top 5 games so far and worst one

i thought i would do my top 5 games so far and until the onslaught of games i am looking forward to.

1. inFamous - i just had so much fun with this game, i loved the story and the character its the game i had so much fun with.

2. Red Faction: Guerrilla - a game i wasn't expecting even to be in this list, but from playing its just awesome just smashing a building is so much fun you can have.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum - the best batman game ever, but also a great game, from the stealth elements and the awesome characters.

4. Killzone 2 - what a great game, the graphics was amazing and i was one who liked the story i think it was the first game i finished in 2009. plus an awesome online, i loved it.

5. Pokemon Platinum - i do like the pokemon games, they are fun and this one is just like them all and are still fun pokemon games are still my weakness.

So whats the worst game i have played this year so far ?

Prototype - This game had a lot a hype and great reviews so i bought it and at first good game but the more played the more i got bored thinking i just want to play inFamous and i know people love this game but even the the ultra bloody kills which is awesome wasn't something that could keep me interested. i found the story average and nothing great and i thought the graphice were nothing special it was just the worst game i have played this year so far.


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