My Top 10 Gamecube Games

Doing a top 10 gamecube games was hard to do because i didn't play a lot of gamecube games back then i played about 20 gamecube games so it was hard to do. there are mainly exclusives on this list but there is a couple or non exclusive games that i played on the gamecube so this my top 10.

10. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - I have been a fan of this series since i played one of the games on the psone and i got this gamecube and thought this was such a upgrade from the psone game and with playing a girl or a guy was cool but for harvest moon fans was really fun with the new things and looked very good on the gamecube.

9. Resident Evil: Zero - I really wanted to play this game for the story and i may have never ended up finishing it but i did like it a lot. I like how it fits into the story of the first game and with one of the characters from the first game and i do not like everything about this game but i really thought it looked good on the GC but it was fun overall but that scary.

8. Pokémon Colosseum - I have wanted a rpg pokemon game like the one on the gameboys but this wasn't like it but it was fun. It doesnt compare to the gameboy games but i had fun plus it looked on the gamecube. The pokemon battles are fun and had some of the fun from the gameboy games.

7. Super Smash Bros Melee - never been a big fan of this series but was given this game and played it and it was fun. With the big N characters and the characters are fun and really work in this game but also in the fighting world and looks good on the gamecube.

6. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes - The remake of the first game from the psone and i didn't love it as much as when i played the first game on the psone but still looks good but looks better then the psone game. still fun and i still like the story but never finished the remake.

5. Luigi's Mansion - I don't think many people like this game but it was one of the first games i played on the cube and it was fun overall. i played it in the store for the first time when i first played a gamecube and it was fun and when i got my gamecube at the end of its time it was fun and it wasn't like the best game ever but still fun.

4. X-Men Legends - This was on all consoles but i got this gamecube because it was on sale and i thought it was a great game but i also played it on the ps2 and was great on there. But this game is fun overall and does the x-men in games right and it was good and fun rpg for a comic book game.

3. Resident Evil 2 - The remakes were awesome on gamecube and the first 2 resident evil games on the psone was scary for me and this game brought the scary factors back but looking better and still had scary parts but plays really good on the gamecube.

2. Animal Crossing - The main reason i bought a gamecube because the game looked good and fun and when i got i spent months just playing this game. it was awesome how it worked on your game clock time and it was such a different came for the time and was interesting.

1. Resident Evil - I remembering picking this up in sale and was so glad because it was still scary as i remember the first game being but i think it was even more scary because it looked on the gamecube i never ended up finishing the remake but i did love it and thought it was one of the best games on the gamecube.


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