Mass Effect 3 The Ending

I was going to do a blog talking about my love of mass effect 3 but all this ending talk has pissed me off so i need to get this off my chest. But i did love the movie and it would be one of my favorite games of the year but one of my favorite series of all time for many reasons and this games has so many amazing moments, loved this game but the ending is another story.

So it looks like they are making a new ending to the game which just pisses me off for many reasons like i don't think ending's to games shouldnt been changed even if you hate or love it like with films and books and such. if the ending is on the disc then that is the ending and i just hate this and if this becomes a trend i will become very angry. I am a person who didn't like the ending and i have seen all the endings and even though i don't like the ending i don't think they should change it for a lot of reasons and i don't think it is right to change it. Bioware really should have stuck to there guns and not gave in because they had all that time to change the ending and to me one you have the ending on the disc then that is the final ending it really makes me sick that they are changing the ending. I just hope changing ending because fans don't like just doesnt become a trend. Just because a game developer has the option to change doesnt mean they have to, to me if the ending was broken or was glitchy then fine change but because a bunch of fans want a different ending doesnt mean you should or have to. there was a certain movie that i would have liked a different ending and i didn't get one and there was no altertaive ending on the disc i just don't like this.

Spoilers ahead

for me why i didn't like the ending it was because i was expecting something else to me the ending was epic didn't give some final results on some of the characters and what happened with some thing but for me i liked it until you had to make a choice. for me the ending didn't really have an impact which was something i was expecting like since my relationship was with miranda i was expecting there and they don't even metion her at the end. And someone like Garrus i expect to make an impact in the end because he was on every mission with me for a reason just to say the ending was dissapointing to me.


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