My Top 10 Games of 2011

So it's finally time do my top 10 games, i have been working on this list for the last month or so and i have it now perfect or the best i can get it and i didn't play every game but i played the games i wanted to play so here is my top 10 games of 2011 and i didn't like every game this year but thought this year was awesome:

10. Assassins Creed: Revelations

- If though i was dissapointed with a lot of stuff in this game but i enjoyed most of this game that it derves to be in my top 10 because i was a real big fan of the story and how it ties up the story for the main character is something i enjoyed and for most of i had fun and one of the best games out there even with it's problems.

9.  Shadows Of The Damned

- A game i didn't finished but i liked a lot and i plan on finishing it one day. After hearing about this game this year i ordered it and i really liked and end up loving it. What i really love about combines all the things i love about horror and its insane game even though i got stuck in a spot i love this game and hope to finish it. I really like the main characters, the guy you play is so awesome and how the game play is awesome and was a really underrated game from this year.

8. L.A Noire

- At the start of the year this was my favorite game this year but some more awesome games came out but i still love this game and think it is awesome. i do like the story and characters but i do think it shouldnt be open world because it doesnt need to be. but the face tech is awesome and to bad team bondi is no more. I found the story very interesting and followed every bit of it and found it very interesting.

7. Portal 2

- i think this was the most funniest game i played this year some of the writing was so funny to listen to and even to watch. Overall this was such a fun game from figuring out the puzzels but the stuff you use in the game to figure out the puzzels is just awesome and so much fun and loved the actors doing the voices they were so funny and loved the ending. Just a great story anf funny story that makes this game.

6. Resistance 3

- I really liked the first game and i was a big fan of the launch PS3 game. and the 2nd game was not as good as it should have been and that includes the story. Then third game came out and was awesome this felt like more personally story and felt like a one man story doing for the family and it was just an awesome game and a great story and it really looked good as well and the MP was fun as well and just a fun game overall, oh and the guns are just awesome some great an fun ones.

5. Killzone 3

- I really didn't get into the first game on the ps2 and after the 2nd one i fell in love with the series because the 2nd game was awesome. I really liked the 3rd a lot i liked the story but the new locations they added in this game and the MP was so much fun aswell and with all the FPS out there for me this was the best one of the year.

4. Infamous 2 - infamous festival of blood

- I included the dlc as well with 2 because infamous and FOB is just as fun but shorter even though i need to still finish the dlc but i finished the 2nd game and loved and thought it was so much better then the first game and the story and end were great and just had so much fun in the open world game and i really like this series now 2nd one is so much better with this big ass monsters and just a fun game in the open world and it looks really good better then the first game. Just an awesome game and when i get a chance i will play through it again and be evil this time, just an awesome game.

3. Saints Row: The Third

- This has to be one of the funniest games this year from all the crazy and stupid stuff you do. This game is crazy and just creating your character can be a lot fun from killing people to do just some of the crazy activites is just fun. just dressing your character can be a lot of fun and just doing crazy stuff in this game, you could spend hours doing it.

2. Uncharted: Drake's Deception

- A game i thought would have been no.1 on this list but a certain game took that spot but i was think a couple weeks that i would have 2 number ones but that didn't happen. With drake returning this year it was just an awesome experince and the best looking PS3 game out has some amazing games and had an awesome time ahead and had fun with the MP.

1. Arkham city

- Best batman game out there and this game did so many things write for with the story, the characters and the open world and how fun it is to fly around arkham city and ending with a great ending. This is just an awesome game and hope we get more batman games like this and this being my favorite game this year and i was not expecting but its just an awesome game.

So they are my top 10 and here are some other games that didn't make this list because i had to many good games but here are some that didn't make the list.

Other Games:
BulletStorm - I had a lot fun with these game even though parts felt that is was dragging at the end.
Gray Matter - really fun adventure game and was very interesting as well with magic and such.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - even though i still need to finish bit i really like the story loved the sci-fi elements in this game
Little Big Planet 2 - more of the same of the first but added these little things but made it more awesome. 
Gears Of War 3 - I liked this game a lot and loved some of the story moments and i liked this more then 2nd game and i liked the 2nd one a lot but a great game.

worst game: Homefront / Duke Nukem: Forever

- 2 games make this part and i hated these games a lot, first i'll start with Homefront and i thought the story cool and its looked differnt for a FPS and it just ended up being a a stupid short single player mode where story was the best thing and then it just ends without having a good also i hated the guns. Duke Nukem i didnt even finish and at least i finished homfront but everything was wrong with duke nukem with it just feel like i was playing a psone game, it was shit i did like start but yeah. there games were bad.

So that was my top, some games that missed the list and 2 of the worst games i played this year i thought i would get this list out of the way because i want to do my top 10 films of 2011 or i might do games/films im looking forward to in 2012. i think we had a great year but 2012 should be another great and with the vita its going to be an interesting year for games.


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