What DBZ Means To Me

After reading my friends blog Hush404, he did a list of anime shows and i saw dragon ball Z on his list and gave me an idea to do a write up dragon ball z. my realtionship with this property, It all started watching it before going to school. This is a show fell in love with from the start. Got in the games even the tokes you could get out of the packet of chips, there was so much Dragon Ball z, really never got into Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball GT because i just grew up with the z characters and then there was the crap live action movie. The show had many good sagas and was part of my life it was awesome and them cliffhangers in the morning.

I remember first time i saw dragon Ball Z it was one day after i watched pokemon and this stuff was crazy for me, these characters were dying, blowing up stuff, it was so cool. So i jusy kept watching it and going through this show every morning before school. I remember seeing the Frieza saga and really impressed me and i did like the vegeta saga thats where i really got into Dragon Ball Z but Vegeta was such a bad ass and really grew to loven this character. Also the show is really about Goku and he is a nice but will kill will if you mess with him he became one of my Favourites but when they introduced Trunks and his backstory i really liked him but i liked some the villians like the Android saga was cool and then cell came along and he became one of my favourite characters. Characters who you thought were dead come along and it's very interesting how they did the sagas do people grew up and evolved the characters. But my favorite saga was Cell that story was awesome he was just killing people and no one could do anything. they had that big tournement but after that i really did keep up to date with DBZ i was on and off because of school. But later years i did catch up, this show was just awesome, have these cool stories in a morning show before school was just awesome. I remember at the end of each Episode the voice over guy saying "What Will Happen Next On Dragon Ball Z" it was annoying when the show was getting good. but that theme song was stuck into my head as a kid. Just a great show and what else can i say about it. but got to say i saw the live action Dragon Ball z movie and that movie shouldn't been made. It was that made from acting, to the special effect and there is so much wrong with the movie.

I grew up DBZ like pokemon and meant a lot to me maybe not as mych as pokemon but i still loved the show and for a couple years. i kept up to date with this show because for me it was a really great show, from the characters and the action was just insane but for some reason i just couldnt get into Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT. i only saw on of the dvd dragon ball z movies the one with trunks backstory and why he traveled back to the past. why i didnt keep up to date was other stuff came in the way like the channel just changing the time it was and games and school got in the way and just grew out of it. But in the last couple years i have went back and watched a couple Eps and i still love so i have been buying the dvds but over hear they are pricey so it will take a while to get all the seasons also the games for the ps2 were fun to play they ere cool fighting games.But that was my life with Dragon Ball Z.


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