2011: Gaames I'm Excited For

How time flys by and christmas will be here in no time. GT5 will be the last main game i buy i might buy black ops if i see it cheap but GT5 well be my last big game i get this year with AC:Brotherhood and need for speed. so so i will be doing doing my GOTY blog at the start of DEC. but i thought i would do a blog of what games im looking forward to in 2011.

Pokemon Black/White

- I love the pokemon series it is just addicting and the only games i play on my DS these days, But with Black/White version it looks like there bringing something new to the pokemon series which im excited for.

Portal 2

- I wasnt the biggest fan of the first portal but i did like it, and i have loved what i have seen from the 2nd from the voices to the music and the different places and new stuff so im excited for this one.

Bioshock: Infinite

- At first i wasnt sold on this game but the more i read and saw the more i could buy into this game and i doesnt look like the same bioshock game but something more.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

- I have loved this series and i even liked the 2nd one, a lot of people hated it. but this new looks awesome as ever its got everything i love from the series.


- This looks like a great game, with a interesting story,

Batman: Arkham City

- Batman is back in game form and after the amazing arkham asylum, at first i didnt like the title but has grown on me and i can't wait for it.

Killzone 3

- Thought killzone 2 was awesome and with the added jetpacks and a new story and i really liked the story from the 2nd game and you have to deal with the aftermath of that i can't wait.

Infamous 2

- I loved the first game and i think this one just looks amazing in a new area and has to deal with the stuff from the end of the first game. and more moves and new stuff can't wait.

littlebigplanet 2

- I really loved the first one didnt get much into building my own stuff but loved playing what other people created and i think with the stuff you can build i am going to try and build in this one.


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