E3 2012: Highlights

So we had E3 again this year and i stayed up in early of the morning and going without sleep and watched the confrences and i watched them lives. I don't think they were the best or worst and MS was the worst one this year but still wasn't as bad as last year but out of every one there were highlights but a lot of crap. For me sony was the best one but Ubisoft had a great one as well. 360 really dissapointed me in not bringing any new 360 exclusive ip and the big N did not sell me on the wii u for lots of reason and was really werid on not giving the price and date away and its meant to be coming out this year. Also they spent to long on Nintendoland and that game looks boring and showing games we have already played and are just old i know you want third party N but don't show old games from third party. wii u had some cool looking games but not enough i will buy day one. Poloygon and joystiq gave all the info i wanted and i loved Polygons live streams as well. 

My Highlights From E3:

Watch Dogs - Now this game was very interesting and as new IP it looks awesome if it is on next gen or current gen i am excited. Some the stuff they showed you could do was awesome and i can just imagine what else you can do.

Assassins Creed 3 - The stuff they showed at ubi was awesome and very excited and it looks better then all the games in the series but it looks like there will be more stuff to do in this game. and you had the boat stuff which just looked awesome and something fun to play with if it controls good.

Playstation All Stars - This game looks like it can be tons of fun and seeing drake and big daddy was awesome and seeing big daddy in there was shocking but awesome and you can tell there will be some third party characters and also on the vita. 

God Of War Accession - Seeing no single player pre E3 was a good thing and here they showed no MP but the game just looks awesome the graphics look great but it looks like it still the same god of war and really fun like the other games. 

Assassins Creed 3: Liberation - I heard rummors this was coming and i liked what i saw i really liked and having a different character and its like a full on a adventure in the series so im excited to get my hands on it.

Beyond: Two Souls - QD new game and it looks awesome and having ellen page in the cast doesnt hurt but it looks more action packed then heavy rain but the game looks very interesting and it looks like cage is telling a story he want to tell.

The Last Of Us - This was the best thing at E3 the gameplay was awesome i just want this game it looked so awesome so brutal but scary in the way you have to make sure you kill them people and this game is just going to be awesome by that gameplay.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - So im hearing its really burnout paradise 2 and that is awesome because i loved that game and the trailer at EA confrence (best thing to come from that confrence) was this and this game just looks so much fun and awesome just like burnout paradise. 

South Park: The Stick Of Truth - Matt nd Trey were the best thing about the MS show and were funny as well but the trailer was awesome and showed off what it will look like and just looks like the tv show and you have the characters there so i am excited for this.

Rayman Legends - i read it could be exclusive to the wii-u and i hope it isnt because it does look awesome and so much fun and i loved origins on the vita and if it does come to the vita i will be getting legends for the vita aswell.

Tomb Raider - Looks really good and i am excited for it after that trailer and they really doing what uncharted did well but i don't know if they can do it that good but they will try and it looks good but also brutal lara gets bashed around in that trailer so should be an exciting game.


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