Where Did You Go Wrong Final Fantasy ?

One of the first big RPG series that i got into was Final Fantasy, the first time i discovered this genre called RPG. It all started on the PSone with a title called Final Fantasy 7 in a video shop with a picture of a yellow haired guy on a snowboard with my father. thats where my love for final fantasy started and when i fell out of love with this series is a story so lets get on with this blog.

Final Fantasy 7 - Rented the game for the weekend and watched my father played and thought it was awesome and i played some and just loved it. Seeing the intro for the first time is just amazing, didnt get that far in the game until we had to return it. Then a couple months later my father bought the game, So i started the game from scratch because i wanted to enjoy the intro all over again. There are so many great moments from the game like seeing Sephiroth kill Aerith and Seeing Sephiroth burn that village and walking around was just awesome. I nver finished the game but to to disc 2 and it was such a great game and i do want to finish it but would love to see a remake of this game.

Final Fantasy 8 - I just love this game, this would be my favorite game with 10, After Final Fantasy 7 i really got into RPG games and started buying the offical Australian Playstation magazine and staredt reading articles on the upcoming Final Fantsy 8 and i just fell in love with the characters and then the week it came out i rented it for the weekend. and i think i had it for the 2 nights and i skipped a lot of meals that weekend just playing Final Fantasy 8 and just loved and i knew when it was a good price and could get money out of parents i would buy the game. When i finally owned the game i got into the game lot even the card game part of the game, at school i even wrote a story based in a final fantasy 8 world (hope one day they do a film like the 7 one.) and if you can't tell 8 is my favorite Final Fantasy game. I just loved  the story and characters i really like Squall and Seifer who ended up being the bad dude, just a game i could back to on the Psone days and i really liked the flashback scenes and like most Final Fantasy game i loved the music. It is a game i will never forget and one i will replay one day and the first Final Fantasy game i finished and i know everyone wants to see a remake of 7 i would love to see a remake of this game or even a game from this universe.

Final Fantasy 9 - I played this at the end of the Psone days and only played it once, i i hired the game out after  reading about it in the Playstation mag and thought it was cool. Never got that far into it and never got to buy before i got rid of my Psone but i do own on my PS3 so i would love to play this game and finish it. I don't remember a lot from this game but the start of this game was awesome where your gang kidnaps the princess that was an awesome moment in the game, I don't really like Zidane but Vivi was a really cool character. I regret not playing this game again but one day i will.

Final Fantasy 10 - Besides owning MGS2 this was a reason to own a PS2 i had it preordered and was so excited for this game and i had my weekend planed when the game came out. but before the game came out i remember playing the demo and liking, think it was only 5 mins long. Getting the game and loving it and noticing the changes like the graphics just looking a 100 times better and hearing the actors talk for a first time in a final fantasy game was just awesome. I really liked the story but the open CG scene was just awesome where you see Tidus the main character of this game playing Blitzball which you can play in the game to some heavy metal rock and you see one of my favorite characters Auron, Sin destroys the city and you get transported to the future and there you go this adventure to stop sin and meet other people in this adventure. This is a really fun game and a a long adventure and had awesome characters for a ps2 game even though i never finished it (i would love to see this on a collection for the ps3 so i could finish it) i still love this game and rate it as one of my favorite games i ever played just because it had cool characters and a really good story and it looked good and i loved the battle system.

Final Fantasy 10-2 - I haven't got that much to say about this game i thought it was alright but i think this where it started where i just grew sick of Final Fantasy. taking place after the 10th game and focuses on the girl group and had some interesting moments but one i really didn't care for and i know i got near the end but i never finished (i don't think i did anyway.) the game is really a haze for me anyway but yuna was dealing with tidus and that was the only interesting thing to me.

Final Fantasy 12 - Never played 11 so i don't have any thoughts on that game but getting 12 was the same day i preordered my PS3 i remember going in the stre and not bought or been in a game story for months and i preordered kingdom hearts 2/ Final Fantasy 12 and a PS3. so getting the game i was excited and playing i liked it at the start but i didn't play a lot i think it would have been a couple hours in the i just couldn't do anymore. It wasn't the story, i loved the story it was the best thing about the game and why i kept with it as long as i did but the gameplay just destroyed it for me i hated how it played it was so different from previous Final Fantasy games and i hated that and i can't say anything about the characters because i don't remember anything about them. This was one the last games that came out before i got my ps3 and Final Fantasy really slid down the pole of my love for this series.

There were 2 movies there was the spirits within which i was so excited and i liked when i first saw but as i have grown up that movie i really have grown out of really liking it and then there is Advent Children which is amazing and i the best video game movie made and wish there more like this in the final fantasy series and i would like Final Fantasy 8 one. Advent Children was so awesome with the story and how it deals with the after math of the game and with the characters and i thought it had some really good voice acting. It also just was awesome to look on Blu ray. The awesome bad ass fight with the bad ass villian from seven it is just just an awesome game.

Final fantasy 13 - It was a long time for the next Final Fantasy game and this was for this generation PS3/360. I was quite excited for a couple reasons one because of how it was looking and because i was hoping it would go back to why i loved Final fantasy games but it didn't and i hated it so much that i don't think i will ever go back to final fantasy series. I hated so much from the characters thats i just wanted to kill and i think i only played an hour till i got bored of this game. The quickest i traded a final fantasy game aswell i think it was a month after i traded it in and to me it didn't feel like a final fantasy game which was a pitty and where where the towns thats what i loved about final fantasy game and the characters i could go on but that will do. I am not going to talk 14 even thought i thought it did look cool.

The Future - I am 90% sure i won't play any new Final Fantasy games but i think versus 13 does look but beside that i just don't i just am sick of the series but if i saw a remake of seven or eight my interest in the series would be there but to me this series is close to dead to me but lucky i have great memories i just can't get excited about the future and i blame square enix for that.


My Top 10 Movies From The Year: 2000

So i want to do a top 10 movies and video games dealing with the year 2000 and going all the way the way to 2009 so each year will be a post. so i will start with movies from 2000 and then move onto video games from 2000 and hope to do it like movies then video games from each year. Thought this would be fun so yeah you will kind of get my taste in movies and video games.

10. Next Friday - Dir: Steve Carr - Actors: Ice Cube / Mike Epps

- I only got into friday series when a friend told me to watch back in high school so i got both friday movies and i think the first one is the best this movie is still really funny. This takes place after the first movie and you have Craig getting to sent to love with his uncle and cousin. It is a stoner comedy that had some very funny moments and some funny characters i loved pinky. a funny movie.

9. Nurse Betty - Dir: Neil Labute - Actors: Morgan Freeman/ Chris Rock / renee Zellweger

- This was a very interesting movie and has some very moments with a great cast that is very good. Nurse betty is about a waitress who undergoes a nervous breakdown after witnessing her husband's murder, and starts obsessively pursuing her favorite soap actor. with chris rock and Morgan Freeman teaming up is just awesome in the movie and the best moments in this movie.

8. American Psycho - Dir: Mary Harron - Actors: Christian Bale

- After i saw batman begins i wanted to see more bale films and checked out American Psycho and really liked it, a guy who has another side of him as a psycho killer and it is awesome seeing  what bale does and he is awesome in this movie and some really crazy scenes like the chainsaw scene.

7. Memento - Dir: Christopher Nolan - Actors: Guy Pearce

- First time i watched this movie wasn't fan becuase my brain really didnt understand it, it took a couple watched to really get this films because this fims starts at the end and finishers at the begining and now that i get its really interesting but also some great acting in this movie.

6. Pitch Black - Dir: David Twohy - Actors: Radha Mitchell / Vin Diesel

- Pitch Black is awesome and was very different movie for its time, it was creepy and cool about a criminal who escapes but ends up helping survior from the monsters. Diesel is so awesome in this movie as well and when i started really liking as the actor.

5. Gladiator - Dir: Ridley Scott - Actors: Russell Crowe / Joaquin Phoenix

- I am a big fan of roman history and this movie fits into that love with a great story to do with Roman history, this movie has betrayal, roman people watching people fight and a great ending that i really liked and a reason why many people like Russell Crowe but for me that was Romper Stomper.

4. Snatch - Dir: Guy Ritchie - Actors: Brad Pitt / Jason Statham

- Snatch is a great gangster flick and after the great Lock Stock movie from Guy this is as great has some awesome actors and makes Brad Pitt funny in this movie but a lot comedy mmoents but a great story involving brad pitts character a a boxer and a great cast overall.

3. Unbreakable - Dir: M. Night Shyamalan - Actors: Bruce Willis / Samuel L. Jackson

- A real life Super hero movie and just amazing acting and just amazing story like any superhero story, it has some really interesting moments it has its hero (willia) and it does have it's bad guy  (jackson) and both are amazing a movie you soon forget.

2. X-Men - Dir: Bryan Singer - Actors: Hugh Jackman / Patrick Stewart

- Just an awesome superhero but the first really big super hero movie, i remember being a fan of the comic and the cartoon and so was my dad and both saw it on the big screen and loving the movie. The movie had great story, Great characters and just great action and a way to start to the x-men live action movies.

1. Battle Royale - Dir: Kinji Fukasaku - Actors: Tatsuya Fujiwara

- Battle Royale is one of my favorite films of all time just a simple story about school students fighting each other. This movie has some awesome death scenes but the characters were great but i just loved this film. and the story is just great and amazing stuff to do with friends and teachers its awesome.

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