10 Reasons Why I Love Uncharted 2

The other day i finally finished Uncharted 2 and what an amazing game and i have to say its one of my favourite games of all time, this game was so brilliant in every way and now i can't wait for the next one or just the next game by Naughty Dog.

10 Reasons why i loved Uncharted 2

10. Elena Fisher: I really liked her character right at the end of Uncharted and her character is something you dont see in movies/games/books she can take her of herself and isnt one going "help me i can't do anything". how this character has changed since the first game and it was great how you dont see the character about half way through with a great entry. just one of the reasons why i love this game, she makes this game.

9.Chloe Frazer: This was an interesting character she was a really strong character and could hold he own by her self, you really didnt know what she was up to one moment she was helping drake then betraying him she was really interesting, also she really did look hot.

8. Nathan Drake aka Nolan North: there is no there voice actor who could play Nathan Drake, he makes this game with his charm and how funny he is even when he is dying (train scene is example). the way he embraces this character is amazing, he really ups the character since the first one. Everything that happens to this character is amazing and fits the character. I really can't wait to see what happens in the next game. the relationships he has in the game

7. Just Looks Amazing: On the PS3 the game is just amazing and they have made it even better looking then the first game just the set pieces look amazing from helicopters blowing shit up and you runny or you jumping from a building going down. from the people you kill to the main character the game looks amazing even when your sliding down and you have shoot you save chole. every moment in this game is amazing and looks just awesome from th jungle to the snows, to the town at war i just want more games to look like this.

6. The Story: I find the story really amazing i think if the story wasnt as strong as it is the game would not have been as amazing as it is. It is a very interesting story that involves real facts in history and the staory jusy has some amazing characters.

5. its funny: Mainly drake but the writing is funny in this game but drake is so funny even when he shouldnt be cracking jokes like dying or in a dangerous place. he is perfect for telling the jokes and pulling them off.

4. Great Ending: I really like the ending it felt perfect for drake, seeing this old town get destroyed, helping out Chole, friend gets hurt and you dont kill the villian but you let other people do that. Also i couldnt belive Flynn blew himself that was a WTF moment. and finally drake and Elena kissed its been buliding up to that moment and looking off to the mountains and i can't wait for the next one.

3. its a great length: The game is a perfect length for an action adventure and one of the reasons why i loved this game.

2. voice acting: I think uncharted 2 has some of the best voice acting in a game from everyone even the bad guys.

1. The Score: the music is so good one of the best game scores i have heard, i so want it now. but it was perfect for the game.

2 Things i didn't like

2. the blue things: Them blue things just took to much to kill and i just hated them.

1.not enough Sully: he so good i wanted more of him hope in uncharted 3 there is more of him.

overall: I just loved this game, it was amazing and i think in the last 5 years this was the best game i have played and only Red Dead comes close but only in story but nothing comes close in graphics or just how it looks. just everything about this game is amazing and the things i didnt like did not kill the game for me, everyone should play this game but for me it was amazed. now i just want uncharted 3.


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