Phantom Pain And Other Trailers From The VGA'S

I don’t watch the VGA’S but i will admit i hear good stuff but there were some good trailers but for me the announcements were really weak but here are 3 trailers i thought were the standout were from the show. Also good to hear the walking dead and journey got some awards and glad about that and saw some stuff from sam jackson and that was cool oh and the south park intro was funny.

Phantom Pain - Well doesnt this look simular to MGS ? could this be a MGS based game well going by the internet this is a MGS game and i can see this as a MGS game you just look at the trailer it feels like something that would be a MGS game and that main character looks like big boss but you never see his face but buy going by his beard and where he has his bandage over his eye it has to be big boss. It will be interesting if it is a MGS game but is it part ground zero or is MGS5 interesting time ahead for next year.

The Last Of Us - I can’t wait for this game i am very excited and now i am super excited after seeing this awesome trailer and we finally get a date which it comes out in May so its going to be interesting 2013 or well the begining anyway. But what i get from this trailer is there are horses which is cool and i get thats how you travel around which would be awesome, I just am so excited about this game and this story just sounds awesome can’t wait.

Bioshock: Infinite - looks really awesome and another game i can’t wait for next year, but i have say compared to the other bioshock games this game is more open and more bigger but also expands on some themes from the first 2 bioshocks games can’t wait to get my hands on this game and i liked this trailer a lot but i will admit it was not out standing.

South Park: The Stick Of Truth - This trailer was funny but had all kinds of south park refrences from aliens from the first ever season to the goth kids and even more, i can tell this game is going to be funny but also is going to be fun for south park fans and i am excited and can’t wait to get this game whenever it does come out so i hope thq fix there things up so the game can come out sooner rather than later.


GTA: Vice City Memories

A game i loved back in the day was Vice City and so many memories and i see it coming to IOS (i hate to play these games without a controller so to play it on a touch is something i would hate.) But Vice City gave me so many memories on my PS2 from taking the next day off and just playing the game all day. Vice City was so exciting to play from the awesome music and had that miami/ gangster style which i loved. To me getting a new GTA game was a special event for me. Vice excited to me because it was a little bigger but it was the first gta game i finished but i loved the story and characters were awesome and thought it was just awesome. The cutscenes were another part of the game i loved because i love the voice actors in this game but it was like a little movie and how it expands the story missions also the overall story of the game and they can be funny but gta cutscenes have been awesome but with vice city i loved them even more.

GTA is always fun but even more fun is when you go exploring and not doing any of the missions but to me that was the most special in San Andeas but with vice city this is where i would start exploring and finding other stuff in this world. While exploring having the rdio because Rockstar does the best radio in games from music to gtas to adds it feels so real and wish was real, In vice city the radio station i played the most were the talk radio stations and that was K-chat for me it just left me entained forever even if i heard the same shit. but if i chose a music radio station it would be v-rock because it had my kind of music but also the host was lazlow who is well know in the gta world being on the radio in other gta games. I just driving around exploring and have the radio on there the moments i love in gta and everything on the radio feels real. The things that i loved and found exploring in vice city was finding the helicopters for the first time which i just loved but some of my favorite places/ locations in vice city just from exploring and doing missions is Prawn Island where is has all these mansions they have been abandoned and has a film studio that is for porn movies and you do some fun missions that i quite liked in the game. Also there is Ocean Beach which looks like it is a location from scarface which is a film i just love and i noticed that straight away and why i love this location in the game.

the story stuff is really good and has some refrences the great movies about the mimai gangsters like Scarface and such. And from scarface you had a chainsaw mission that was kind of like from the movie and i just loved that. I really liked the story is was a drug gangster story and had a twist plot which liked but awesome characters that made the story compelling and why i kept playing and i ended up finishing it. Every GTA gets in trouble in Australia and this one was no different because you could pick up some pro and see the car bounce up and down it is stupid but it happens.

but to me the most fun was getting the most wanted stars and then trying to escape from them that was the most fun after a couple mission i would always do this and if i got some guns shoot my way out and jmp in car and drive and drive and see if i could escape to some people this might seem boring but to me this was hours of fun and i just loved it and i do it in every gta and i will keep doing until they won’t let me. The bigger the rating the harder to get away but having an army tank is always fun in these its not about esaping it about killing the other people and so much fun.
I love this game but i love the whole series and i hope to see this on the psn soon because i know its coming on the ios (why ???) but we have the new game coming out next year and we are getting more information and i am getting really excited because it sounds like its going to be different but the same old fun i can’t wait.


E3 2012: Highlights

So we had E3 again this year and i stayed up in early of the morning and going without sleep and watched the confrences and i watched them lives. I don't think they were the best or worst and MS was the worst one this year but still wasn't as bad as last year but out of every one there were highlights but a lot of crap. For me sony was the best one but Ubisoft had a great one as well. 360 really dissapointed me in not bringing any new 360 exclusive ip and the big N did not sell me on the wii u for lots of reason and was really werid on not giving the price and date away and its meant to be coming out this year. Also they spent to long on Nintendoland and that game looks boring and showing games we have already played and are just old i know you want third party N but don't show old games from third party. wii u had some cool looking games but not enough i will buy day one. Poloygon and joystiq gave all the info i wanted and i loved Polygons live streams as well. 

My Highlights From E3:

Watch Dogs - Now this game was very interesting and as new IP it looks awesome if it is on next gen or current gen i am excited. Some the stuff they showed you could do was awesome and i can just imagine what else you can do.

Assassins Creed 3 - The stuff they showed at ubi was awesome and very excited and it looks better then all the games in the series but it looks like there will be more stuff to do in this game. and you had the boat stuff which just looked awesome and something fun to play with if it controls good.

Playstation All Stars - This game looks like it can be tons of fun and seeing drake and big daddy was awesome and seeing big daddy in there was shocking but awesome and you can tell there will be some third party characters and also on the vita. 

God Of War Accession - Seeing no single player pre E3 was a good thing and here they showed no MP but the game just looks awesome the graphics look great but it looks like it still the same god of war and really fun like the other games. 

Assassins Creed 3: Liberation - I heard rummors this was coming and i liked what i saw i really liked and having a different character and its like a full on a adventure in the series so im excited to get my hands on it.

Beyond: Two Souls - QD new game and it looks awesome and having ellen page in the cast doesnt hurt but it looks more action packed then heavy rain but the game looks very interesting and it looks like cage is telling a story he want to tell.

The Last Of Us - This was the best thing at E3 the gameplay was awesome i just want this game it looked so awesome so brutal but scary in the way you have to make sure you kill them people and this game is just going to be awesome by that gameplay.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - So im hearing its really burnout paradise 2 and that is awesome because i loved that game and the trailer at EA confrence (best thing to come from that confrence) was this and this game just looks so much fun and awesome just like burnout paradise. 

South Park: The Stick Of Truth - Matt nd Trey were the best thing about the MS show and were funny as well but the trailer was awesome and showed off what it will look like and just looks like the tv show and you have the characters there so i am excited for this.

Rayman Legends - i read it could be exclusive to the wii-u and i hope it isnt because it does look awesome and so much fun and i loved origins on the vita and if it does come to the vita i will be getting legends for the vita aswell.

Tomb Raider - Looks really good and i am excited for it after that trailer and they really doing what uncharted did well but i don't know if they can do it that good but they will try and it looks good but also brutal lara gets bashed around in that trailer so should be an exciting game.


My Top 10 Gamecube Games

Doing a top 10 gamecube games was hard to do because i didn't play a lot of gamecube games back then i played about 20 gamecube games so it was hard to do. there are mainly exclusives on this list but there is a couple or non exclusive games that i played on the gamecube so this my top 10.

10. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - I have been a fan of this series since i played one of the games on the psone and i got this gamecube and thought this was such a upgrade from the psone game and with playing a girl or a guy was cool but for harvest moon fans was really fun with the new things and looked very good on the gamecube.

9. Resident Evil: Zero - I really wanted to play this game for the story and i may have never ended up finishing it but i did like it a lot. I like how it fits into the story of the first game and with one of the characters from the first game and i do not like everything about this game but i really thought it looked good on the GC but it was fun overall but that scary.

8. Pokémon Colosseum - I have wanted a rpg pokemon game like the one on the gameboys but this wasn't like it but it was fun. It doesnt compare to the gameboy games but i had fun plus it looked on the gamecube. The pokemon battles are fun and had some of the fun from the gameboy games.

7. Super Smash Bros Melee - never been a big fan of this series but was given this game and played it and it was fun. With the big N characters and the characters are fun and really work in this game but also in the fighting world and looks good on the gamecube.

6. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes - The remake of the first game from the psone and i didn't love it as much as when i played the first game on the psone but still looks good but looks better then the psone game. still fun and i still like the story but never finished the remake.

5. Luigi's Mansion - I don't think many people like this game but it was one of the first games i played on the cube and it was fun overall. i played it in the store for the first time when i first played a gamecube and it was fun and when i got my gamecube at the end of its time it was fun and it wasn't like the best game ever but still fun.

4. X-Men Legends - This was on all consoles but i got this gamecube because it was on sale and i thought it was a great game but i also played it on the ps2 and was great on there. But this game is fun overall and does the x-men in games right and it was good and fun rpg for a comic book game.

3. Resident Evil 2 - The remakes were awesome on gamecube and the first 2 resident evil games on the psone was scary for me and this game brought the scary factors back but looking better and still had scary parts but plays really good on the gamecube.

2. Animal Crossing - The main reason i bought a gamecube because the game looked good and fun and when i got i spent months just playing this game. it was awesome how it worked on your game clock time and it was such a different came for the time and was interesting.

1. Resident Evil - I remembering picking this up in sale and was so glad because it was still scary as i remember the first game being but i think it was even more scary because it looked on the gamecube i never ended up finishing the remake but i did love it and thought it was one of the best games on the gamecube.


Mass Effect 3 The Ending

I was going to do a blog talking about my love of mass effect 3 but all this ending talk has pissed me off so i need to get this off my chest. But i did love the movie and it would be one of my favorite games of the year but one of my favorite series of all time for many reasons and this games has so many amazing moments, loved this game but the ending is another story.

So it looks like they are making a new ending to the game which just pisses me off for many reasons like i don't think ending's to games shouldnt been changed even if you hate or love it like with films and books and such. if the ending is on the disc then that is the ending and i just hate this and if this becomes a trend i will become very angry. I am a person who didn't like the ending and i have seen all the endings and even though i don't like the ending i don't think they should change it for a lot of reasons and i don't think it is right to change it. Bioware really should have stuck to there guns and not gave in because they had all that time to change the ending and to me one you have the ending on the disc then that is the final ending it really makes me sick that they are changing the ending. I just hope changing ending because fans don't like just doesnt become a trend. Just because a game developer has the option to change doesnt mean they have to, to me if the ending was broken or was glitchy then fine change but because a bunch of fans want a different ending doesnt mean you should or have to. there was a certain movie that i would have liked a different ending and i didn't get one and there was no altertaive ending on the disc i just don't like this.

Spoilers ahead

for me why i didn't like the ending it was because i was expecting something else to me the ending was epic didn't give some final results on some of the characters and what happened with some thing but for me i liked it until you had to make a choice. for me the ending didn't really have an impact which was something i was expecting like since my relationship was with miranda i was expecting there and they don't even metion her at the end. And someone like Garrus i expect to make an impact in the end because he was on every mission with me for a reason just to say the ending was dissapointing to me.


Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?

I had a lot of fun with adventure point and click games back on the psone and i even bought a mouse for my psone to play them games. I remember getting a playstation magazine with a demo and having a demo of this game called Discworld 2: the missing presumed..!? and that name had me interested after playing the demo i just loved from the voice acting but to the great art which made fall in the game but the part you played in the demo game you a great glimpse of the game and i wanted it and i played the demo around 3 times. I remember going out and looking for the game and it was hard to find. Then i found it a shop that ended up going out of business a few years later.

But starting the game i thought it would start where the demo started but the demo was a couple chapters later so that was interesting. The game is based on some of the discworld stories and i have read a couple of the discworld books but i loved the cartoon they had on after i cam home from school. The story is about Rincewind (voiced by Eric Idle) "who has been burdened with the task of coercing Death out of his impromptu retirement and back into his regular duties." This game is very funny and that is thanks to the voice acting and the discworld universe including the awesome characters in the game. With gameplay the game is a point and click adventure game, So you are collecting stuff nd figuring out stuff and you have this thing called Luggage where you store items is an awesome thing for the game because you get a lot of items. This game has some great places in the game with funny characters and make this game so much fun to explore because of the tone of people you can talk and explore and all the stuff you can get makes this game awesome. The puzzels are so much fun and i had a lot of fun time doing them and why i loved this game besides everything else i loved about it, this game has a lot of puzzels to figure out and when you do them you are rewarded like most point and click games but they are just a lot of fun, its the universe of the game that makes it so much fun.

The Game starts out With Rincewind and The Librarian are involved in an explosion and they don't die and he is part of the wizard guild and he is tasked with finding out why people arn't dying and thats where the game starts. you have things to find and mainly death and you start exploring Ankh-Morpork and all over the world when you get more into the game but i love the puzzels in this game and just figuring them out i love when you have to convince someone your dead and you have search all these items it is awesome moment in the game, there are some great moments in the game like the song. From Meeting all these characters in the world with good voices and different one but also find interesting but what an interesting world and just an awesome game.

I love this game and is one of my favourite point and click adventure games it ranks there with broken sword. I own a copy of still on pc and psone but would love to see there release it on the psn store and i would love to see them release somewhere like GOG or steam or something because it is hard to find these days. There is a 95% chance we wont see a game based on rincewind again i would love it if they did a third game on him even if there was remake or even a hd upgrade of the game i would love but a brand new adventure including rincewind would just be awesome and hope by dream comes true.


My First Taste Of The Vita

Today the vita came out and i have had it preordered since December and today was the day i finally got it and got a 16gb mem card and uncharted i also have 3 games coming in the mail next week some time. So what do i think of the vita ? well i love it i love the interface and i really like the touch screen but it took some time getting ues to it. It has a good selection the store and whhen i get some money i hope to buy escape plan and has some cool apps and good to see the facebook and twitter apps. the mem card and the game card are small i got to say. But i like it and and it feels good to me anyway. Then onto uncharted which so far i really liked the game i do think its good as the first game, it teachers the touch stuff which is good and getting your first trophie is really awesome and i think its a fun game and i like the story so far but only up to chapter 3. so i like the vita, i really like i think its really awesome everything about it but if i had some faults it would be the music player over but lucky you can turn it off and the games not coming with manuals but i do like the touch screen even the back touch good you can say i am a big fan.

But what am i looking forward to the future of the vita is a few games. first i know this game is a port but have never played the series but Disgaea 3 does look good on vita abd by the trailer saw this is the first rpg game i want ot get think it comes out the end of march. Also im excited for what eevr the bioshock and killzone games turn out to be. Final Fantasy x hd update which will also be on the ps3 so that should be fun and i want the mgshd collection on it aswell even though i hae the ps3 one but i think witht he transfarring feature should add something to the game. I know person 4 is getting port and i had it on the ps2 but lost my save file so to get it to finish should be good. Gravity Rush is on my radar but im not 100% sold so its maybe. Also since seeing the littlebigeplanet trailer is one i wanted for the vita and sound shapes just looks fun. im interested in the fighting games for the vita like mortal kombat and street fighter x tekken so it might becoming my fighting console but we will see but it has some games in the future that i am interested in.

- Roy


2012: Films & Games

2012: Video Games

In 2012 it looks like there are going to be some awesome video games some really big games and and little game and it looks like a interesting year and i don't if it will be good as last year but with some of the games it could be. I have a vita preorder and i am very excited for that in 2012 and uncharted on it should be awesome and at E3 we should see more games announced for it. Some of the big studio's should be releasing some of there big games and will we teaser for the next gen consoles ? Me, i Just don't care.

Top 10 Games Excited For In 2012

10. Twisted Metal: I have never been the biggest fan of this series, there have been moments i have liked moments but ever since seeing video from this game it has impressed me. Since its more i like a reboot so i really dont have the have played the other games, this game overall just looks like its going to be fun from the single but online looks like it will be tons of fun with everybody.

9. Gotham City Imposters: This is the only PSN/XBLA game on this or well i know of. Ever since i have heard of this game it has sounded interested and have watched the concept behind this game is awesome, people dressing up as the joker and batman and fighting is awesome and just crazy.

8. The Last Guardian:  I have been looking forward to this game for years and while it gets delayed we got HD games of Ico and shadow. Also all these people leaving people saying its going to be bad and im like really ? this game just looks awesome and i have seen no proof this game will be bad and i can't wait.

7. Starhawk: I know this game doesn't have a release date but im sure it will come out in 2012. But i had a lot of fun with warhawk and i spent about 6 months playing that online and star hawk looks the same even more but it also has a single player mode which warhawk didn't have it and the hawks look like transformers and that looks cool, and can't wait to play this game.

6. South Park The Game: I am really excited for this game with Trey and Matt involved in this game makes me excited and the screenshots and info makes it sound this will be a true south park game. South park looks like it will stay with the show in style and i am very excited, don't know if it will come come in 2012 but im excited.

5. Mass Effect 3: Don't care about the kinnect stuff for the game im more interested in the story from what this series has been leading to and what the things we did in the other games cause in this game will be intresting. It's going to be interesting how earth plays into the story and this series ends will be very interesting.

4. Grand Theft Auto 5: I don't know if this game will be coming out 2012 but i think it we will see it maybe at the end of 2012 but im really excited after seeing that trailer, because we might be going back to san andreas and im excited if we even only part of it, it does look really good can't wait.

3. Hitman Absolution: Finally to have hitman game on ps3/360 is something im excited about it. The trailer is really good and has me excited and it looks its going have much as action and it shows why i love hitman and won't be changing him and to see his bald head with the suit killing people is what i love to see.

2. Bioshock Infinite: Everything i have seen from this game has impressed me and including the steampunk/ civil war style and i really like the 2 main characters and it looks so good that i would love to get a demo from this game. Can't wait becuase i really liked the first game a lot.

1. The Last Of Us: I don't know if it will come out this year but im so excited just trailer and this just looks different for ND. There are lot people saying about this game but im really excited for it but i want a great story and from trailer i think we will get that.

2012: Films

I have 14 films on this list, this was very hard list but all of these films i am interested in at least. 2012 will be a big year for super hero's like the avengers and the dark knight rises but some little films and some films that could be really fun. We also have this 3D trand that i hate so i hope less for 3D movies.

Top 14 Films Excited For In 2012

14. World War Z: i have the book and i know they have changed it from the books which sounds like they have just changed to your basic zombie movie where world war z is a different zombie story but we will see and since i like the book i will hold out hope.

13. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: just think the name sounds cool and it could be just a really fun movie with lots of blood.

12. The Pirates Band Of Misfits: saw this trailer in front of the Muppets and it just looks funy and its stop motion which is hardly done and im a big fan of Stop Motion and i was laughing in the trailer and if the movie like the trailer i am really going to like this film.

11. Brave: Cars 2 was bad but brave looks way better and i find the story interesting but also a really funny trailer and i like the voice cast and hope pixar keep doing films like this and less pixar films.

10. Safe House: Now i am a big fan of Denzel and i think he is badass and the last movie i loved him in was man on fire and he just looks bad ass in this film. I really liked the trailer and this could be a really fun action film and while Ryan Renolds looks like he good as well.

9. The Cabin In The Woods: After this film being like delayed for 2+ years and the trailer makes it looks fun but its not just a horror movie but looks like it adds some sci-fi there so thats cool, im very interested in this movie.

8. Wreck-It Ralph: I have not seen a trailer but i think this animated movie sounds cool a video game inspired movie and it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

7. Skyfall: Its good to see we are getting another james bond movie with daniel craig and i loved casino royale a lot and i hope it is a lot like that and even though it will be a while off im excited for it.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man: I'm liking what i see in this spider-man reboot from the cast to the different things they are doing in this film. I do like the new costume a lot and i am very interested in this movie a lot.

5. Looper: this sounds like a awesome Time Travel Sci-Fi movie with an awesome cast and i just like the sound of this movie and this could be so awesome plus JGL is in it and that is just awesome.

4. Django Unchained: Tarantino is finally doing a western and im excited for any film he does but a western makes me more excited. The story is interesting but he has one hell of a cast and i can't wait to see a trailer from the movie.

3. Promethus: The alien prequel where the director was saying it wasn't but after seeing the trailer we all know it is. The trailer really impressed before the trailer i wasn't interested but would have been only a rental one day but this is a must see at the movie theater for me. This looks very impressive and i like the cast.

2. The Avengers: One i have been excited since it was announced and to see all these super hero's team up in one movie is going to be awesome, the cartoon has also been getting me excited for it and i just can't wait.

1. The Dark Knight Rises: There is only one movie that can beat the avengers on my list and that is the dark knight rises to see how nolan ends his time with batman. This is going to be interesting and everyone has ideas how and what will happen but i am excited to see how things have changed and what bane brings to the table, i am very excited for the movie.


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