2012: Films & Games

2012: Video Games

In 2012 it looks like there are going to be some awesome video games some really big games and and little game and it looks like a interesting year and i don't if it will be good as last year but with some of the games it could be. I have a vita preorder and i am very excited for that in 2012 and uncharted on it should be awesome and at E3 we should see more games announced for it. Some of the big studio's should be releasing some of there big games and will we teaser for the next gen consoles ? Me, i Just don't care.

Top 10 Games Excited For In 2012

10. Twisted Metal: I have never been the biggest fan of this series, there have been moments i have liked moments but ever since seeing video from this game it has impressed me. Since its more i like a reboot so i really dont have the have played the other games, this game overall just looks like its going to be fun from the single but online looks like it will be tons of fun with everybody.

9. Gotham City Imposters: This is the only PSN/XBLA game on this or well i know of. Ever since i have heard of this game it has sounded interested and have watched the concept behind this game is awesome, people dressing up as the joker and batman and fighting is awesome and just crazy.

8. The Last Guardian:  I have been looking forward to this game for years and while it gets delayed we got HD games of Ico and shadow. Also all these people leaving people saying its going to be bad and im like really ? this game just looks awesome and i have seen no proof this game will be bad and i can't wait.

7. Starhawk: I know this game doesn't have a release date but im sure it will come out in 2012. But i had a lot of fun with warhawk and i spent about 6 months playing that online and star hawk looks the same even more but it also has a single player mode which warhawk didn't have it and the hawks look like transformers and that looks cool, and can't wait to play this game.

6. South Park The Game: I am really excited for this game with Trey and Matt involved in this game makes me excited and the screenshots and info makes it sound this will be a true south park game. South park looks like it will stay with the show in style and i am very excited, don't know if it will come come in 2012 but im excited.

5. Mass Effect 3: Don't care about the kinnect stuff for the game im more interested in the story from what this series has been leading to and what the things we did in the other games cause in this game will be intresting. It's going to be interesting how earth plays into the story and this series ends will be very interesting.

4. Grand Theft Auto 5: I don't know if this game will be coming out 2012 but i think it we will see it maybe at the end of 2012 but im really excited after seeing that trailer, because we might be going back to san andreas and im excited if we even only part of it, it does look really good can't wait.

3. Hitman Absolution: Finally to have hitman game on ps3/360 is something im excited about it. The trailer is really good and has me excited and it looks its going have much as action and it shows why i love hitman and won't be changing him and to see his bald head with the suit killing people is what i love to see.

2. Bioshock Infinite: Everything i have seen from this game has impressed me and including the steampunk/ civil war style and i really like the 2 main characters and it looks so good that i would love to get a demo from this game. Can't wait becuase i really liked the first game a lot.

1. The Last Of Us: I don't know if it will come out this year but im so excited just trailer and this just looks different for ND. There are lot people saying about this game but im really excited for it but i want a great story and from trailer i think we will get that.

2012: Films

I have 14 films on this list, this was very hard list but all of these films i am interested in at least. 2012 will be a big year for super hero's like the avengers and the dark knight rises but some little films and some films that could be really fun. We also have this 3D trand that i hate so i hope less for 3D movies.

Top 14 Films Excited For In 2012

14. World War Z: i have the book and i know they have changed it from the books which sounds like they have just changed to your basic zombie movie where world war z is a different zombie story but we will see and since i like the book i will hold out hope.

13. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: just think the name sounds cool and it could be just a really fun movie with lots of blood.

12. The Pirates Band Of Misfits: saw this trailer in front of the Muppets and it just looks funy and its stop motion which is hardly done and im a big fan of Stop Motion and i was laughing in the trailer and if the movie like the trailer i am really going to like this film.

11. Brave: Cars 2 was bad but brave looks way better and i find the story interesting but also a really funny trailer and i like the voice cast and hope pixar keep doing films like this and less pixar films.

10. Safe House: Now i am a big fan of Denzel and i think he is badass and the last movie i loved him in was man on fire and he just looks bad ass in this film. I really liked the trailer and this could be a really fun action film and while Ryan Renolds looks like he good as well.

9. The Cabin In The Woods: After this film being like delayed for 2+ years and the trailer makes it looks fun but its not just a horror movie but looks like it adds some sci-fi there so thats cool, im very interested in this movie.

8. Wreck-It Ralph: I have not seen a trailer but i think this animated movie sounds cool a video game inspired movie and it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

7. Skyfall: Its good to see we are getting another james bond movie with daniel craig and i loved casino royale a lot and i hope it is a lot like that and even though it will be a while off im excited for it.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man: I'm liking what i see in this spider-man reboot from the cast to the different things they are doing in this film. I do like the new costume a lot and i am very interested in this movie a lot.

5. Looper: this sounds like a awesome Time Travel Sci-Fi movie with an awesome cast and i just like the sound of this movie and this could be so awesome plus JGL is in it and that is just awesome.

4. Django Unchained: Tarantino is finally doing a western and im excited for any film he does but a western makes me more excited. The story is interesting but he has one hell of a cast and i can't wait to see a trailer from the movie.

3. Promethus: The alien prequel where the director was saying it wasn't but after seeing the trailer we all know it is. The trailer really impressed before the trailer i wasn't interested but would have been only a rental one day but this is a must see at the movie theater for me. This looks very impressive and i like the cast.

2. The Avengers: One i have been excited since it was announced and to see all these super hero's team up in one movie is going to be awesome, the cartoon has also been getting me excited for it and i just can't wait.

1. The Dark Knight Rises: There is only one movie that can beat the avengers on my list and that is the dark knight rises to see how nolan ends his time with batman. This is going to be interesting and everyone has ideas how and what will happen but i am excited to see how things have changed and what bane brings to the table, i am very excited for the movie.


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