My Top 10 Games of 2011

So it's finally time do my top 10 games, i have been working on this list for the last month or so and i have it now perfect or the best i can get it and i didn't play every game but i played the games i wanted to play so here is my top 10 games of 2011 and i didn't like every game this year but thought this year was awesome:

10. Assassins Creed: Revelations

- If though i was dissapointed with a lot of stuff in this game but i enjoyed most of this game that it derves to be in my top 10 because i was a real big fan of the story and how it ties up the story for the main character is something i enjoyed and for most of i had fun and one of the best games out there even with it's problems.

9.  Shadows Of The Damned

- A game i didn't finished but i liked a lot and i plan on finishing it one day. After hearing about this game this year i ordered it and i really liked and end up loving it. What i really love about combines all the things i love about horror and its insane game even though i got stuck in a spot i love this game and hope to finish it. I really like the main characters, the guy you play is so awesome and how the game play is awesome and was a really underrated game from this year.

8. L.A Noire

- At the start of the year this was my favorite game this year but some more awesome games came out but i still love this game and think it is awesome. i do like the story and characters but i do think it shouldnt be open world because it doesnt need to be. but the face tech is awesome and to bad team bondi is no more. I found the story very interesting and followed every bit of it and found it very interesting.

7. Portal 2

- i think this was the most funniest game i played this year some of the writing was so funny to listen to and even to watch. Overall this was such a fun game from figuring out the puzzels but the stuff you use in the game to figure out the puzzels is just awesome and so much fun and loved the actors doing the voices they were so funny and loved the ending. Just a great story anf funny story that makes this game.

6. Resistance 3

- I really liked the first game and i was a big fan of the launch PS3 game. and the 2nd game was not as good as it should have been and that includes the story. Then third game came out and was awesome this felt like more personally story and felt like a one man story doing for the family and it was just an awesome game and a great story and it really looked good as well and the MP was fun as well and just a fun game overall, oh and the guns are just awesome some great an fun ones.

5. Killzone 3

- I really didn't get into the first game on the ps2 and after the 2nd one i fell in love with the series because the 2nd game was awesome. I really liked the 3rd a lot i liked the story but the new locations they added in this game and the MP was so much fun aswell and with all the FPS out there for me this was the best one of the year.

4. Infamous 2 - infamous festival of blood

- I included the dlc as well with 2 because infamous and FOB is just as fun but shorter even though i need to still finish the dlc but i finished the 2nd game and loved and thought it was so much better then the first game and the story and end were great and just had so much fun in the open world game and i really like this series now 2nd one is so much better with this big ass monsters and just a fun game in the open world and it looks really good better then the first game. Just an awesome game and when i get a chance i will play through it again and be evil this time, just an awesome game.

3. Saints Row: The Third

- This has to be one of the funniest games this year from all the crazy and stupid stuff you do. This game is crazy and just creating your character can be a lot fun from killing people to do just some of the crazy activites is just fun. just dressing your character can be a lot of fun and just doing crazy stuff in this game, you could spend hours doing it.

2. Uncharted: Drake's Deception

- A game i thought would have been no.1 on this list but a certain game took that spot but i was think a couple weeks that i would have 2 number ones but that didn't happen. With drake returning this year it was just an awesome experince and the best looking PS3 game out has some amazing games and had an awesome time ahead and had fun with the MP.

1. Arkham city

- Best batman game out there and this game did so many things write for with the story, the characters and the open world and how fun it is to fly around arkham city and ending with a great ending. This is just an awesome game and hope we get more batman games like this and this being my favorite game this year and i was not expecting but its just an awesome game.

So they are my top 10 and here are some other games that didn't make this list because i had to many good games but here are some that didn't make the list.

Other Games:
BulletStorm - I had a lot fun with these game even though parts felt that is was dragging at the end.
Gray Matter - really fun adventure game and was very interesting as well with magic and such.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - even though i still need to finish bit i really like the story loved the sci-fi elements in this game
Little Big Planet 2 - more of the same of the first but added these little things but made it more awesome. 
Gears Of War 3 - I liked this game a lot and loved some of the story moments and i liked this more then 2nd game and i liked the 2nd one a lot but a great game.

worst game: Homefront / Duke Nukem: Forever

- 2 games make this part and i hated these games a lot, first i'll start with Homefront and i thought the story cool and its looked differnt for a FPS and it just ended up being a a stupid short single player mode where story was the best thing and then it just ends without having a good also i hated the guns. Duke Nukem i didnt even finish and at least i finished homfront but everything was wrong with duke nukem with it just feel like i was playing a psone game, it was shit i did like start but yeah. there games were bad.

So that was my top, some games that missed the list and 2 of the worst games i played this year i thought i would get this list out of the way because i want to do my top 10 films of 2011 or i might do games/films im looking forward to in 2012. i think we had a great year but 2012 should be another great and with the vita its going to be an interesting year for games.


Looking Back: Grand Theft Auto 3

So looking back at GTA 3 i have to say it is a great game but i have so many memories to this game. It's why i really wanted a PS2 and why i asked one for christmas and the game i got because my father's friend bought around his PS2 and GTA 3 and i played for like 2 hours and i just loved it not doing missions but just messing around and it was awesome seeing this world going from birds view and 2d to 3d. I remember going to school and telling everyone about this game and how awesome it was and christmas day was a fun day because of this game i just could not stop playing this game.

I know i had so much fun with i remember playing it my father going around passing the controller each time we dies it was so much fun. The intro to the game was a prison break from the prion truck and your character not talking and working for the mob and the character 8-ball was just awesome i thought it was a cool name. I remember doing the hooker humping car thing and even before i got the game from christmas the game got banned in Australia and thats when i started hating Australia's rating system. I remember whenever i got bored of mission i would go around killing and blowing up shit and just having a lot of fun doing that just doing nothing important and even just exploring the cities was just fun. I had a lot of un with the story i thought it was cool, the mob/ gangster story and thought the missions were so fun, There were some great missions like at the start getting introduced to the city but the stuff with the mob was awesome i thought anyway.

Then there was the radio which really stood out with all the channels and music but the DJ's were awesome and really funny and i know i would just sometimes drive around in the game listening to the radio. the killing and running over people was just awesome and so much fun and the big shootouts with police and trying to get up to all stars was just awesome and so much fun to play. GTA 3 was just an awesome game i so much things to love about and i even remember the ads on the radio they were so funny to listen to. Just a great game and why i bought my PS2.


The EB Games Expo Thoughts

So i went to this event called EB Games Expo on the weekend on Saturday and i was excited for this event because i never been to see something like this and to play games that aren't out yet is awesome and see other stuff was cool, it was a great day and i didn't get to everything i wanted but i will learn next time, i want to go next year. so here are my thoughts on the games i played and saw.

Uncharted 3 - I started the show just walking around and looking at the booths and got a free poster when i thought i was lining up for game but to get a bioshock infinite poster was awesome and then i lined up for uncharted 3 and that was a 30 min wait but was so awesome to play only if it was for 6 mins can't wait for the game and the fire just looks so good.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - When i got out of uncharted 3 i saw a little line for so i thought i should play this. i played it and i thought it was okay i thought it would need more polish and sometimes the control feel stiff. i won't be picking this game on day one.

Saints Row: The Third - Went to the THQ booth because this was one of the games i really wanted to play it and to play i am so glad i did because it was awesome and i can't for the game it really is crazy, i just went crazy in it, just killing people and smashing up cars and such and i just want that game.

Arkham City: I know the game is out next week but i had to play it and the game is just awesome, even though i waited in a big long but it wasn't the biggest line that was battlefiled 3 (i heard that was 3 hours long and even MW3 was long and there was a long line for the halo remake) but arkham feels the same and makes you feel like batman but being in a city that is open world its just bigger and better can't wait to own the game.

there was a lot of kinnect crap and i noticed playstation move was popular and i am sad i missed the vita talk i wanted to see that oh well and i liked watching hot girls dance to the dancing playstation move game.

played a bit of skyrim but thats not my kind of game also went past the nintendo booth and saw mario 3ds game and and played with the new zelda game and i have never been a zelds person so.

Also played the darkness 2 and i will be getting that game after playing it also played final fantasy 13 part 2 and still couldn't care less about that game but looks good, saw the MGS collection being played and looked good and bought a gamespot shirt :) tried to get into the EA booth but it was to long, i wanted to play mass effect 3 and i regret that and i missed some games and i wished i saw them before i left. Also went past the new Soul Caliber and tekken game and both looked good.

but the best game i played at the event goes to uncharted 3 i may have only played about 6 mins of that game but i loved every moment. the game was just awesome and i just want that game now.

the show overall was just awesome and i loved every moment everyone was nice and it was good to play some games, talk to some cool gamers, and just spend a day in a place that is all a bout video games and i loved so much i will have better plan next year and get more time to play more stuff because i will be going next year.


Where Did You Go Wrong Final Fantasy ?

One of the first big RPG series that i got into was Final Fantasy, the first time i discovered this genre called RPG. It all started on the PSone with a title called Final Fantasy 7 in a video shop with a picture of a yellow haired guy on a snowboard with my father. thats where my love for final fantasy started and when i fell out of love with this series is a story so lets get on with this blog.

Final Fantasy 7 - Rented the game for the weekend and watched my father played and thought it was awesome and i played some and just loved it. Seeing the intro for the first time is just amazing, didnt get that far in the game until we had to return it. Then a couple months later my father bought the game, So i started the game from scratch because i wanted to enjoy the intro all over again. There are so many great moments from the game like seeing Sephiroth kill Aerith and Seeing Sephiroth burn that village and walking around was just awesome. I nver finished the game but to to disc 2 and it was such a great game and i do want to finish it but would love to see a remake of this game.

Final Fantasy 8 - I just love this game, this would be my favorite game with 10, After Final Fantasy 7 i really got into RPG games and started buying the offical Australian Playstation magazine and staredt reading articles on the upcoming Final Fantsy 8 and i just fell in love with the characters and then the week it came out i rented it for the weekend. and i think i had it for the 2 nights and i skipped a lot of meals that weekend just playing Final Fantasy 8 and just loved and i knew when it was a good price and could get money out of parents i would buy the game. When i finally owned the game i got into the game lot even the card game part of the game, at school i even wrote a story based in a final fantasy 8 world (hope one day they do a film like the 7 one.) and if you can't tell 8 is my favorite Final Fantasy game. I just loved  the story and characters i really like Squall and Seifer who ended up being the bad dude, just a game i could back to on the Psone days and i really liked the flashback scenes and like most Final Fantasy game i loved the music. It is a game i will never forget and one i will replay one day and the first Final Fantasy game i finished and i know everyone wants to see a remake of 7 i would love to see a remake of this game or even a game from this universe.

Final Fantasy 9 - I played this at the end of the Psone days and only played it once, i i hired the game out after  reading about it in the Playstation mag and thought it was cool. Never got that far into it and never got to buy before i got rid of my Psone but i do own on my PS3 so i would love to play this game and finish it. I don't remember a lot from this game but the start of this game was awesome where your gang kidnaps the princess that was an awesome moment in the game, I don't really like Zidane but Vivi was a really cool character. I regret not playing this game again but one day i will.

Final Fantasy 10 - Besides owning MGS2 this was a reason to own a PS2 i had it preordered and was so excited for this game and i had my weekend planed when the game came out. but before the game came out i remember playing the demo and liking, think it was only 5 mins long. Getting the game and loving it and noticing the changes like the graphics just looking a 100 times better and hearing the actors talk for a first time in a final fantasy game was just awesome. I really liked the story but the open CG scene was just awesome where you see Tidus the main character of this game playing Blitzball which you can play in the game to some heavy metal rock and you see one of my favorite characters Auron, Sin destroys the city and you get transported to the future and there you go this adventure to stop sin and meet other people in this adventure. This is a really fun game and a a long adventure and had awesome characters for a ps2 game even though i never finished it (i would love to see this on a collection for the ps3 so i could finish it) i still love this game and rate it as one of my favorite games i ever played just because it had cool characters and a really good story and it looked good and i loved the battle system.

Final Fantasy 10-2 - I haven't got that much to say about this game i thought it was alright but i think this where it started where i just grew sick of Final Fantasy. taking place after the 10th game and focuses on the girl group and had some interesting moments but one i really didn't care for and i know i got near the end but i never finished (i don't think i did anyway.) the game is really a haze for me anyway but yuna was dealing with tidus and that was the only interesting thing to me.

Final Fantasy 12 - Never played 11 so i don't have any thoughts on that game but getting 12 was the same day i preordered my PS3 i remember going in the stre and not bought or been in a game story for months and i preordered kingdom hearts 2/ Final Fantasy 12 and a PS3. so getting the game i was excited and playing i liked it at the start but i didn't play a lot i think it would have been a couple hours in the i just couldn't do anymore. It wasn't the story, i loved the story it was the best thing about the game and why i kept with it as long as i did but the gameplay just destroyed it for me i hated how it played it was so different from previous Final Fantasy games and i hated that and i can't say anything about the characters because i don't remember anything about them. This was one the last games that came out before i got my ps3 and Final Fantasy really slid down the pole of my love for this series.

There were 2 movies there was the spirits within which i was so excited and i liked when i first saw but as i have grown up that movie i really have grown out of really liking it and then there is Advent Children which is amazing and i the best video game movie made and wish there more like this in the final fantasy series and i would like Final Fantasy 8 one. Advent Children was so awesome with the story and how it deals with the after math of the game and with the characters and i thought it had some really good voice acting. It also just was awesome to look on Blu ray. The awesome bad ass fight with the bad ass villian from seven it is just just an awesome game.

Final fantasy 13 - It was a long time for the next Final Fantasy game and this was for this generation PS3/360. I was quite excited for a couple reasons one because of how it was looking and because i was hoping it would go back to why i loved Final fantasy games but it didn't and i hated it so much that i don't think i will ever go back to final fantasy series. I hated so much from the characters thats i just wanted to kill and i think i only played an hour till i got bored of this game. The quickest i traded a final fantasy game aswell i think it was a month after i traded it in and to me it didn't feel like a final fantasy game which was a pitty and where where the towns thats what i loved about final fantasy game and the characters i could go on but that will do. I am not going to talk 14 even thought i thought it did look cool.

The Future - I am 90% sure i won't play any new Final Fantasy games but i think versus 13 does look but beside that i just don't i just am sick of the series but if i saw a remake of seven or eight my interest in the series would be there but to me this series is close to dead to me but lucky i have great memories i just can't get excited about the future and i blame square enix for that.


My Top 10 Movies From The Year: 2000

So i want to do a top 10 movies and video games dealing with the year 2000 and going all the way the way to 2009 so each year will be a post. so i will start with movies from 2000 and then move onto video games from 2000 and hope to do it like movies then video games from each year. Thought this would be fun so yeah you will kind of get my taste in movies and video games.

10. Next Friday - Dir: Steve Carr - Actors: Ice Cube / Mike Epps

- I only got into friday series when a friend told me to watch back in high school so i got both friday movies and i think the first one is the best this movie is still really funny. This takes place after the first movie and you have Craig getting to sent to love with his uncle and cousin. It is a stoner comedy that had some very funny moments and some funny characters i loved pinky. a funny movie.

9. Nurse Betty - Dir: Neil Labute - Actors: Morgan Freeman/ Chris Rock / renee Zellweger

- This was a very interesting movie and has some very moments with a great cast that is very good. Nurse betty is about a waitress who undergoes a nervous breakdown after witnessing her husband's murder, and starts obsessively pursuing her favorite soap actor. with chris rock and Morgan Freeman teaming up is just awesome in the movie and the best moments in this movie.

8. American Psycho - Dir: Mary Harron - Actors: Christian Bale

- After i saw batman begins i wanted to see more bale films and checked out American Psycho and really liked it, a guy who has another side of him as a psycho killer and it is awesome seeing  what bale does and he is awesome in this movie and some really crazy scenes like the chainsaw scene.

7. Memento - Dir: Christopher Nolan - Actors: Guy Pearce

- First time i watched this movie wasn't fan becuase my brain really didnt understand it, it took a couple watched to really get this films because this fims starts at the end and finishers at the begining and now that i get its really interesting but also some great acting in this movie.

6. Pitch Black - Dir: David Twohy - Actors: Radha Mitchell / Vin Diesel

- Pitch Black is awesome and was very different movie for its time, it was creepy and cool about a criminal who escapes but ends up helping survior from the monsters. Diesel is so awesome in this movie as well and when i started really liking as the actor.

5. Gladiator - Dir: Ridley Scott - Actors: Russell Crowe / Joaquin Phoenix

- I am a big fan of roman history and this movie fits into that love with a great story to do with Roman history, this movie has betrayal, roman people watching people fight and a great ending that i really liked and a reason why many people like Russell Crowe but for me that was Romper Stomper.

4. Snatch - Dir: Guy Ritchie - Actors: Brad Pitt / Jason Statham

- Snatch is a great gangster flick and after the great Lock Stock movie from Guy this is as great has some awesome actors and makes Brad Pitt funny in this movie but a lot comedy mmoents but a great story involving brad pitts character a a boxer and a great cast overall.

3. Unbreakable - Dir: M. Night Shyamalan - Actors: Bruce Willis / Samuel L. Jackson

- A real life Super hero movie and just amazing acting and just amazing story like any superhero story, it has some really interesting moments it has its hero (willia) and it does have it's bad guy  (jackson) and both are amazing a movie you soon forget.

2. X-Men - Dir: Bryan Singer - Actors: Hugh Jackman / Patrick Stewart

- Just an awesome superhero but the first really big super hero movie, i remember being a fan of the comic and the cartoon and so was my dad and both saw it on the big screen and loving the movie. The movie had great story, Great characters and just great action and a way to start to the x-men live action movies.

1. Battle Royale - Dir: Kinji Fukasaku - Actors: Tatsuya Fujiwara

- Battle Royale is one of my favorite films of all time just a simple story about school students fighting each other. This movie has some awesome death scenes but the characters were great but i just loved this film. and the story is just great and amazing stuff to do with friends and teachers its awesome.

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Daria: Sick Sad World

What is sick Sad World World ? A show in Daria

Daria is a animated show that i just loved when i was in school and even watching clips on youtube i look back and i stil love this show, thats why i have it preordered and when i do get it on dvd i will review it in another blog but this blog is to show my love for this show. There was so much i loved about this show and while i was going through highschool dealing with highschool crap and would come home in afternoon to the awesome Daria which was about “The people of Lawndale just don't get Daria Morgendorffer. She's cool with that. See, Daria was born alienated, and now she's just trying to make it through high school with as little human contact as possible. Popularity, friends, activities... whatever. Daria lacks enthusiasm, but she makes up for it with sarcasm.”

Daria is a spinoff from Beavis And Butthead (she appeard in the show) i just loved Daria because of the great episodes and the sarcasm coming out of daria mouth makes this show awesome and saying about everything around her is just awesome but then there was th awesome music they put into this show and made it awesome it added something to this show. But what really makes this show stand up over the average animated shows is the awesome characters, so here are the ones that really standout to me. You have Daria with here sarcasm And here sister Quinn who is the popular unlike her sister and doesnt want to be known as Daria’s sister. Then You have Jane who is Daria’s best friend and has the same sense like her and then there is Trent Jane’s brother who is is a music band called Mystik Spiral and Daria gets a crush on him. Kevin is jack and the football dude and is dumb he is really funy and just great to watch And my favorite teacher MR. DeMartino who is stressed to hell, you just look at him and he looks like he is going to blow he is just awesome. I Really can’t say which character is my favorite one but the 2 standouts to me are Daria And Jane they both are just awesome and rule and can be very funny even when they are talking to people or about people.

Overall this show is one i love i will defend this show and tell people to watch it for many reasons but i love the style it is animated, it looks really good and besides Beavis And Butthead its the only other MTV show i like because MTV is all about reality TV these days, i remember mtv was about good music videos and good animated shows like Daria. This show is awesome and i could sit down and watch it all day or just have it in the backgound and still love because this show has great quotes that are awesome and some awesome scenes, just everything about this show is just awesome. Also i wish Sick Sad World was a real tv show.

“I like having low self-esteem. It makes me feel special.”

Here are my 10 favorite episodes:

10. One J At A Time - Season 5 - Episode 8

- “Helen encourages Daria to invite Tom over for dinner, but Daria is reluctant to do so because she fears Jake's erratic behavior will embarrass everyone, especially after he starts obsessing over catching a squirrel that's been knocking over his garbage cans. Helen tells her that she will try to control Jake if Daria invites Tom over.” - Seeing Daria is weird but its funny at the same time and to have a dinner with a boyfriend but with her parents who are not normal all the time also with her sister and her boyfriend is going to be a crazy time and it does get crazy and there is a squirrel that gets involved in this story and its funny with the bonding with all the male only thing its missing is some jane.

Quote: “But you said Daria was really mature to be in a relationship, so if I'm not in a relationship that makes me unmature. Or "im"..?”

9. Jane’s Addition - Season 3 - Episode 13

- “Daria and Jane are assigned a multimedia computer project, which is hindered by Trent's procrastination in coming up with music for it. Meanwhile, Jane starts dating a guy, Tom, whom Daria immediately sees as a threat to her friendship with Jane--until she and Tom have a talk about it.” - I liked this episode because it introduced this new character Tom who starts Jane and seeing Daria get jelous is funny and the talk daria and trent have is awesome, there talking about something really thee talking about there feelings.

Quote: “Hey, the second set's just the stuff that's not good enough for the first. I wouldn't stay for it myself, if I weren't in the band.”

8. Dye Dye my Darling - Season 4 - Episode 13

- "Jane enlists Daria's help in dying her hair, but when the dye job turns out badly she claims that Daria did it on purpose.” - This is a really great episode to see Jane get paranoid about her relationship with Tom but in reality Daria likes Tom and how it ends id great and you know tom and daria will be dating.

Quote: “Why? Why? Because I moved to this town and I knew immediately that I'd be a total outcast, and in the one moment of good luck I've had in my entire life I met another outcast who I could really be friends with, and not feel completely alone, and then you came along and screwed the whole thing up.”

7. Lane Miserables - Season 3 - Episode 8

- “The Lane house gets a little too crowded when Jane and Trent's siblings and dad all move back home, at the same time. Unable to handle it, Jane and Trent stay with Daria's house--which puts Daria at a quandary, as she has to deal with her crush.” - Another great episode focused on Jane but this time you get to know more of family which is very interesting since you get a view where she comes from and as well as trent, but seeing Daria deal with her crush is funny as well.

Quote: “No, no, SeƱor Finance Minister. Necesito dinero to reopen my business. Your volcano wiped out hundreds of hand-fashioned tin picture frames and I'd like to know how your government intends to compensate me.”

6. The New Kid - Season 2 - Episode 7

- “Daria joins the yearbook staff and takes a liking to the photo editor, Ted, a strange kid who's led a sheltered life under control-freak parents.” - Funny episode and when daris and this new kid met its funny because they are 2 totally different people and seeing how this new kid live compared to Daria is just great to see.

Quote: “I told you: first date, stick to vandalism and loitering, but you always have to be different”

5. Just Add Water - Season 3 - Episode 12

-”Principal Li forces the entire school to raise funds by going on a casino cruise, on a run-down toilet of a ship. There, Quinn gets stood up by her date; Mr. DeMartino deals with his gambling addiction; and Daria and Jane try in vain to get some sleep. Eventually the ship crashes into a garbage scow; many jabs at Titanic ensue.” - another great episode and one i just because this episode had some great music in it, i remember some blink 182 in this episode and loved the titanic parody stuff that was funny and Mr. DeMartion is awesome funny in this ep some great stuff from him.

Quote: “Back to the serenity of dreamland...”

4.Esteemsters - Season 1 - Episode 2

- “On their first day at Lawndale High, Daria and Quinn have to take a mandatory psychological exam, where perky, popular Quinn passes with flying colors, while sarcastic loner Daria is forced to enroll in a self-esteem course, where she meets the equally sarcastic Jane. Meanwhile, Quinn goes to great lengths to prevent people from knowing she's related to Daria, since she thinks that it will ruin her popularity.” - First ever episode i saw and just fell in love with this show from this ep, you have daria not liking anyone and becoming friends with Jane and then there was Quinn who is the popular one being her self and not wanting anything to do with daria, its just awesome.

Quote: “Usually when I have this dream I'm wearing pink taffeta.”

3. Pierce Me - Season 2 - Episode 12

- “Trent asks Daria to help him find a birthday present for Jane, and the enraptured Daria lets him talk her into getting her navel pierced, which she later regrets. Helen, meanwhile, agrees to accompany Quinn in the ill-fated mother-daughter fashion show.” - Whenever Tent and Daris are hanging out it is always funny and thats what happens here and some interesting stuff happens.

Quote: “Don't you get it, Daria? You did something stupid for a guy. Gee, you may join the human race after all.”

2. Cafe Disaffecto - Season 1 - Episode 5

- “The school starts a fundraiser to build a student coffeehouse, and after Daria and Jane fail at selling candy bars, Daria is asked to perform on stage opening night to earn the extra credit points. She ends up reciting an anti-communist story she wrote that starts a riot and has the place closed down.” Another episode where we see Jane and Daria make of funny comments about people and seeing them going around selling candy bars is funny to see.

Quote: “I have no friends. I walk alone.”

1. Road Worrier - Season 1 - Episode 12

- “Daria and Jane head off to Alternapalooza with Jane's brother Trent and his friend Jesse. Daria finds this to be an awkward experience due to her strong attraction to Trent. The Fashion Club, meanwhile, dress "alternative" and head off to the festival, but on the way, they decide to go outlet shopping instead. Back home, Helen and Jake use their kids' absence as a chance to "spice up their marriage"” - A great episode with great music is a episode about music and another episode to see trent and daria talking to teach other and everything go wrong for daria on the way to the event.

Quote: “This is like that REM video. Except you can't read everyone's mind.”

Also i have seen the movie but can’t remember them so i will talk about them when i review the dvd.

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My Top 13 Most Wanted Games (Pre -E3)

So i wanted to do a Top 13 Most Wanted Games but not on any years just my most wanted games and will i buy all these games ? maybe one day but these games have my interest in them. With E3 up and coming this list will change after that event but this is the list right now and i excluded L.A Noire because it will be out soon enough.

13. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City -  PS3/360/PC - Capcom/Slant Six Games

- Wasn’t the biggest fan of RE5 but back in the day i loved this series and i after seeing the teaser to this new game and what i have read it sounds really interesting and something different for the series and it goes back to raccoon city and goes back to the Leon story which is awesome.

12. Resistance 3 - PS3 - Insomnic Games/Sony

- I think 2 wasn’t that good but seeing the first live action teaser was awesome and sounds really different from the other alien games with the aliens have invaded and with you trying to survive and what i have read sounds cool.

11. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations - PS3/360/PC - Ubisoft

-I am a big fan of this series but i have to say the first game i didn’t finish because i did get bored of doing the same thing but i loved the 2nd one and brotherhood and have become a big fan of this series. This game is the end of the Ezio trilogy and this is a character that i really liked and its going to be interesting how they end this Ezio trilogy.

10.Bioshock Infinite - PC/PS3/360 - Irrational Games/2K Games

- Thought the first Bioshock was a really good game but there were a few things i didn’t like and the 2nd was average didnt really like it but had a couple good things in it. when they first announed it i wasn to excited but the more i have seen the more i get excited for this game and they are making it really interesting and can’t wait to see what they off at E3.

9. Duke Nukem Forever - PS3/360/PC - Gearbox Software/ 2K Games

- I have always like the duke nukem games and  good to see this series back and by the trailers it looks good and still has the humor and the girls and everything i want from a duke nukem game.

8. BattleField 3 - PC/PS3/360 - DICE/EA

- The video’s have really impressed they look amazing to me and if it is between this and the next call of duty i rather get this game. What they are bring to this game just amazes me and call of duty isnt doing so im rather excited about this game.

7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - PC/PS3/360 - Eidos/ Square Enix

- Loved the first game played it on the pc and also  the PS2 port and played the invisible war on the xbox and i liked it and i know most people hated it but this one just looks amazing and can’t wait to se more stuff from E3, so far it just sounds cool with the different ways to complete a mission.

6. Infamous 2 - PS3 - Sucker Punch/ Sony

- i loved the first game because i am a big fan of the superhero genre and in this open world game it was so fun and and had a very cool story with either being going good or bad and the 2nd one just lookes awesome more powers and better graphics.

5. Mass Effect 3 - PC/PS3/360 - Bioware/ EA

- I really liked the first game and loved the game the 2nd game and by the teaser video the 3rd game is just going to be epic. and with it going on from the actions you made in the 2nd game its going to be very interesting.

4. Saints Row: The Third - PS3/360/PC - Volition/ THQ

- Never played the first saints row but after playing the 2nd one had some awesome fun with that game just creating your characters and doing stupid stuff in this open world gangster game where GTA serious Saints Row is just stupid fun.

3. Batman: Arkham City - PS3/360/PC - Rocksteady/ WB

- I am a batman fan and loved arkham Asylum and thought it was the best batman game i ever played, now with arkham city i though the name was bad but it has grew on me and it sounds really good and has a good cast of villians and love how they are introducing some classics, so can’t wait to play this game.

2. The Last Guardin And Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection - PS3 - Team Ico/ Sony

- I counted The Last guardin and the remastered versions of ico and shadow together because they made by the same team, but i really can’t wait for the remasted games because i only play little bits of both games and you add trophies and that has to be awesome. Then you have the last guardin which just looks stunning and is going to be an interesting game.

1. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception - PS3 - Naughty Dog/ Sony

- I am do excited for this game uncharted was awesome, Uncharted 2 was just amazing and what i have seen from the game and we havent seen a lot it looks like it going to blow all the other uncharted games out of th water. Good to see sully has a bigger role and thats what i think 2 was missing and a new cool villian so that is awesome and the online sounds cool.

Thanks For Reading and thank you for blogger to be finally up.


Underrated Games Vol 1: Fear Effect

Time to start a new series and this series is about underrated games from Psone, PS2, Gamecube, xbox, pc. and maybe ps3 and 360 in the future but there have been a lot of underrated games and i’ll start with one of my favorite games.

Fear Effect: Back in the PSONE days there were a lot of great games and one of my favorite game is from the Psone days and don’t really see it on anyones list when they metion PSONE games to play. I had so much fun with the game, you had this horror action game come out of nowhere i remember reading about in a magazine and thought it looked cool and picked it up and it had like 3 discs and it was one of them games that had more then one ending. The game had a cyberpunk in china future setting and that was just awesome and something i was really into at the time, i was really into anime and manily ghost in the shell and had a cyer punk setting aswell. You had 3 character you get to play as and at the start you have no clue demons will even come into this game which is strange and then after the first level they introduce this demon monster. At the time a very different kid of action game and looked very different and was more mature and that goes for the 2nd one. I think the look, the action and the story made this game a standout and a very underrated game.

Story: When the daughter of a powerful Hong Kong Triad boss disappears, a trio of mercenaries arrive in the city to look for her. The fact that they have not been hired to do so does not dissuade any of them; their intentions are to find and kidnap the girl before her father's men locate her, then hold her for ransom. The girl in question, Wee Ming, has vanished into the fictional Shan Xi protectorate; Hana Tsu Vachel, the lead character and femme fatale of the group, used to work in a brothel somewhere in that region. (wiki)

The game has a really cool story but also the main character hanna was very interesting and this was not your normal american girl kicking ass with a really look to the game for a psone game. it was so fun, had a cool story with cyber punk mixed with horror themes in a future china. Just a fun game that did some great things for the time and then there was the 2nd one which i might go into another time but there was going to be a3rd game was canned and was really pissed about that but now i want a new game even if it was a remake i would very happy on the PS3/360 that would be awesome and very cool to me anyway. Fear Effect an underrated game and a very fun game an action/survival horror game that a has a great setting and interesting characters and some cool puzzle’s, just a great game and will be my favorite game for a while and lets hope they put it on the psn soon because this is one game i would download off the psn and i already own it.


Animated Cartoons From My Childhood #1: Doug

So through my blog last year i wrote about some of my favorite cartoons like pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. so i thought i would start a new series with this blog Animated Cartoons From My Childhood and want to start with Doug.

Doug was a show i loved, it was really funny with great characters. i remember waking up on Saturday's morning (A day i loved as kid because i had no school) and turning the TV on and seeing Doug in the morning and just loving it. The show is About Doug Moving to town called Bluffington and deals with Doug coming to this town, coming to a new school and making new friends. Thanks to Wikipedia where i did my study on then and everything else. I didn't realise this show started on Nickelodeon and then was canned on there and went onto Disney (Thanks Wiki again). This show showed how you would feel when you go to a new school and a new town, Doug was a shy and clumsy character and thats why i think i connected with him and wasnt the most popular kid was but had his friends and was really funny but he had this cool alter ego Quailman who was so funny but doug made this character funny and doug was funny also had a dog named Porkchop and who was a great character (Also i had a dog so a kid i felt i had something in common with the character Doug). You had Doug's best friend Skeeter who was this blue dude and was a smart guy.

There was the bully in the town/school who was mean to Doug, Roger who was the green guy but i remember him always doing something to doug but when this series went to disney he changed he became rich and started being nice to Doug but still was a little mean to Doug. Also you had Doug's love interest Patti who Doug liked and you never if she does. Skeeter, Doug and her all use to hang out with each other. there are many more characters i could write about but these are the standouts to me.

Doug had some great Episodes and would love to rewatch this show but i can't find a dvd of the show. The show had a formula and is not a classic and the episodes were not classic but were great funny when i was in school. Trying to remember each episode is hard but you had some special when the show changed with roger coming rich and that. Also the first episode was just great and why i love this show, But remember there was a movie called Doug's 1st Movie and i remember i got that on VHS (remember that format before dvd) i watched it lot i just loved that movie and thats how i want to remember that show, the stuff with that lake monster and skeeter and doug hunting it was just great fun as a kid. But this show i will always remember it as being a kid and really loving it and having the connection with it.

Thanks for Reading this blog.

I am going to write about some more cartoons but if you have some other cartoons that you think that i might have liked just tell me because i can't remember every cartoon i will research them on the net (Thanks in advance Wiki) Expect to see more of these blogs in the future like i started at the end of last year but started making it a series now. but there are lot of cartoons i can cover from my childhood like count duckula, street sharks, digimon, Ren & Stimpy and more, hope you like reading this series.


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