EB Games Story

eb games story

so the other day i was in at eb games trading in some games. and i was looking at some games, and this guy comes over (a customer) who starts talking to about games to me and tells me he is gangster or something like that so i just go and trade some games in and while i am trading in some games. he then comes over and says he wants to buy one of my games while i am trading games and only offers $20 i was you have to be kidding and i said if you have $50 you have a deal just a werid experncie i had.

Resistance 2

- so i got Resistance 2 and only have started but its a fun game. really having a lot of fun, getting trophies and just find it fun and can't wait to play more.

madden 08
- bought this today after having a bad day and just tackling people is always fun and the last madden i played was 2002 so playing this was great fun and i am not a big nfl fan. but i like playing it and just seeing people get hammered.

gaming predictions

so i want to do some gaming predictions that might happen in the gaming industry this year.

1. dead rising to the PS3 ?
2.MGS4 to the 360 ?
3. PS2 games to the PSN
4. wii to get better games
5. a lot more gaming studio's close down
6. ps3 gets cheaper
7. 360 finally gets a blu ray drive
8. more mmo's that fail
9.lbp just gets bigger
10. psp gets more games

and i couldn't give 2 shits about this years oscars for some reason also my tv fucked up so i have to get it replaced.


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