E3: The End (Wrapup)

4 most Outstand out things from E3

4. Epic Mickey - A game that could make me buy a WII because i love disney. but the WII would have to be cheap.
3. Rayman Origins - just looks awesome good to see Rayman in 2D again and just to return.
2. Twisted Metal - Good to see this game series back and its just looks fun.
1. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - bring the team behind burnout and the best need for speed series hot pursuit is just awesome.

9 Most Wanted Games For 2010 (After E3)

After E3 i thought i would do the 10 most games im excited for 2010 and after E3 it helped me get excited for some more but im more excited for 20111 because next year is going to rule.

9. Fable 3

- looks and sounds awesome the new things are make this game so awesome can't wait for it.

8. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

- i was a fan of the first one even though it had its faults. but the 2nd one does look improved so waiting for this one.

7. Medal Of Honor

- This game was sold to me at E3 i wasnt really sold on this game before but this is my FPS this year. can't wait for this game becuase the new call of duty doesnt look like a game for me.

6. Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2

- didnt really played the first one (but picking it up soon) but 2nd really sold me the story looks awesome and you have 2 lightsabers that is just awesome.

5. Gran Turismo 5

- really didnt care about this before but the game really looks awesome and it finally has a date and the the online mode sounds awesome.

4. Mafia 2

- never played the first game but 2nd one looks awesome and what a cool story a really mafios story which is just awesome can't wait for this game. and its been delayed a lot.

3. Sly Cooper Collection

- I loved The God Of war collection even though i havent played a lot of it but the sly cooper collection is awesome i can finally finish it and i hope this is a sign of a 4th one coming. i think its coming this year.

2. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

- I never thought i would be excited for a need for speed game again but the burnout guys are bring out the best need for speed series hot pursuit and it sounds awesome and bring the best bits of paradise in the game and adding the best bits of Hot Pursuit games cant wait for this game and im not a big racing gamer.

1. LittleBigPlanet 2

- loved the first one but 2nd just takes everything and makes it 100 times better and i cant wait i will be making a lot of stuff because you can make anything it just sounds looks awesome.


E3 Day Two: Sony And Nintendo

I stayed up late to watch Nintendo and sony shows and i can it was worth it both were great and just showed off some awesome stuff.

  • Well they started out with Zelda and i have never been a zelda fan only played about 3 zelda games in my life and this didnt change my mind either i really dont care didnt sell me on the wii.
  • Epic Mickey looked awesome and why i want a wii.
  • Donkey Kong returns looks awesome as well.
  • not on sold on the 3ds it does looked cool
  • Kirby looks cool but its not a game seller for me.
  • 3DS looks god but not sold on will only buy if my ds dies but the games there making for that thing is amazing.
Out of the big 3 i have to say i was most impressed by song they just brought the games and thats all i wanted was games 2011 looks like it going to be a big year so it looks like every gamer will be happy from the big 3 good games and just great stuff cant wait to hear about more games.


Day One Of E3

So today was the offical start to E3 and i will go one day but i didnt watch any of the live streams just watched the video's after the shows but read the write ups of each show from sites i trust. Its seems like Microsoft was bad and EA & Ubisoft was awesome.
  • Need For Speed is bringing back Hot Pursuit which is what i loved from the need speed series and when it went away i stopped playing it.
  • Dead Space 2 looks awesome got to finish the first one. them pukers look sick.
  • metal gear solid rising just looked awesome but dont know if the slicing could just get boring.
  • Medal Of Honor was not a game i was excited but the more i see this will be my FPS this year.
  • Rayman Origins is back and im so happy this just looks awesome.
  • codenamed: kingdoms
  • sly cooper collection is rumored to be announced at the sony stage and if it does this could steal the show for me this idea just rules and then we know a sly 4 is just around the corner.
  • Codename: Kingdom looks cool its only early but i really like the roman era so im excited about this game.
Well i bought 2 games today Wet and Dead Space (finally) i couldn't pass up $20 so yeah i got a huge backlog of games to finish and now i just added 2 more games i am really bad at this buying only 1 game a month. i aint preordering any games until E3 is over then i will decide what games i will be getting this year.


red dead redemption the end.....

I finished Red Dead Redemption today and i have already game my first thoughts on the game which i was loving and after finishing i just love this game. this game is amazing from start to the end and with me finishing it i will try to get 100% but that will have to wait for a while. I am a big fan of the GTA series and i love 4 but i think this better i love open world games and i love western movies and this just a dream for me. just from the missions to the story i just loved even the side missions were awesome but there are some crap ones in there but its awesome and i just love the music thats why i downloaded the soundtrack after finishing the game. now to talk about the ending.

*Spoilers* Game ending are sometimes are to like but sometimes there are great ones but the last one i loved MGS4 but i know people didn't like and i dont know why. But this ending is My favourite ending to game but just an awesome ending that i loved and felt sad as well and i felt that the end of MGS4 as well. just because how awesome the story is in Red Dead Redemption with the great music in this game made this game amazing have a great ending with you back with your family thats how i thought it would end but i knew rockstar had to add something and they did one last stand off. John is a great character and just an awesome character because he has vaules but loves his family also he comes from a bad past but trying to make up for that and the ending just had to heppen and i just felt sad for John. he saves his family and then comes through them doors and you knew there was no way he was going to survive and has his last standoff and shot as many as he could but dies. it was just sad and shocking. and then his kid and wife find him dead lying in his own blood so sad. but the ending music is awesome... but thats not the end then you play his son Jack to get revenge who killed his father that last mission is amazing and had to be done and then credits roll but is still sad because john as a character was amazing and just someone who just didnt have one side and some one you could like. i do hope they make another game but being jack would be awesome. just an amazing ending to a great game i loved this game *End Of Spoilers*


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