The EB Games Expo Thoughts

So i went to this event called EB Games Expo on the weekend on Saturday and i was excited for this event because i never been to see something like this and to play games that aren't out yet is awesome and see other stuff was cool, it was a great day and i didn't get to everything i wanted but i will learn next time, i want to go next year. so here are my thoughts on the games i played and saw.

Uncharted 3 - I started the show just walking around and looking at the booths and got a free poster when i thought i was lining up for game but to get a bioshock infinite poster was awesome and then i lined up for uncharted 3 and that was a 30 min wait but was so awesome to play only if it was for 6 mins can't wait for the game and the fire just looks so good.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - When i got out of uncharted 3 i saw a little line for so i thought i should play this. i played it and i thought it was okay i thought it would need more polish and sometimes the control feel stiff. i won't be picking this game on day one.

Saints Row: The Third - Went to the THQ booth because this was one of the games i really wanted to play it and to play i am so glad i did because it was awesome and i can't for the game it really is crazy, i just went crazy in it, just killing people and smashing up cars and such and i just want that game.

Arkham City: I know the game is out next week but i had to play it and the game is just awesome, even though i waited in a big long but it wasn't the biggest line that was battlefiled 3 (i heard that was 3 hours long and even MW3 was long and there was a long line for the halo remake) but arkham feels the same and makes you feel like batman but being in a city that is open world its just bigger and better can't wait to own the game.

there was a lot of kinnect crap and i noticed playstation move was popular and i am sad i missed the vita talk i wanted to see that oh well and i liked watching hot girls dance to the dancing playstation move game.

played a bit of skyrim but thats not my kind of game also went past the nintendo booth and saw mario 3ds game and and played with the new zelda game and i have never been a zelds person so.

Also played the darkness 2 and i will be getting that game after playing it also played final fantasy 13 part 2 and still couldn't care less about that game but looks good, saw the MGS collection being played and looked good and bought a gamespot shirt :) tried to get into the EA booth but it was to long, i wanted to play mass effect 3 and i regret that and i missed some games and i wished i saw them before i left. Also went past the new Soul Caliber and tekken game and both looked good.

but the best game i played at the event goes to uncharted 3 i may have only played about 6 mins of that game but i loved every moment. the game was just awesome and i just want that game now.

the show overall was just awesome and i loved every moment everyone was nice and it was good to play some games, talk to some cool gamers, and just spend a day in a place that is all a bout video games and i loved so much i will have better plan next year and get more time to play more stuff because i will be going next year.


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