Looking Back At Final Fantasy 10

With 13 coming out in a couple months i thought i would write up my experince of 10. why i was looking forward to it, how it was, did it change my gaming/life and just everything about and leading up to it.

I remember when i first heard about Final Fantasy 10 i was very excited about it. i was getting the offical Playstation magazine back then and read about it in there for the first time and got really excited about it. then waiting for it. Final Fantasy X was the first game i preorded because i leanrt about preordering games and i was really excited about it. i rember i hired out was final fantasy 5 on the Psone just to play the 10 demo thats how excited i was for the game i just couldnt wait for it and i was just buying magazines with anything to do with Final Fantasy 10 because i had no internet around this time. Then came the Day of Final Fantasy x came out.......

So the day came out i was so excited it. Got home and put the disc in my PS2 and watching that first Video and i just wow that was awesome. then you got into the game and you noticed the characters talk and no more text which is awesome and the graphics improved over 9 like a 1000 times over. the combat was cool but i really like the characters from the final fantasy universe and the characters in 10 were pretty i really liked Aron who was a cool bad ass, dont mind tidus and wakka is cool of cause final fantasy has annoying characters oh and there is Cid somewhere he is in all Final Fantasy games.

The more i played the more i see great moments like when you first see sin. and the first video of that ball game Blitz in the intro video with that havy rock its pretty cool. i can't remember every moment of the game because i played that when i first got my PS2.

In about 5/6 months on and off i finished the game and i really did like and it ended up becoming one of my Fav PS2 games. I just loved this game the story and characters really hooked me and for the time the PS2 graphics were so good and i ahvent seen anything like it at the time and i was always talking about and even to people who didnt even know what it was and just thought i was werid talking about Sin. its game i just had a lot of fun with and a lot of memories of.

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  1. You know, I never beat X. I watched my brother go through it like 6 times tho :P So I got the story.



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