It happen again and only having it a WEEK FUCK THIS SHIT i am so PISSED RIGHT NOW what gets me isn't it dies again 9i don't know why it dies) but just week and again i lost all my saves again i really am sick of this shit also i was think i should really give up gaming but about 5 hours i came to my senses i was just really pissed well i am getting it foxed for free off sony which is good if you can't tell im really pissed.


Final Fantasy: My History

I thought i would do something different. with Final Fantasy 13 coming out next year i thought i would do my thoughts on the final fantasy series. I started at 7 but i haven't played every final fantasy but i tried to.

I remember when got my Psone it was the first time i got into RPG'S and thought they were fun. One day i went to a video shop and i remember we were going down just to get a game and we saw a game called Final Fantasy 7 and i saw a pick of snowboarding and so did my father and thought it would be cool. so when we got we relised it was an adventure game i remember each weekened this would be a game we would play together taking time to play it, both aof us playing bits of it. took us a while to finish and was a great game and i remember stayed home some days just finish a bit i wanted to finish. i really like cloud and barret was cool and that inro was awesome (i do hope they remake this game one day.) the villian Seproith is evil and shows why he is evil and a cool story. i really liked it and made me love RPG's.

Next was Final Fantasy 8 i hired this game out for a week and i took the whole week of school just to play it. i loved it and still my fav Final Fantasy game. i just loved the characters and story. I LOVED THE STORY of this game, i really like squall and zell was cool then you have the Seifer who you rivals then basically goes all the way bad about 30 mins in the game. then there is Edea story revolves around her. i really love the story how all the people in your party are from you life as a kid and its gets interesting and finding that out but i really like the war scene at dollet is awesome. i loved this game.

next was 9 which was werid for because it was one of the last big games i played on my PSONE. i remember hiring this out from the video store for a week. So i liked it, i really need to go back and play this game one day. the story was very interesting but never got around to finishing it. But had some cool out there characters like ZIDANE the dude who had a tail and was on the cover of one on the playstation magazines i had. i did have very fun with it i did get up to a boss but can't remember what boss.

I wanted play some of the older games i got A final Fantasy game ported to the Psone can't remember which one but it had the Final Fantasy x demo and thats the main reason i got it while i waited For Final Fantasy x.

i downloaded Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and it was fun but never finished it and downloaded 4/5/6 never finished but had fun and just played them to get a history of the game.

So now i had a PS2 and i know kingdom hearts isn't part of the Final Fantasy universe. but its has characters from that universe but kingdom hearts was the first game i got for the PS2 wasn't the biggest fan it had a lot of problems. i did like the 2nd one it was cool.

Then some time after i got Final Fantasy x a game i was really hyped it wasn't the reason why i bought a PS2 it was one of the reasons i did, i just loved the intro to the game. the characters were cool and the ball game was cool BLITZ i had a lot of fun and put a lot of hours in it. i did end up finishing it was one the best PS2 games i have veer played it was just incredible.

I got Final Fantasy x-2 was the next one. it was one that wasn't good an average final fantasy game at best. some things i didn't like but cool story but not one i would put on my list of my fav Final Fantasy game.

never played 11 the online game but would have liked to. But i hope to play 14 it looks really good. so i am excited for that.

Then there was 12 not one i really liked that one made think i think i don't like Final Fantasy games. But what made me buy in the first place was the story but i would like to give this game a second chance so i hope they put PS2 games soon on the PSN. i hated the combat wasn't a fan of it. the characters were okay but what i liked the most of it was the story but i really hated the combat.

13 is coming out next year and now i am looking forward to it after seeing trailers but at first i wasn't i didn't want to even play it but the more i read and watched has convinced me i will end up getting. SO there is my history.


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