My First Taste Of The Vita

Today the vita came out and i have had it preordered since December and today was the day i finally got it and got a 16gb mem card and uncharted i also have 3 games coming in the mail next week some time. So what do i think of the vita ? well i love it i love the interface and i really like the touch screen but it took some time getting ues to it. It has a good selection the store and whhen i get some money i hope to buy escape plan and has some cool apps and good to see the facebook and twitter apps. the mem card and the game card are small i got to say. But i like it and and it feels good to me anyway. Then onto uncharted which so far i really liked the game i do think its good as the first game, it teachers the touch stuff which is good and getting your first trophie is really awesome and i think its a fun game and i like the story so far but only up to chapter 3. so i like the vita, i really like i think its really awesome everything about it but if i had some faults it would be the music player over but lucky you can turn it off and the games not coming with manuals but i do like the touch screen even the back touch good you can say i am a big fan.

But what am i looking forward to the future of the vita is a few games. first i know this game is a port but have never played the series but Disgaea 3 does look good on vita abd by the trailer saw this is the first rpg game i want ot get think it comes out the end of march. Also im excited for what eevr the bioshock and killzone games turn out to be. Final Fantasy x hd update which will also be on the ps3 so that should be fun and i want the mgshd collection on it aswell even though i hae the ps3 one but i think witht he transfarring feature should add something to the game. I know person 4 is getting port and i had it on the ps2 but lost my save file so to get it to finish should be good. Gravity Rush is on my radar but im not 100% sold so its maybe. Also since seeing the littlebigeplanet trailer is one i wanted for the vita and sound shapes just looks fun. im interested in the fighting games for the vita like mortal kombat and street fighter x tekken so it might becoming my fighting console but we will see but it has some games in the future that i am interested in.

- Roy


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