Top 5 Of 2009

So its the christmas season i thought i do something of what games and films i liked of 2009.

This has been a good year for Games and i haven't played all of the games this years but i have played a lot. there was some great new IP, some really great underrated games but some overrated games. one big game got really hyped. i did get a DS this year so been playing some handheld games. It was a great year for games, just for gamers.

My Top 5 Games Of 2009

1. Uncharted 2 - This felt like a film but it was game and so amazing, from drake to the story and the train scene which is amazing

2. Assassins Creed 2 - i just started playing this and it amazing, they have stepped up and outdone them self, great action which i lkove and amde the open world better in this game.

3. InFamous - I love the superhero/comic book genre and sony got there own and a brand new IP buy sucker punch and this game was so much fun, a great character and i liked the story and the good/evil choice.

4. Batman: Arkham Asylum - The best batman game ever and this does everything amazing from the story and the villian joker, the ending is something i am not a big fan of it.

5. Red Faction: Guerrilla - i can't belive how good this game was, so much fun they made this series from FPS to third person andit awesome, smashing and blowing up building and the story is good.

There were some great films this year, some good movies i saw in the theater and and on dvd, catched up on some films from last year and still doing it. there were great films from each genre and from some great directors.

Top 5 films of the year

1. Inglorious Basterds - What a film a great WWII film with hardly any action the story and acting was amazing. the directing was the best by Tarantino.

2. Disctrict 9 - At first i was not excited and i heard so much about this film and started to get excited about it. when i finally saw i loved it and was my fav movie for the year intil Basterds came out. just everything about this is amazing and i started liking SCI FI films again.

3. Zombieland - I love zombies and this was an awesome zombiland film and had so much fun watching it, it remined me of Shaun Of The Dead which i love, not really a horror film but a great fun zombie film.

4. Drag Me To Hell -A great horror film, the best horror film of 2009. sam Raimi's return to horror is a great film only missing Bruce Campbell. i loved the ending to this film aswell just a great film.

5. Where The Wild Things Are - A movie i have been excited for a while, I remember the book i read it as a kid and seeing it on the bigscreen is amazing, from the kid the the wild things just amazing.

this year for tv i discovered a lot of new tv shows and only regular watched a couple of shows i still watch south park the simpsons. both of them are the only shows that i sit down and watch on tv. foud some great tv from battlestar, some great comedy and action shows and the best shows out there from HBO.

Top 5 TV Shows (I Discovered On DVD)

1. The Wire - This show is amazing before i watched it i heard it was and everyone was right, it takes at a look at both worlds cops and gangster which was good to see and amazing writing on this show.

2. True Blood - You see a lot of vampire stuff these days but this is one of the best out there, the show is amazing and is a really cool vampire concept that they are really living in our world. this show is just great and Eric is my fav Vampire.

3. Rome - A show i kind of cached before this year and finally went and bought both seasons and loved it, i love my ancient history so this is perfect for me and i love ancient rome and they did stories in this on real events that happen but of cause not everything happened on this show is not real, just amazing and how great the characters are awesome.

4. Metalocalypse - this show is awesome, about the biggest metal band on earth and they rule the world and its so funny but the music is so great aswell.

5. weeds - this show is so great and funny, love the characters are great, the stuff they do is awesome.

2010 looks like a good year for films and games really don't care about TV these days unless its on dvd. first got my birthday on Jan 13th. already got some games preorded and the road doesn't come out here till Jan so i might be able to read the book before i see it. i have lots of books to read from this that i never, got back into reading novels (reading is good for you.) getting a book for christmas stephen kings new novel. 2010 is looking like another good year i hope.


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