Pokemon "Got To Catch Them All"

A show that i loved as kid was Pokemon, the show was everywhere. So i thought i would talk about pokemon since i ordered season 2 and since you have pokemon tv, at the movies, playing pokemon in video games and card collection i thought i would write about my Pokemon memories.

I think it started with the TV Show being a kid in school and before school i would watch cartoons in the morning before school so while i was eating and getting dressed for school and doing homework i forgot to do. the cartoons i watched in the morning included Dragon Ball Z, X-men, inspector Gadget, street sharks, spider-man and more. I remember one morning on Cheez Tv (think thats what it was called) where there were hosts (and it was awesome) and they would show 3 or 4 cartoons and remember when they aired the cartoon for the first time it was amazing and just watched it ever morning made sure i did. You had ash and pickachu with mist and rock adventures catching pokemon and at school all the boys would be talking about it. and i remember kids at school started buy the gameboy games (red/blue) and i bought a gameboy just for that game, i got pokemon red for christmas and i played that for hours and hours, months and days. Buy the cards came into play not long after and collecting them, a whole collection with rare cards but i don't know what happened to my collection in the end it would have been worth some money. and they even had the card game on a gameboy game and i even owned that.

The Pokemon Movie was an event for every pokemon fan, seeing the Ads on tv for i was excited, the most excited i was for a movie as a kid i went on the weekend to that movie with my father and there were a tons of kids there plus you got that special pokemon card from seeing the movie. But the movie was awesome it had tow legendary pokemon Mewtwo and Mew it was just awesome to watch as a kid, Also you have clones of pokemon and thats what Mewtwo is and i really liked the story as a kid. didnt really get into of the other pokemon movies but this was great for me.

As kid besides watching cartoons and playing video games i loved pokemon and pokemon both had video games and a cartoon show to watch. I will always love the orginal pokemon 150 of them but i don't mind the other pokemon that were introduced after that and wher in pokemon gold and silver but besides there the only pokemon i really know. I really like Charizard he was really awesome in the show how ash couldnt control him he grew from charmander who loved ash and turned into charizard who didnt like ash.

Farfetch'd was a pokemon i would always try to catch in the pokemon games but i really liked for some reason and always carrying around that stick was awesome or thats what i thought. Also really liked Mew after seeing the first pokemon and how powerful and cute he was just awesome stuff.

Then came me not caring about pokemon and leaving it behind and thats when i went into highschool got rid of mt cards and sold my gameboy and all my pokemon games. while in highschool i couldnt care about pokemon until got out of highschool and started catching reruns of pokemon on the morning and getting back into well not the show because i really don understand or like the new pokemon and so much has changed but one of the reasons i bought a DS was for pokemon and i don't regret plus buying the seasons of pokemon i watched on tv buying them on dvd.

But one day i do hope there is a pokemon MMO because i could play that thing forever because i love grinding in pokemon games on the DS. But in a dream world i would love to see a real pokemon invented i would always dream about ot even a live action pokemon movie would be interesting. Well thats my pokemon life.

Other Things
  • Got AC: brotherhood and i just love it and i am loving the online its so much fun.
  • GT5 next week
  • working on a Resident Evil Blog


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