Day One Of E3

So today was the offical start to E3 and i will go one day but i didnt watch any of the live streams just watched the video's after the shows but read the write ups of each show from sites i trust. Its seems like Microsoft was bad and EA & Ubisoft was awesome.
  • Need For Speed is bringing back Hot Pursuit which is what i loved from the need speed series and when it went away i stopped playing it.
  • Dead Space 2 looks awesome got to finish the first one. them pukers look sick.
  • metal gear solid rising just looked awesome but dont know if the slicing could just get boring.
  • Medal Of Honor was not a game i was excited but the more i see this will be my FPS this year.
  • Rayman Origins is back and im so happy this just looks awesome.
  • codenamed: kingdoms
  • sly cooper collection is rumored to be announced at the sony stage and if it does this could steal the show for me this idea just rules and then we know a sly 4 is just around the corner.
  • Codename: Kingdom looks cool its only early but i really like the roman era so im excited about this game.
Well i bought 2 games today Wet and Dead Space (finally) i couldn't pass up $20 so yeah i got a huge backlog of games to finish and now i just added 2 more games i am really bad at this buying only 1 game a month. i aint preordering any games until E3 is over then i will decide what games i will be getting this year.


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