect trilogy and did some very cool and interesting things and how it connects to the other games is just awesome i loved this game.

4. Journey
- What an amazing game that i played and just loved it to death and one i played through more then once because this was a journey but an awesome journey without words but with the music you felt for this person on this journey and had the best co-op in a game this year and the most interesting and this game just looked amazing one of the most amazing games this year.

3. The Walking Dead
- I am a big fan of the comic book series but season 1 and 2 of the tv show have been bad (glad season 3 has been better) so going into this game i didn’t know what to think but after ep 1 i was in love in this game series and it brought what i loved from comic book series and just made choices you could choose and so fun but this game has some emotion and goes into dark places just an amazing game.

2. Hitman Absolution
- I am a big hitman fan and was very excited for absolution and to me this game was just amazing and one of the most fun games of 2012 and just the different ways to kill soneone is just awesome but fun and i am one person who liked the story of the game and i liked the bad to earth characters, just an awesome game.

1. Dishonored
- After hearing how awesome this game was i had to get the money to buy it and i am so glad because to me this is the best game of the year to me and i had so much fun witht he stealth killing people how i coould do the mission was just awesome and what i loved it and i got half way through my 2nd run through until i got another game to play and have to get back it but i just love this game.

Bad Game of The year: syndicate
- I thought this game was going to be a lot of fun after hearing people liked it but then i played it and i liked at the start then after the first or 2nd boss i just got bored of it and sick of it, and i got really sick of the dubstep music in it. i just hated this game and made me sick of FPS until far cry 3.

Other Games I Liked:
Mutant Blob Attacks - Such a fun vita game and people say vita has no games
Persona 4 Golden - I am just loving it after only playing a little bit of it on the ps2
Assassins Creed 3 - I know people hate this game but i liked this game and it does have its problems but i like it a lot.
LBP Vita - Found it so much fun and to me this is the best LBP game so far
Gravity Rush - had so much fun with this game
Uncharted Golden - looked so good but also a really good uncharted game
Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Just an awesome racing game and so much fun

So here are my top 10 movies of 2012 and these are movies i watched in 2012 so i would love to have Django Unchained on here but it doesnt come out here until the end of jan so they are movies i watched in 2012 and i didn’t see every movie that came out this year, there was a lot of movies in 2012 so this was a hard list to do but here it is.

10. The Grey
- Did not expect this movie to be on my list but this was a really good movie, I really like the survival aspect of this movie and i really like the cast and this was just a really good movie but the plane scene was really awesome and had an awesome ending.

9. The Cabin In The Woods
- The best horror movies i have seen this year it was so interesting but awesome, It was just nor a horror movie but it was all different genres and some great cameo’s of some horror legends and i loved the third act in this movie and it was just awesome and to bad this movie got pushed back so long and didnt make much money at the box office.

8. The Dark Knight Rises
- Even though i had some big problems with this movie i loved this movie, it had a great intro plus bane was awesome but still wished they used bane origin from the comic book. the 3rd act of this movie has some big problems but seeing batman getting fucked up from bane was just awesome and nolan made this movie look good and some very impressive shots.

7. The Imposter
- I watched a couple doco’s in 2012 but this was the best one i watched and the one i loved the best year because it kept my intrest but this told a great story and around every corner the story would change and i just had to watch and at the end i loved it.

6. End Of Watch
- This is a really dark and gritty cop drama that felt like the shield and i love them kind of things and i loved this movie. Seeing these cops get involved with the cartle and things heat up until the end and what a ending i loved it, just an amazing movie.

5. The Raid
- This movie was kickass, i have been dying for great action movie and this gave me my thirst for a great action movie some bad ass shots and has some my fav action ever in this movie and i liked the story but overall i just loved this movie.

4. Chronicle
- I saw this movie early in the year and just loved, it was an original super hero themed movie and the ending which was awesome and reminded me and other people of akira and i have watched this a couple of times and still love it and people who say this movie is crap because it is in the found footage genre but i think that adds to it, this movie is just awesome.

3.The Avengers
- The movie i was most excited for and it did everything i wanted and why i loved it, had my fav super heroes in one movie and had an awesome story for a super hero movie but had awesome action but it was fun overall and made me smile but me going 3 or 4 times and i don’t really do that and the ending i loved and the teaser for the next movie thanos and excited for the next phase of marvel movies. Also the scene with the hulk and loki is one of the best scenes of the year.

2. Killer Joe
- The trailer really caught my eye with this movie and i loved this movie it was insane and crazy but also brutal at the same time and has a crazy and the most awesome scene of the year  with a peice of chicken and just amazing movie.

1. Looper
- This was the best movie i saw this year and this movie had 2 awesome actors in it but also had a great story in a time travel universe and i loved it and i got most of it but maybe one or 2 things i didnt but thats what i love about time travel movies and why i loved this movie and at time it got very brutal i loved this movie.

Bad Movie Of The Year: Hunger Games
- After hearing from people this would be good and not a battle royale rip off but it was and it just sucked i was so bored in this movie and then i tried to read the book but the book sucked and only got half way through.

Other Good Movies:
Rampart - Another great gritty cop movie i watched this year and i loved it.
Bernie - Jack Black was so awesome and the best movie i have seen him in
Detachment - such a great look at teachers in schools and this movie is interesting but amazing to watch and that end woah.
The perks of being a wallflower - did not expect to love it and it was just amazing to watch and gave me feeling.
God Bless America - Thats how i feel about some of the stuff they take aim at and i liked this a lot.
Skyfall - the best james bond movie to me i just loved it.
21 jump Street - So funny and i loved that drug scene just an awesome movie.
Invisible War - Just a doo that gave me feeling of hate, just amazing but not easy to watch and hear these stories.
The Interrupters - just incredible to watch how these people are trying to change these peoples lives.
Detention - just an awesome horror/comedy movie and thought it was awesome.
Lincoln - this was good and i had my problems with it but thought it was really good and i really liked it.


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