Remembering The PS2

With the PS2 turning 10 years, its time to remember it from when i first got one.

It all started one christmas andmy parents got it one for me and i traded my PSONE and all my games and i got GT 3 and Kingdom Hearts but also after playing GTA 3 on a friends PS2 i got that game with it but the thing is the day my father picked it up GTA 3 got banned (in Australia) and lucky we knew some guys that worked at the EB where we got it and put it under the counter. On christmas day i did hire some games out as well like Burnout and that was a game i didnt love i have to say. Also SSX and that was a fun game and Jak and Daxter and really liked it.

There are so may memories from the PS2 like playing online for the first time ever.

  • Watching a dvd for the first time ever (it was my first dvd player.)
  • buying playstation magazine for demo's.
  • hunting for something that's not even in the game. (so many hours wasted.)
  • skipping school to play PS2 games like vice city and others.
  • playing the the first 2 wwe games were fun games.
  • playing hours on Final Fantasy 10
  • not liking final fantasy 12
  • tony hawk underground was the last tony hawks game i liked.
  • playing manhunt before it was banned over here
  • metal gear solid 2 was the first PS2 game to finish.
  • then selling it for the PS3.

top 5 PS2 Games

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
4. freedom fighters
3. dark chronicle
2. Final Fantasy 10
1. metal gear solid 3


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