Top 6 Special Gaming moments (for me)

so i had plans to a mega blog for my 4ooth blog but who really cares instead i thought i would do 6 very special gaming moments that happened to me.

Top 6 special Gaming Moments

6. Getting The Ps3

- I remeber the week just thinking about the PS3 and counting it down, then the night thinking in the morning i would have a ps3 with motorstorm and Resistance, i knoew the rest of the world had and of cause us Australians had to wait and i just couldn't wait i rember getting to the shops early and walking in there and picking one up and seeing a guy picking up 5 and thought that was werid but it was just awesome to carry out the store abd then be home seeting it up and playing it.

5. Finishing Metal Gear Solid 2

- i remember finishing Metal Gear Solid 2 it was a great moment for me, i think it was the first ps2 game i finsihed and the first MGS game i finished. just finishing i was so happy and i knew people didn't belive because they havn't finishedit and i think they were jelous and i said i would even show them and they just made excuses bnut i was just happy about finishing it.

4. GTA 3 Gets Banned And I Get GTA 3

- so i remember when GTA3 got banned because that chrsitmas i was getting the ps2 for chrsitmas and on of the games i had to have gta3 but the thing is when my father picked it up was the day it got banned and my father was good friends with the guy there and he get a copy for my father behind the counter which was cool and got the banned version which i was glad and i was just glad getting the game and playing it that christmas it made me want a PS2.

3. GTAIV Midnight Launch

- So this was the first midnight launch of a gaming event i have been and who knows probally will be. because of my love of the GTA games i had to go and i did and i got gtaiv special edition and loved it, the people was good and it was just great being there.

2. Spending 3 Days Playing FF8

- i remember i hired out it when it came out because i loved RPG'S and i loved FF7 at the time, and so i got FF8 for 3 days and that was on friday for the whole weekend and i remember playing it nealy 25.7 the only time i wasn't playing it was dinner and to go the toilet and it was the first time i never went to bed for 3 days but oh god it was worth it. because it was a great moment for me and my friends couldn't understand and they never will.

1. Getting A PS2 For Christmas

- So i remember the chrsitmas i got my PS2 it was so awesome i remember playing gta3 all day the day the only break i took was chrsitmas lucnh and dinner so yeah it was so grea it could have been the best chrsitmas ever.

When i joined Gamespot:

when i joined gamespot about 3 years ago i just use to browse then when i finally joined i didn't know what blogging was then i saw what other people were doing and i remember my first blog was on the tv show and i didn't even no what to right but got better with each one. i remember the ps3 was about to come out and i was blogging about that a lot. so now i know what blogging is and i use it a lot now.

so i have had my 360 for 2 days and i have played games and joined xbox live but i have no friends so anyone who want to add me my gamertag is InsaneGamer666 or if you want me to add you just tell me.

so i played some Halo wars and i don't like i played about 4 levels and i just could not get into it i didn't mind the RTS but i am not a big fan of it i just couldn't get inthe story and the gameplay. Also played Resident Evil 5 i haven't played much but what i have played i am liking it so far. played some uno yeah uno i like it. also played some street fighter 2 hd brings back memories but i won't be playing that often.

picked up Persona 4 but who knows when i will get to play it after all the games i have to play.

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