My Top 13 Most Wanted Games (Pre -E3)

So i wanted to do a Top 13 Most Wanted Games but not on any years just my most wanted games and will i buy all these games ? maybe one day but these games have my interest in them. With E3 up and coming this list will change after that event but this is the list right now and i excluded L.A Noire because it will be out soon enough.

13. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City -  PS3/360/PC - Capcom/Slant Six Games

- Wasn’t the biggest fan of RE5 but back in the day i loved this series and i after seeing the teaser to this new game and what i have read it sounds really interesting and something different for the series and it goes back to raccoon city and goes back to the Leon story which is awesome.

12. Resistance 3 - PS3 - Insomnic Games/Sony

- I think 2 wasn’t that good but seeing the first live action teaser was awesome and sounds really different from the other alien games with the aliens have invaded and with you trying to survive and what i have read sounds cool.

11. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations - PS3/360/PC - Ubisoft

-I am a big fan of this series but i have to say the first game i didn’t finish because i did get bored of doing the same thing but i loved the 2nd one and brotherhood and have become a big fan of this series. This game is the end of the Ezio trilogy and this is a character that i really liked and its going to be interesting how they end this Ezio trilogy.

10.Bioshock Infinite - PC/PS3/360 - Irrational Games/2K Games

- Thought the first Bioshock was a really good game but there were a few things i didn’t like and the 2nd was average didnt really like it but had a couple good things in it. when they first announed it i wasn to excited but the more i have seen the more i get excited for this game and they are making it really interesting and can’t wait to see what they off at E3.

9. Duke Nukem Forever - PS3/360/PC - Gearbox Software/ 2K Games

- I have always like the duke nukem games and  good to see this series back and by the trailers it looks good and still has the humor and the girls and everything i want from a duke nukem game.

8. BattleField 3 - PC/PS3/360 - DICE/EA

- The video’s have really impressed they look amazing to me and if it is between this and the next call of duty i rather get this game. What they are bring to this game just amazes me and call of duty isnt doing so im rather excited about this game.

7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - PC/PS3/360 - Eidos/ Square Enix

- Loved the first game played it on the pc and also  the PS2 port and played the invisible war on the xbox and i liked it and i know most people hated it but this one just looks amazing and can’t wait to se more stuff from E3, so far it just sounds cool with the different ways to complete a mission.

6. Infamous 2 - PS3 - Sucker Punch/ Sony

- i loved the first game because i am a big fan of the superhero genre and in this open world game it was so fun and and had a very cool story with either being going good or bad and the 2nd one just lookes awesome more powers and better graphics.

5. Mass Effect 3 - PC/PS3/360 - Bioware/ EA

- I really liked the first game and loved the game the 2nd game and by the teaser video the 3rd game is just going to be epic. and with it going on from the actions you made in the 2nd game its going to be very interesting.

4. Saints Row: The Third - PS3/360/PC - Volition/ THQ

- Never played the first saints row but after playing the 2nd one had some awesome fun with that game just creating your characters and doing stupid stuff in this open world gangster game where GTA serious Saints Row is just stupid fun.

3. Batman: Arkham City - PS3/360/PC - Rocksteady/ WB

- I am a batman fan and loved arkham Asylum and thought it was the best batman game i ever played, now with arkham city i though the name was bad but it has grew on me and it sounds really good and has a good cast of villians and love how they are introducing some classics, so can’t wait to play this game.

2. The Last Guardin And Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection - PS3 - Team Ico/ Sony

- I counted The Last guardin and the remastered versions of ico and shadow together because they made by the same team, but i really can’t wait for the remasted games because i only play little bits of both games and you add trophies and that has to be awesome. Then you have the last guardin which just looks stunning and is going to be an interesting game.

1. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception - PS3 - Naughty Dog/ Sony

- I am do excited for this game uncharted was awesome, Uncharted 2 was just amazing and what i have seen from the game and we havent seen a lot it looks like it going to blow all the other uncharted games out of th water. Good to see sully has a bigger role and thats what i think 2 was missing and a new cool villian so that is awesome and the online sounds cool.

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