What DBZ Means To Me

After reading my friends blog Hush404, he did a list of anime shows and i saw dragon ball Z on his list and gave me an idea to do a write up dragon ball z. my realtionship with this property, It all started watching it before going to school. This is a show fell in love with from the start. Got in the games even the tokes you could get out of the packet of chips, there was so much Dragon Ball z, really never got into Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball GT because i just grew up with the z characters and then there was the crap live action movie. The show had many good sagas and was part of my life it was awesome and them cliffhangers in the morning.

I remember first time i saw dragon Ball Z it was one day after i watched pokemon and this stuff was crazy for me, these characters were dying, blowing up stuff, it was so cool. So i jusy kept watching it and going through this show every morning before school. I remember seeing the Frieza saga and really impressed me and i did like the vegeta saga thats where i really got into Dragon Ball Z but Vegeta was such a bad ass and really grew to loven this character. Also the show is really about Goku and he is a nice but will kill will if you mess with him he became one of my Favourites but when they introduced Trunks and his backstory i really liked him but i liked some the villians like the Android saga was cool and then cell came along and he became one of my favourite characters. Characters who you thought were dead come along and it's very interesting how they did the sagas do people grew up and evolved the characters. But my favorite saga was Cell that story was awesome he was just killing people and no one could do anything. they had that big tournement but after that i really did keep up to date with DBZ i was on and off because of school. But later years i did catch up, this show was just awesome, have these cool stories in a morning show before school was just awesome. I remember at the end of each Episode the voice over guy saying "What Will Happen Next On Dragon Ball Z" it was annoying when the show was getting good. but that theme song was stuck into my head as a kid. Just a great show and what else can i say about it. but got to say i saw the live action Dragon Ball z movie and that movie shouldn't been made. It was that made from acting, to the special effect and there is so much wrong with the movie.

I grew up DBZ like pokemon and meant a lot to me maybe not as mych as pokemon but i still loved the show and for a couple years. i kept up to date with this show because for me it was a really great show, from the characters and the action was just insane but for some reason i just couldnt get into Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT. i only saw on of the dvd dragon ball z movies the one with trunks backstory and why he traveled back to the past. why i didnt keep up to date was other stuff came in the way like the channel just changing the time it was and games and school got in the way and just grew out of it. But in the last couple years i have went back and watched a couple Eps and i still love so i have been buying the dvds but over hear they are pricey so it will take a while to get all the seasons also the games for the ps2 were fun to play they ere cool fighting games.But that was my life with Dragon Ball Z.


Resident Evil: My Story

Resident Evil is a series is a grew up on thanks to my father it was one his favourite games and thats what really got me into this series. But it all started after i got my Playstation and hiring games and i remember we Got out the first Resident Evil because it sounded really interesting. Putting the game in and started it up and it started with this cool live action scene and starting out in this mansion and fighting zombies ? (i didnt know what zombies where when i first played them.) You got to chose who you wanted to play as either jill and chris and some moments scary the hell out of me. My father ended up buying the game ever weekend we would play the game and take turns doing parts of the game. I remember finally finishing the game and just how much i loved it and getting the different endings was cool to and i think it was my first survival horror game and i really liked it and wanted more of these games.

I remember the 2nd one came out and my father bought it and it was just a great it had like 2 discs and again you could pick out 2 characters which you got to play Claire Redfield and Leon kennedy. It takes place after the first game and the zombies have spread to the city and you are playing the game in Raccoon city and have to deal with the T-virus, Umbrella. I really like how they improved on the 2nd game and i played it a couple of times.

Then came Resident Evil 3: Nemesis the last Resident Evil for the Psone and one i really got into as well and the first Resident Evil i finished and this one you played as Jill Valentine and takes place after the first game and during the 2nd game and you try to escape a zombie infested town. In this game you are hunted by the Nemesis and it was the first Resident Evil game i finished by myself and its such a great game and just had tons of fun with and i really liked the story.

Then on PS2 i got Code: Veronica X it was a port of the dreamcast game and i never had a dreamcast. I did't play much of it but i liked what i played of it and it was interesting. Also Capcom did remake the psone games, code veronica x and the 4th game went to the gamecube but ill get to that later. Also played some of the FPS rail games and they were were not good got to admit that. never got around to playing Resident Evil 4 but my father did and heard all about it from him so it felt like i did play it. My father bought Resident Evil outbreak it was this online Resident Evil game but over here we never got the online part but japan did, The online parts sounded cool and i hope one day make another outbreak game for the PS3/360. I had fun with the game and i never played the 2nd outbreak game but father did but he liked but is hardcore RE fan. Then there was Resident Evil 4 which i only play 10 or 20 minutes of the game. but my father did and heard all about it.

I did i buy a Gamecube and the first game i bought for it was the Resident Evil Remake and its was great even better then the original bit also scary i got all the remakes but never finished them all but they were just to see upgraded graphics nad added things they couldnt do on the psone was great but then was Resident Evil: Zero (the reason i bought a gamecube.) a whole new resident evil experince and it took place before the first game but you took the role of a character that is involved in the first game Rebbeca Chambers which and i really liked this game.

I remember the first film coming out and i was so excited for the first film and being a fan of the game series i went with my father and i liked the movie a lot. then the 2nd film came on and i really like the contiune on from the first and had characters from the game and villians. the 3rd wasn't good but i liked the idea world was destroyed and was overrun buy zombies. They had the CG movie and thought that was the best resident evil movie and then came Afterlife the latest live action Resident Evil movie and thought it was the most baddiest and crappiest RE movie for many reasons. I just hope they stop making them but they won't.

We have had the most recent game on the PS3 and 360 Resident Evil 5 and i have to say i am not the biggest fan for many reasons including story, location things thay have changed but i did think it was alright. But im not looking forward to in many reasons because where they are taking the story and what they are doing with characters but thats me but i hope they do keep making Resident evil games because i can stand them at least there better then the films also i would like to play 5 with the Move i would think it would be interesting. But i do want to see where the series goes.

Fact: over in Japan the series is called Biohazard and i rather that title.

Other stuff
  • Got GT5 and loving it and i don't agree with IGN's review.
  • Saw Red Hill and it was an awesome movie up there with the best this year.
  • Monsters was a really cool monsters film.
  • Social network was good but not as great as everyone was saying.
  • My GOTY will be up after i get Need For Speed next week.
  • starting MOTY this year since i see a lot of movies.


Pokemon "Got To Catch Them All"

A show that i loved as kid was Pokemon, the show was everywhere. So i thought i would talk about pokemon since i ordered season 2 and since you have pokemon tv, at the movies, playing pokemon in video games and card collection i thought i would write about my Pokemon memories.

I think it started with the TV Show being a kid in school and before school i would watch cartoons in the morning before school so while i was eating and getting dressed for school and doing homework i forgot to do. the cartoons i watched in the morning included Dragon Ball Z, X-men, inspector Gadget, street sharks, spider-man and more. I remember one morning on Cheez Tv (think thats what it was called) where there were hosts (and it was awesome) and they would show 3 or 4 cartoons and remember when they aired the cartoon for the first time it was amazing and just watched it ever morning made sure i did. You had ash and pickachu with mist and rock adventures catching pokemon and at school all the boys would be talking about it. and i remember kids at school started buy the gameboy games (red/blue) and i bought a gameboy just for that game, i got pokemon red for christmas and i played that for hours and hours, months and days. Buy the cards came into play not long after and collecting them, a whole collection with rare cards but i don't know what happened to my collection in the end it would have been worth some money. and they even had the card game on a gameboy game and i even owned that.

The Pokemon Movie was an event for every pokemon fan, seeing the Ads on tv for i was excited, the most excited i was for a movie as a kid i went on the weekend to that movie with my father and there were a tons of kids there plus you got that special pokemon card from seeing the movie. But the movie was awesome it had tow legendary pokemon Mewtwo and Mew it was just awesome to watch as a kid, Also you have clones of pokemon and thats what Mewtwo is and i really liked the story as a kid. didnt really get into of the other pokemon movies but this was great for me.

As kid besides watching cartoons and playing video games i loved pokemon and pokemon both had video games and a cartoon show to watch. I will always love the orginal pokemon 150 of them but i don't mind the other pokemon that were introduced after that and wher in pokemon gold and silver but besides there the only pokemon i really know. I really like Charizard he was really awesome in the show how ash couldnt control him he grew from charmander who loved ash and turned into charizard who didnt like ash.

Farfetch'd was a pokemon i would always try to catch in the pokemon games but i really liked for some reason and always carrying around that stick was awesome or thats what i thought. Also really liked Mew after seeing the first pokemon and how powerful and cute he was just awesome stuff.

Then came me not caring about pokemon and leaving it behind and thats when i went into highschool got rid of mt cards and sold my gameboy and all my pokemon games. while in highschool i couldnt care about pokemon until got out of highschool and started catching reruns of pokemon on the morning and getting back into well not the show because i really don understand or like the new pokemon and so much has changed but one of the reasons i bought a DS was for pokemon and i don't regret plus buying the seasons of pokemon i watched on tv buying them on dvd.

But one day i do hope there is a pokemon MMO because i could play that thing forever because i love grinding in pokemon games on the DS. But in a dream world i would love to see a real pokemon invented i would always dream about ot even a live action pokemon movie would be interesting. Well thats my pokemon life.

Other Things
  • Got AC: brotherhood and i just love it and i am loving the online its so much fun.
  • GT5 next week
  • working on a Resident Evil Blog

2011: Gaames I'm Excited For

How time flys by and christmas will be here in no time. GT5 will be the last main game i buy i might buy black ops if i see it cheap but GT5 well be my last big game i get this year with AC:Brotherhood and need for speed. so so i will be doing doing my GOTY blog at the start of DEC. but i thought i would do a blog of what games im looking forward to in 2011.

Pokemon Black/White

- I love the pokemon series it is just addicting and the only games i play on my DS these days, But with Black/White version it looks like there bringing something new to the pokemon series which im excited for.

Portal 2

- I wasnt the biggest fan of the first portal but i did like it, and i have loved what i have seen from the 2nd from the voices to the music and the different places and new stuff so im excited for this one.

Bioshock: Infinite

- At first i wasnt sold on this game but the more i read and saw the more i could buy into this game and i doesnt look like the same bioshock game but something more.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

- I have loved this series and i even liked the 2nd one, a lot of people hated it. but this new looks awesome as ever its got everything i love from the series.


- This looks like a great game, with a interesting story,

Batman: Arkham City

- Batman is back in game form and after the amazing arkham asylum, at first i didnt like the title but has grown on me and i can't wait for it.

Killzone 3

- Thought killzone 2 was awesome and with the added jetpacks and a new story and i really liked the story from the 2nd game and you have to deal with the aftermath of that i can't wait.

Infamous 2

- I loved the first game and i think this one just looks amazing in a new area and has to deal with the stuff from the end of the first game. and more moves and new stuff can't wait.

littlebigplanet 2

- I really loved the first one didnt get much into building my own stuff but loved playing what other people created and i think with the stuff you can build i am going to try and build in this one.


Remembering The PS2

With the PS2 turning 10 years, its time to remember it from when i first got one.

It all started one christmas andmy parents got it one for me and i traded my PSONE and all my games and i got GT 3 and Kingdom Hearts but also after playing GTA 3 on a friends PS2 i got that game with it but the thing is the day my father picked it up GTA 3 got banned (in Australia) and lucky we knew some guys that worked at the EB where we got it and put it under the counter. On christmas day i did hire some games out as well like Burnout and that was a game i didnt love i have to say. Also SSX and that was a fun game and Jak and Daxter and really liked it.

There are so may memories from the PS2 like playing online for the first time ever.

  • Watching a dvd for the first time ever (it was my first dvd player.)
  • buying playstation magazine for demo's.
  • hunting for something that's not even in the game. (so many hours wasted.)
  • skipping school to play PS2 games like vice city and others.
  • playing the the first 2 wwe games were fun games.
  • playing hours on Final Fantasy 10
  • not liking final fantasy 12
  • tony hawk underground was the last tony hawks game i liked.
  • playing manhunt before it was banned over here
  • metal gear solid 2 was the first PS2 game to finish.
  • then selling it for the PS3.

top 5 PS2 Games

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
4. freedom fighters
3. dark chronicle
2. Final Fantasy 10
1. metal gear solid 3


15 years ago Playstation was born......

15 years ago i first bought my playstation and from there i have had so many memories, first deciding to get a Playstation or a sega saturn because was a Sega guy but my father bought a Playstation. i remember i got 3 games with it. a tekken game, wipeout (i didnt like it) and another one i can't remember. i remember gettin my playstation and i really got into games i remember if i had choice to play sports or play the playstation i was playing the playstation.

i have so many memories like playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time and seeing a game with 3 discs and the first RPG i played i remember i=getting that for the weekend and just playing it non stop that weekend and when i got some money buying it.

Playing Fear Effect and loving that game. buy dual shock controller. getting into point and click games and started with broken sword 2. spending weekend with my father playing Resident Evil games. we would play it and complete them.

there are so many memories and so many great ones and i can't belive its been 15 years. i am glad i got a playstation i dont regret it at all i still love some of there games.

thoughts on mafia 2: finished it the other day and got to say i really liked the game i really liked the character and the story was this game was very well written but the cutscenes were done very well. it felt like something from the godfather movie but i really didnt like the ending very dissapointing but still a great game.


10 Reasons Why I Love Uncharted 2

The other day i finally finished Uncharted 2 and what an amazing game and i have to say its one of my favourite games of all time, this game was so brilliant in every way and now i can't wait for the next one or just the next game by Naughty Dog.

10 Reasons why i loved Uncharted 2

10. Elena Fisher: I really liked her character right at the end of Uncharted and her character is something you dont see in movies/games/books she can take her of herself and isnt one going "help me i can't do anything". how this character has changed since the first game and it was great how you dont see the character about half way through with a great entry. just one of the reasons why i love this game, she makes this game.

9.Chloe Frazer: This was an interesting character she was a really strong character and could hold he own by her self, you really didnt know what she was up to one moment she was helping drake then betraying him she was really interesting, also she really did look hot.

8. Nathan Drake aka Nolan North: there is no there voice actor who could play Nathan Drake, he makes this game with his charm and how funny he is even when he is dying (train scene is example). the way he embraces this character is amazing, he really ups the character since the first one. Everything that happens to this character is amazing and fits the character. I really can't wait to see what happens in the next game. the relationships he has in the game

7. Just Looks Amazing: On the PS3 the game is just amazing and they have made it even better looking then the first game just the set pieces look amazing from helicopters blowing shit up and you runny or you jumping from a building going down. from the people you kill to the main character the game looks amazing even when your sliding down and you have shoot you save chole. every moment in this game is amazing and looks just awesome from th jungle to the snows, to the town at war i just want more games to look like this.

6. The Story: I find the story really amazing i think if the story wasnt as strong as it is the game would not have been as amazing as it is. It is a very interesting story that involves real facts in history and the staory jusy has some amazing characters.

5. its funny: Mainly drake but the writing is funny in this game but drake is so funny even when he shouldnt be cracking jokes like dying or in a dangerous place. he is perfect for telling the jokes and pulling them off.

4. Great Ending: I really like the ending it felt perfect for drake, seeing this old town get destroyed, helping out Chole, friend gets hurt and you dont kill the villian but you let other people do that. Also i couldnt belive Flynn blew himself that was a WTF moment. and finally drake and Elena kissed its been buliding up to that moment and looking off to the mountains and i can't wait for the next one.

3. its a great length: The game is a perfect length for an action adventure and one of the reasons why i loved this game.

2. voice acting: I think uncharted 2 has some of the best voice acting in a game from everyone even the bad guys.

1. The Score: the music is so good one of the best game scores i have heard, i so want it now. but it was perfect for the game.

2 Things i didn't like

2. the blue things: Them blue things just took to much to kill and i just hated them.

1.not enough Sully: he so good i wanted more of him hope in uncharted 3 there is more of him.

overall: I just loved this game, it was amazing and i think in the last 5 years this was the best game i have played and only Red Dead comes close but only in story but nothing comes close in graphics or just how it looks. just everything about this game is amazing and the things i didnt like did not kill the game for me, everyone should play this game but for me it was amazed. now i just want uncharted 3.


E3: The End (Wrapup)

4 most Outstand out things from E3

4. Epic Mickey - A game that could make me buy a WII because i love disney. but the WII would have to be cheap.
3. Rayman Origins - just looks awesome good to see Rayman in 2D again and just to return.
2. Twisted Metal - Good to see this game series back and its just looks fun.
1. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - bring the team behind burnout and the best need for speed series hot pursuit is just awesome.

9 Most Wanted Games For 2010 (After E3)

After E3 i thought i would do the 10 most games im excited for 2010 and after E3 it helped me get excited for some more but im more excited for 20111 because next year is going to rule.

9. Fable 3

- looks and sounds awesome the new things are make this game so awesome can't wait for it.

8. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

- i was a fan of the first one even though it had its faults. but the 2nd one does look improved so waiting for this one.

7. Medal Of Honor

- This game was sold to me at E3 i wasnt really sold on this game before but this is my FPS this year. can't wait for this game becuase the new call of duty doesnt look like a game for me.

6. Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2

- didnt really played the first one (but picking it up soon) but 2nd really sold me the story looks awesome and you have 2 lightsabers that is just awesome.

5. Gran Turismo 5

- really didnt care about this before but the game really looks awesome and it finally has a date and the the online mode sounds awesome.

4. Mafia 2

- never played the first game but 2nd one looks awesome and what a cool story a really mafios story which is just awesome can't wait for this game. and its been delayed a lot.

3. Sly Cooper Collection

- I loved The God Of war collection even though i havent played a lot of it but the sly cooper collection is awesome i can finally finish it and i hope this is a sign of a 4th one coming. i think its coming this year.

2. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

- I never thought i would be excited for a need for speed game again but the burnout guys are bring out the best need for speed series hot pursuit and it sounds awesome and bring the best bits of paradise in the game and adding the best bits of Hot Pursuit games cant wait for this game and im not a big racing gamer.

1. LittleBigPlanet 2

- loved the first one but 2nd just takes everything and makes it 100 times better and i cant wait i will be making a lot of stuff because you can make anything it just sounds looks awesome.


E3 Day Two: Sony And Nintendo

I stayed up late to watch Nintendo and sony shows and i can it was worth it both were great and just showed off some awesome stuff.

  • Well they started out with Zelda and i have never been a zelda fan only played about 3 zelda games in my life and this didnt change my mind either i really dont care didnt sell me on the wii.
  • Epic Mickey looked awesome and why i want a wii.
  • Donkey Kong returns looks awesome as well.
  • not on sold on the 3ds it does looked cool
  • Kirby looks cool but its not a game seller for me.
  • 3DS looks god but not sold on will only buy if my ds dies but the games there making for that thing is amazing.
Out of the big 3 i have to say i was most impressed by song they just brought the games and thats all i wanted was games 2011 looks like it going to be a big year so it looks like every gamer will be happy from the big 3 good games and just great stuff cant wait to hear about more games.


Day One Of E3

So today was the offical start to E3 and i will go one day but i didnt watch any of the live streams just watched the video's after the shows but read the write ups of each show from sites i trust. Its seems like Microsoft was bad and EA & Ubisoft was awesome.
  • Need For Speed is bringing back Hot Pursuit which is what i loved from the need speed series and when it went away i stopped playing it.
  • Dead Space 2 looks awesome got to finish the first one. them pukers look sick.
  • metal gear solid rising just looked awesome but dont know if the slicing could just get boring.
  • Medal Of Honor was not a game i was excited but the more i see this will be my FPS this year.
  • Rayman Origins is back and im so happy this just looks awesome.
  • codenamed: kingdoms
  • sly cooper collection is rumored to be announced at the sony stage and if it does this could steal the show for me this idea just rules and then we know a sly 4 is just around the corner.
  • Codename: Kingdom looks cool its only early but i really like the roman era so im excited about this game.
Well i bought 2 games today Wet and Dead Space (finally) i couldn't pass up $20 so yeah i got a huge backlog of games to finish and now i just added 2 more games i am really bad at this buying only 1 game a month. i aint preordering any games until E3 is over then i will decide what games i will be getting this year.


red dead redemption the end.....

I finished Red Dead Redemption today and i have already game my first thoughts on the game which i was loving and after finishing i just love this game. this game is amazing from start to the end and with me finishing it i will try to get 100% but that will have to wait for a while. I am a big fan of the GTA series and i love 4 but i think this better i love open world games and i love western movies and this just a dream for me. just from the missions to the story i just loved even the side missions were awesome but there are some crap ones in there but its awesome and i just love the music thats why i downloaded the soundtrack after finishing the game. now to talk about the ending.

*Spoilers* Game ending are sometimes are to like but sometimes there are great ones but the last one i loved MGS4 but i know people didn't like and i dont know why. But this ending is My favourite ending to game but just an awesome ending that i loved and felt sad as well and i felt that the end of MGS4 as well. just because how awesome the story is in Red Dead Redemption with the great music in this game made this game amazing have a great ending with you back with your family thats how i thought it would end but i knew rockstar had to add something and they did one last stand off. John is a great character and just an awesome character because he has vaules but loves his family also he comes from a bad past but trying to make up for that and the ending just had to heppen and i just felt sad for John. he saves his family and then comes through them doors and you knew there was no way he was going to survive and has his last standoff and shot as many as he could but dies. it was just sad and shocking. and then his kid and wife find him dead lying in his own blood so sad. but the ending music is awesome... but thats not the end then you play his son Jack to get revenge who killed his father that last mission is amazing and had to be done and then credits roll but is still sad because john as a character was amazing and just someone who just didnt have one side and some one you could like. i do hope they make another game but being jack would be awesome. just an amazing ending to a great game i loved this game *End Of Spoilers*


My Top 5 Sandbox Games

So Red Dead Redemption is due out this week i thought i would do my top 5 sandbox games and i can't wait for RDR i am really excited i have just been playing gta4 just waiting for this game im so excited waiting for.

My top 5 sandbox games

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- I love Grand Theft Auto Series and when San Andreas came it just opened this sandbox game to a whole state and added so much stuff you could have fun for months and months thats how big this game was.

4. Saints Row 2
- I never played the first game and dont know if i will ever go back to but the 2nd one awesome beacause it was just crazy like creating your characters and the crazy missions just a crazy game and it was so fun.

3. crackdown
- when i first bought my 360 this was one of the first games i bought and it so fun this game that makes it the most fun is the shooting and jumping its just great fun, and i really liked the look of this game.

2. Infamous
- putting the superhero genre in a sandbox game and its just amazing and its a dark game and i just loved people were living in this cripple town and you are either good or evil.

1. Grand theft Auto IV
- This is my Favourite sandbox game and The best Grand Theft Auto in my mind, just everything they have added makes this just awesome and it may not be big as San Andreas this game feels like a city and the people are real and doing there own thing a game i just love.

Also Been reading the walking dead been getting back into this series i stopped reading this a couple years ago so i bought some more volumes and looking forward for the tv show but the books are so good and the best zombie story out there in any form.

Bullet Points
  • Well there is this new cool movie site Screened from ex people from gamespot and thanks to aaronmullan and here is my profile. i am really enjoying it.
  • This Week got a new internet plan so i am hoping i dont get capped every month now which i was getting sick of.
  • Also Bad news about my dog the vet found a Tumor in his eye so he had to loose his eye otherwise it would have went to his other eye and went blind it was very bad i havent seen him yet dont get him back till tomorrow, it just sucks for him.
  • Did you hear about the Battle Royale news, This great movie that i love is going to be released back to the big screen in 3D this is just wrong because this was not filmed for 3D, this is just bad this is taking 3D to a bad place.
  • Im trying to buy less games and i am going to try and just buy 1 game a month im going try this new plan.
  • MAFIA 2 was not a game i was looking forward to but after hear people play it and the video's im really excited i want this game now and this is a person who never played the first one.

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I Choose You Pokemon

Memories Of Pokemon (Tv Show)

I did memories of the gold game last time. here are my memories of the cartoon. I was really into the pokemon cartoon. i remember watch the First Episode when Ash misses out on the pokemon and gets Pikachu and i remember ash and Pikachu not getting on not listening to ash and he ends up protecting his pokemon and ash always protects his pokemon. the cartoon was just great with Ash battling Gym's and getting badges and battleing team rocket fun times. I remember waking up in the morning and watching it before school just fun times. it was one the best cartoon's when i was a kid this and dragon ball z were just awesome and everyone would talk about them before school. Season 1 is the season i loved and really watched bits and peices after season 1 but season 1 was it all for me. just seeing ash, brock and mist adventuring together and battleing and even team rocket i wished they got away with more stuff. Meowth is really cool the talking pokemon just a great show i love and i have just ordered season 1 just to watch it again. so many memories of that first season with the cards, the games and then there was the first movie which i loved and even saw it in the movie theater. it was Mewtwo vs Mew it was great about pokemon clones i really liked it and Ash had a hard battle man i wish i was still a kid. Also still playing a lot of HeartGold been training my pokemon i am upto my 8 Gym badge so should get that soon. just been having fun with that.

I have been playing 2 games this week first i got Grand Theft Auto Episodes from liberty city for the PS3 but i am going to replay GTA4 before i really get into it. plus i can get GTA4 trophies. But i traded in Final Fantasy 13 as well and went back to a FUN RPG game Mass Effect 2 and god i love this game. its so fun doing quests for people on board the ship and getting more people joing my ship. its so much fun. i love this game just everything about is awesome.

"Even though I'm no more than a monster - don't I, too, have the right to live?" - Oldboy


Looking Back At Final Fantasy 10

With 13 coming out in a couple months i thought i would write up my experince of 10. why i was looking forward to it, how it was, did it change my gaming/life and just everything about and leading up to it.

I remember when i first heard about Final Fantasy 10 i was very excited about it. i was getting the offical Playstation magazine back then and read about it in there for the first time and got really excited about it. then waiting for it. Final Fantasy X was the first game i preorded because i leanrt about preordering games and i was really excited about it. i rember i hired out was final fantasy 5 on the Psone just to play the 10 demo thats how excited i was for the game i just couldnt wait for it and i was just buying magazines with anything to do with Final Fantasy 10 because i had no internet around this time. Then came the Day of Final Fantasy x came out.......

So the day came out i was so excited it. Got home and put the disc in my PS2 and watching that first Video and i just wow that was awesome. then you got into the game and you noticed the characters talk and no more text which is awesome and the graphics improved over 9 like a 1000 times over. the combat was cool but i really like the characters from the final fantasy universe and the characters in 10 were pretty i really liked Aron who was a cool bad ass, dont mind tidus and wakka is cool of cause final fantasy has annoying characters oh and there is Cid somewhere he is in all Final Fantasy games.

The more i played the more i see great moments like when you first see sin. and the first video of that ball game Blitz in the intro video with that havy rock its pretty cool. i can't remember every moment of the game because i played that when i first got my PS2.

In about 5/6 months on and off i finished the game and i really did like and it ended up becoming one of my Fav PS2 games. I just loved this game the story and characters really hooked me and for the time the PS2 graphics were so good and i ahvent seen anything like it at the time and i was always talking about and even to people who didnt even know what it was and just thought i was werid talking about Sin. its game i just had a lot of fun with and a lot of memories of.


2010: My Top 12 Tv Shows From This Decade

Its now 2010 and with all the games and movies to see this year i hope its a good year. nothing big planned this year there are some things i want to do but i just hope everyone starts 2010 of great and this is my first blog in 2010 but i thought i would do my top 12 shows of this decade.

These are shows i discovered in 2000, these shows had to been started in the 2000's so here are my Top 12 tv shows from this Decade

12. Underbelly
- One Of The best Australian shows in this decade that could have been watched. just doen really great and written very well and lots of nudity just a great show that i really got into.

11. True Blood
- the best vampire show that is on tv, it has a really good story and really does some inetresting things and stay true to vampire law.

10. Summer heights high
- its the best Australian comedy show out there done like a documentary very funny with the 3 main characters out this school just a funny show.

9. Flight of the Conchords
- Just A Funny show with music its just a great fun and they do have some great music in the show and some great characters.

8. Metalocalypse
- the best show that is adult swim that is about a heavy metal band that rules the world while other people try to stop them. one of the best animated tv shows of the decade.

7. Californication
- This show is so funny and awesome just about a writer who hates hollywood and having a lot of sex and getting drunk Hank Moody rules.

6. Weeds
- A show about mother who has to see weed at first doesnt sound good but this show is funny and the main actress makes this show and why i love and the trouble she gets into has to be watched.

5. The Wire
- Just an awesome cop/gangster show one of the best that was on TV and just some creat acting and what some awesome character they created with this show.

4. Dexter
- Dexter is great show takes on the serial killer genre and twists it on its head just awesome acast and great writing i still need to watch season 4 but right now after season 3 i love this show.

3. The Shield
- the best cop drama that i have seen, with an awesome cast and with a different style to the show that made it gritty and dark which suited the show because of the stories on the show loved this show.

2. Rome
- I love movies/ other stuff about Anicent rome i love reading about ancient rome and this tv show which uses that history and does there own stuff is great and show which made me a fan out of Ray Stephens was just epic to watch to bad it got cancelled.

1. Deadwood
- A great western show that was awesome and shouldnt have been cancelled but the show is awesome full of swearing but with great stories and one bad ass sheriff.

That is my fav shows of this decade the ones i enjoyed the most and one i loved and own on dvd you can tell i really like a lot of HBO/Showtime programs they do make the best stuff.


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