E3 Day Two: Sony And Nintendo

I stayed up late to watch Nintendo and sony shows and i can it was worth it both were great and just showed off some awesome stuff.

  • Well they started out with Zelda and i have never been a zelda fan only played about 3 zelda games in my life and this didnt change my mind either i really dont care didnt sell me on the wii.
  • Epic Mickey looked awesome and why i want a wii.
  • Donkey Kong returns looks awesome as well.
  • not on sold on the 3ds it does looked cool
  • Kirby looks cool but its not a game seller for me.
  • 3DS looks god but not sold on will only buy if my ds dies but the games there making for that thing is amazing.
Out of the big 3 i have to say i was most impressed by song they just brought the games and thats all i wanted was games 2011 looks like it going to be a big year so it looks like every gamer will be happy from the big 3 good games and just great stuff cant wait to hear about more games.


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