GTA: Vice City Memories

A game i loved back in the day was Vice City and so many memories and i see it coming to IOS (i hate to play these games without a controller so to play it on a touch is something i would hate.) But Vice City gave me so many memories on my PS2 from taking the next day off and just playing the game all day. Vice City was so exciting to play from the awesome music and had that miami/ gangster style which i loved. To me getting a new GTA game was a special event for me. Vice excited to me because it was a little bigger but it was the first gta game i finished but i loved the story and characters were awesome and thought it was just awesome. The cutscenes were another part of the game i loved because i love the voice actors in this game but it was like a little movie and how it expands the story missions also the overall story of the game and they can be funny but gta cutscenes have been awesome but with vice city i loved them even more.

GTA is always fun but even more fun is when you go exploring and not doing any of the missions but to me that was the most special in San Andeas but with vice city this is where i would start exploring and finding other stuff in this world. While exploring having the rdio because Rockstar does the best radio in games from music to gtas to adds it feels so real and wish was real, In vice city the radio station i played the most were the talk radio stations and that was K-chat for me it just left me entained forever even if i heard the same shit. but if i chose a music radio station it would be v-rock because it had my kind of music but also the host was lazlow who is well know in the gta world being on the radio in other gta games. I just driving around exploring and have the radio on there the moments i love in gta and everything on the radio feels real. The things that i loved and found exploring in vice city was finding the helicopters for the first time which i just loved but some of my favorite places/ locations in vice city just from exploring and doing missions is Prawn Island where is has all these mansions they have been abandoned and has a film studio that is for porn movies and you do some fun missions that i quite liked in the game. Also there is Ocean Beach which looks like it is a location from scarface which is a film i just love and i noticed that straight away and why i love this location in the game.

the story stuff is really good and has some refrences the great movies about the mimai gangsters like Scarface and such. And from scarface you had a chainsaw mission that was kind of like from the movie and i just loved that. I really liked the story is was a drug gangster story and had a twist plot which liked but awesome characters that made the story compelling and why i kept playing and i ended up finishing it. Every GTA gets in trouble in Australia and this one was no different because you could pick up some pro and see the car bounce up and down it is stupid but it happens.

but to me the most fun was getting the most wanted stars and then trying to escape from them that was the most fun after a couple mission i would always do this and if i got some guns shoot my way out and jmp in car and drive and drive and see if i could escape to some people this might seem boring but to me this was hours of fun and i just loved it and i do it in every gta and i will keep doing until they won’t let me. The bigger the rating the harder to get away but having an army tank is always fun in these its not about esaping it about killing the other people and so much fun.
I love this game but i love the whole series and i hope to see this on the psn soon because i know its coming on the ios (why ???) but we have the new game coming out next year and we are getting more information and i am getting really excited because it sounds like its going to be different but the same old fun i can’t wait.


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