Animated Cartoons From My Childhood #1: Doug

So through my blog last year i wrote about some of my favorite cartoons like pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. so i thought i would start a new series with this blog Animated Cartoons From My Childhood and want to start with Doug.

Doug was a show i loved, it was really funny with great characters. i remember waking up on Saturday's morning (A day i loved as kid because i had no school) and turning the TV on and seeing Doug in the morning and just loving it. The show is About Doug Moving to town called Bluffington and deals with Doug coming to this town, coming to a new school and making new friends. Thanks to Wikipedia where i did my study on then and everything else. I didn't realise this show started on Nickelodeon and then was canned on there and went onto Disney (Thanks Wiki again). This show showed how you would feel when you go to a new school and a new town, Doug was a shy and clumsy character and thats why i think i connected with him and wasnt the most popular kid was but had his friends and was really funny but he had this cool alter ego Quailman who was so funny but doug made this character funny and doug was funny also had a dog named Porkchop and who was a great character (Also i had a dog so a kid i felt i had something in common with the character Doug). You had Doug's best friend Skeeter who was this blue dude and was a smart guy.

There was the bully in the town/school who was mean to Doug, Roger who was the green guy but i remember him always doing something to doug but when this series went to disney he changed he became rich and started being nice to Doug but still was a little mean to Doug. Also you had Doug's love interest Patti who Doug liked and you never if she does. Skeeter, Doug and her all use to hang out with each other. there are many more characters i could write about but these are the standouts to me.

Doug had some great Episodes and would love to rewatch this show but i can't find a dvd of the show. The show had a formula and is not a classic and the episodes were not classic but were great funny when i was in school. Trying to remember each episode is hard but you had some special when the show changed with roger coming rich and that. Also the first episode was just great and why i love this show, But remember there was a movie called Doug's 1st Movie and i remember i got that on VHS (remember that format before dvd) i watched it lot i just loved that movie and thats how i want to remember that show, the stuff with that lake monster and skeeter and doug hunting it was just great fun as a kid. But this show i will always remember it as being a kid and really loving it and having the connection with it.

Thanks for Reading this blog.

I am going to write about some more cartoons but if you have some other cartoons that you think that i might have liked just tell me because i can't remember every cartoon i will research them on the net (Thanks in advance Wiki) Expect to see more of these blogs in the future like i started at the end of last year but started making it a series now. but there are lot of cartoons i can cover from my childhood like count duckula, street sharks, digimon, Ren & Stimpy and more, hope you like reading this series.

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