Underrated Games Vol 1: Fear Effect

Time to start a new series and this series is about underrated games from Psone, PS2, Gamecube, xbox, pc. and maybe ps3 and 360 in the future but there have been a lot of underrated games and i’ll start with one of my favorite games.

Fear Effect: Back in the PSONE days there were a lot of great games and one of my favorite game is from the Psone days and don’t really see it on anyones list when they metion PSONE games to play. I had so much fun with the game, you had this horror action game come out of nowhere i remember reading about in a magazine and thought it looked cool and picked it up and it had like 3 discs and it was one of them games that had more then one ending. The game had a cyberpunk in china future setting and that was just awesome and something i was really into at the time, i was really into anime and manily ghost in the shell and had a cyer punk setting aswell. You had 3 character you get to play as and at the start you have no clue demons will even come into this game which is strange and then after the first level they introduce this demon monster. At the time a very different kid of action game and looked very different and was more mature and that goes for the 2nd one. I think the look, the action and the story made this game a standout and a very underrated game.

Story: When the daughter of a powerful Hong Kong Triad boss disappears, a trio of mercenaries arrive in the city to look for her. The fact that they have not been hired to do so does not dissuade any of them; their intentions are to find and kidnap the girl before her father's men locate her, then hold her for ransom. The girl in question, Wee Ming, has vanished into the fictional Shan Xi protectorate; Hana Tsu Vachel, the lead character and femme fatale of the group, used to work in a brothel somewhere in that region. (wiki)

The game has a really cool story but also the main character hanna was very interesting and this was not your normal american girl kicking ass with a really look to the game for a psone game. it was so fun, had a cool story with cyber punk mixed with horror themes in a future china. Just a fun game that did some great things for the time and then there was the 2nd one which i might go into another time but there was going to be a3rd game was canned and was really pissed about that but now i want a new game even if it was a remake i would very happy on the PS3/360 that would be awesome and very cool to me anyway. Fear Effect an underrated game and a very fun game an action/survival horror game that a has a great setting and interesting characters and some cool puzzle’s, just a great game and will be my favorite game for a while and lets hope they put it on the psn soon because this is one game i would download off the psn and i already own it.


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