top 10 games im excited for 2010

A Top 10 list of games im excited for in 2010.

Games Im excited for 2010

1. Red Dead Redemption – i love my westersn, i loe rockstar games and i loved red dead revolver so this im really excited about.

2. God Of War 3 – i love god of war (still have to buy the god of war collection) i love kratos he is so badd ass and i can’t till i play it.

3. Heavy Rain – i love a mystery kind of game and something from your straigh up shooting games plus i love these guy who make this game.

4. Bioshock 2 – i still have to finish the first one but im really excited about the 2nd plus i have been keeping up with the news just keeps sounding awesome and i really don’t care about the online.

5. Final Fantasy 13 – Final Fntasy is a series i love so i am really excited for it after not being a big fan of 12 i really like the character and story looks like they fixed the gameplay aswell.

6.L.A. Noire – not is much know but i love the style of the game and concept and the time peroid plus being published by rockstar games has sold me.

7. Alan Wake – this game really interest me and one of the reasons why i bought a 360, it just looks awesome and i really like the story.

8.MAG – the only online game im really excited about, it sounds cool and has a cool idea behind and these guys know there shooters.

9. I Am Alive – this game just sounds awesome and so much fun, i love the idea being trapped after an earthquake looking forward to this game.

10. Max Payne 3 – i thought the first one was alright but hated them dream scenes but this one is looking more like shottem kill em game plus i like max’s new makeover.


Syberia III – hopefully it will come to the ps3 plus i love point and click games and i i have the other ones so this one could be really good on the PS3.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – i didn’t mind the first but did have its problems, but if they fix them this could be a good fun game.

No More Heroes: paradise – i don’t hvae a wii this and mad world have been wanting to play and with NMH now coming to the ps3 im really excited.

Dead Rising 2 – i love zombie games and i don’t mind the first one besides the crappy save system so if they fixed thet im going to be happy but this one looks crazy in a good way.

ModNation Racers – more i see on this game i get excited what you can make in this game is going to be insane, not a big fan of the racing but the making i am.

Gran Turismo 5 – this and burnout are the 2 racing series i buy and with no 5 and seeing what they have added im getting excited im not the biggest fan of racing games but with Gt i always find something to love.

So that is my top 10 with some metions, so what games are you excited for next year.


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