The Red 360

- so i traded some games and i had money so i really wanted a 360 and i thought about time to get one so i put one on order at EB so i should pay it off in April and get it at the end of April. so i am getting this one. A red 360 elite with Resident evil 5 + Halo wars + the street fighter download game. so i am happy i got that and i will finally have a 360 and i will probaly get live as well but it will have to wait a couple of weeks after i get now deciding what games to buy.

- so i had enough money for Persona 4 finally and thinking EB would have but they didn't they didn't get many copies and just sold out so i got a order on that and just waiting for it to come in now so i can't wait by the sounds of it its a great game but i have never played a Persona game in my life.

- so today i got rid of world tour because i was done with it and i am waiting for Rockband 2 hope it comes out soon ? i just want it to come out here but since i have Guitar hero instruments and i can use them with RB2 i will happy. but when the hell is it going to come out here ? because i want to play it and i will probally just import it soon if i don't hear anything soon. plus i hear RB2 is better then world tour and i don't need 2 music games.

- Played some Peggle today i really like that game i really should buy it. i also want to get Civ:Rev and Midnight club: LA, i am trying to hunt them down but the prices for these games are exspensive trying to find them cheap i will keep looking maybe going on ebay is a safe bet.

Thanks for reading.

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