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Memories Of Pokemon (Tv Show)

I did memories of the gold game last time. here are my memories of the cartoon. I was really into the pokemon cartoon. i remember watch the First Episode when Ash misses out on the pokemon and gets Pikachu and i remember ash and Pikachu not getting on not listening to ash and he ends up protecting his pokemon and ash always protects his pokemon. the cartoon was just great with Ash battling Gym's and getting badges and battleing team rocket fun times. I remember waking up in the morning and watching it before school just fun times. it was one the best cartoon's when i was a kid this and dragon ball z were just awesome and everyone would talk about them before school. Season 1 is the season i loved and really watched bits and peices after season 1 but season 1 was it all for me. just seeing ash, brock and mist adventuring together and battleing and even team rocket i wished they got away with more stuff. Meowth is really cool the talking pokemon just a great show i love and i have just ordered season 1 just to watch it again. so many memories of that first season with the cards, the games and then there was the first movie which i loved and even saw it in the movie theater. it was Mewtwo vs Mew it was great about pokemon clones i really liked it and Ash had a hard battle man i wish i was still a kid. Also still playing a lot of HeartGold been training my pokemon i am upto my 8 Gym badge so should get that soon. just been having fun with that.

I have been playing 2 games this week first i got Grand Theft Auto Episodes from liberty city for the PS3 but i am going to replay GTA4 before i really get into it. plus i can get GTA4 trophies. But i traded in Final Fantasy 13 as well and went back to a FUN RPG game Mass Effect 2 and god i love this game. its so fun doing quests for people on board the ship and getting more people joing my ship. its so much fun. i love this game just everything about is awesome.

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