Looking Back: Grand Theft Auto 3

So looking back at GTA 3 i have to say it is a great game but i have so many memories to this game. It's why i really wanted a PS2 and why i asked one for christmas and the game i got because my father's friend bought around his PS2 and GTA 3 and i played for like 2 hours and i just loved it not doing missions but just messing around and it was awesome seeing this world going from birds view and 2d to 3d. I remember going to school and telling everyone about this game and how awesome it was and christmas day was a fun day because of this game i just could not stop playing this game.

I know i had so much fun with i remember playing it my father going around passing the controller each time we dies it was so much fun. The intro to the game was a prison break from the prion truck and your character not talking and working for the mob and the character 8-ball was just awesome i thought it was a cool name. I remember doing the hooker humping car thing and even before i got the game from christmas the game got banned in Australia and thats when i started hating Australia's rating system. I remember whenever i got bored of mission i would go around killing and blowing up shit and just having a lot of fun doing that just doing nothing important and even just exploring the cities was just fun. I had a lot of un with the story i thought it was cool, the mob/ gangster story and thought the missions were so fun, There were some great missions like at the start getting introduced to the city but the stuff with the mob was awesome i thought anyway.

Then there was the radio which really stood out with all the channels and music but the DJ's were awesome and really funny and i know i would just sometimes drive around in the game listening to the radio. the killing and running over people was just awesome and so much fun and the big shootouts with police and trying to get up to all stars was just awesome and so much fun to play. GTA 3 was just an awesome game i so much things to love about and i even remember the ads on the radio they were so funny to listen to. Just a great game and why i bought my PS2.


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