Resident Evil: My Story

Resident Evil is a series is a grew up on thanks to my father it was one his favourite games and thats what really got me into this series. But it all started after i got my Playstation and hiring games and i remember we Got out the first Resident Evil because it sounded really interesting. Putting the game in and started it up and it started with this cool live action scene and starting out in this mansion and fighting zombies ? (i didnt know what zombies where when i first played them.) You got to chose who you wanted to play as either jill and chris and some moments scary the hell out of me. My father ended up buying the game ever weekend we would play the game and take turns doing parts of the game. I remember finally finishing the game and just how much i loved it and getting the different endings was cool to and i think it was my first survival horror game and i really liked it and wanted more of these games.

I remember the 2nd one came out and my father bought it and it was just a great it had like 2 discs and again you could pick out 2 characters which you got to play Claire Redfield and Leon kennedy. It takes place after the first game and the zombies have spread to the city and you are playing the game in Raccoon city and have to deal with the T-virus, Umbrella. I really like how they improved on the 2nd game and i played it a couple of times.

Then came Resident Evil 3: Nemesis the last Resident Evil for the Psone and one i really got into as well and the first Resident Evil i finished and this one you played as Jill Valentine and takes place after the first game and during the 2nd game and you try to escape a zombie infested town. In this game you are hunted by the Nemesis and it was the first Resident Evil game i finished by myself and its such a great game and just had tons of fun with and i really liked the story.

Then on PS2 i got Code: Veronica X it was a port of the dreamcast game and i never had a dreamcast. I did't play much of it but i liked what i played of it and it was interesting. Also Capcom did remake the psone games, code veronica x and the 4th game went to the gamecube but ill get to that later. Also played some of the FPS rail games and they were were not good got to admit that. never got around to playing Resident Evil 4 but my father did and heard all about it from him so it felt like i did play it. My father bought Resident Evil outbreak it was this online Resident Evil game but over here we never got the online part but japan did, The online parts sounded cool and i hope one day make another outbreak game for the PS3/360. I had fun with the game and i never played the 2nd outbreak game but father did but he liked but is hardcore RE fan. Then there was Resident Evil 4 which i only play 10 or 20 minutes of the game. but my father did and heard all about it.

I did i buy a Gamecube and the first game i bought for it was the Resident Evil Remake and its was great even better then the original bit also scary i got all the remakes but never finished them all but they were just to see upgraded graphics nad added things they couldnt do on the psone was great but then was Resident Evil: Zero (the reason i bought a gamecube.) a whole new resident evil experince and it took place before the first game but you took the role of a character that is involved in the first game Rebbeca Chambers which and i really liked this game.

I remember the first film coming out and i was so excited for the first film and being a fan of the game series i went with my father and i liked the movie a lot. then the 2nd film came on and i really like the contiune on from the first and had characters from the game and villians. the 3rd wasn't good but i liked the idea world was destroyed and was overrun buy zombies. They had the CG movie and thought that was the best resident evil movie and then came Afterlife the latest live action Resident Evil movie and thought it was the most baddiest and crappiest RE movie for many reasons. I just hope they stop making them but they won't.

We have had the most recent game on the PS3 and 360 Resident Evil 5 and i have to say i am not the biggest fan for many reasons including story, location things thay have changed but i did think it was alright. But im not looking forward to in many reasons because where they are taking the story and what they are doing with characters but thats me but i hope they do keep making Resident evil games because i can stand them at least there better then the films also i would like to play 5 with the Move i would think it would be interesting. But i do want to see where the series goes.

Fact: over in Japan the series is called Biohazard and i rather that title.

Other stuff
  • Got GT5 and loving it and i don't agree with IGN's review.
  • Saw Red Hill and it was an awesome movie up there with the best this year.
  • Monsters was a really cool monsters film.
  • Social network was good but not as great as everyone was saying.
  • My GOTY will be up after i get Need For Speed next week.
  • starting MOTY this year since i see a lot of movies.


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