15 years ago Playstation was born......

15 years ago i first bought my playstation and from there i have had so many memories, first deciding to get a Playstation or a sega saturn because was a Sega guy but my father bought a Playstation. i remember i got 3 games with it. a tekken game, wipeout (i didnt like it) and another one i can't remember. i remember gettin my playstation and i really got into games i remember if i had choice to play sports or play the playstation i was playing the playstation.

i have so many memories like playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time and seeing a game with 3 discs and the first RPG i played i remember i=getting that for the weekend and just playing it non stop that weekend and when i got some money buying it.

Playing Fear Effect and loving that game. buy dual shock controller. getting into point and click games and started with broken sword 2. spending weekend with my father playing Resident Evil games. we would play it and complete them.

there are so many memories and so many great ones and i can't belive its been 15 years. i am glad i got a playstation i dont regret it at all i still love some of there games.

thoughts on mafia 2: finished it the other day and got to say i really liked the game i really liked the character and the story was this game was very well written but the cutscenes were done very well. it felt like something from the godfather movie but i really didnt like the ending very dissapointing but still a great game.


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