Top 5 Of 2009

So its the christmas season i thought i do something of what games and films i liked of 2009.

This has been a good year for Games and i haven't played all of the games this years but i have played a lot. there was some great new IP, some really great underrated games but some overrated games. one big game got really hyped. i did get a DS this year so been playing some handheld games. It was a great year for games, just for gamers.

My Top 5 Games Of 2009

1. Uncharted 2 - This felt like a film but it was game and so amazing, from drake to the story and the train scene which is amazing

2. Assassins Creed 2 - i just started playing this and it amazing, they have stepped up and outdone them self, great action which i lkove and amde the open world better in this game.

3. InFamous - I love the superhero/comic book genre and sony got there own and a brand new IP buy sucker punch and this game was so much fun, a great character and i liked the story and the good/evil choice.

4. Batman: Arkham Asylum - The best batman game ever and this does everything amazing from the story and the villian joker, the ending is something i am not a big fan of it.

5. Red Faction: Guerrilla - i can't belive how good this game was, so much fun they made this series from FPS to third person andit awesome, smashing and blowing up building and the story is good.

There were some great films this year, some good movies i saw in the theater and and on dvd, catched up on some films from last year and still doing it. there were great films from each genre and from some great directors.

Top 5 films of the year

1. Inglorious Basterds - What a film a great WWII film with hardly any action the story and acting was amazing. the directing was the best by Tarantino.

2. Disctrict 9 - At first i was not excited and i heard so much about this film and started to get excited about it. when i finally saw i loved it and was my fav movie for the year intil Basterds came out. just everything about this is amazing and i started liking SCI FI films again.

3. Zombieland - I love zombies and this was an awesome zombiland film and had so much fun watching it, it remined me of Shaun Of The Dead which i love, not really a horror film but a great fun zombie film.

4. Drag Me To Hell -A great horror film, the best horror film of 2009. sam Raimi's return to horror is a great film only missing Bruce Campbell. i loved the ending to this film aswell just a great film.

5. Where The Wild Things Are - A movie i have been excited for a while, I remember the book i read it as a kid and seeing it on the bigscreen is amazing, from the kid the the wild things just amazing.

this year for tv i discovered a lot of new tv shows and only regular watched a couple of shows i still watch south park the simpsons. both of them are the only shows that i sit down and watch on tv. foud some great tv from battlestar, some great comedy and action shows and the best shows out there from HBO.

Top 5 TV Shows (I Discovered On DVD)

1. The Wire - This show is amazing before i watched it i heard it was and everyone was right, it takes at a look at both worlds cops and gangster which was good to see and amazing writing on this show.

2. True Blood - You see a lot of vampire stuff these days but this is one of the best out there, the show is amazing and is a really cool vampire concept that they are really living in our world. this show is just great and Eric is my fav Vampire.

3. Rome - A show i kind of cached before this year and finally went and bought both seasons and loved it, i love my ancient history so this is perfect for me and i love ancient rome and they did stories in this on real events that happen but of cause not everything happened on this show is not real, just amazing and how great the characters are awesome.

4. Metalocalypse - this show is awesome, about the biggest metal band on earth and they rule the world and its so funny but the music is so great aswell.

5. weeds - this show is so great and funny, love the characters are great, the stuff they do is awesome.

2010 looks like a good year for films and games really don't care about TV these days unless its on dvd. first got my birthday on Jan 13th. already got some games preorded and the road doesn't come out here till Jan so i might be able to read the book before i see it. i have lots of books to read from this that i never, got back into reading novels (reading is good for you.) getting a book for christmas stephen kings new novel. 2010 is looking like another good year i hope.


top 10 games im excited for 2010

A Top 10 list of games im excited for in 2010.

Games Im excited for 2010

1. Red Dead Redemption – i love my westersn, i loe rockstar games and i loved red dead revolver so this im really excited about.

2. God Of War 3 – i love god of war (still have to buy the god of war collection) i love kratos he is so badd ass and i can’t till i play it.

3. Heavy Rain – i love a mystery kind of game and something from your straigh up shooting games plus i love these guy who make this game.

4. Bioshock 2 – i still have to finish the first one but im really excited about the 2nd plus i have been keeping up with the news just keeps sounding awesome and i really don’t care about the online.

5. Final Fantasy 13 – Final Fntasy is a series i love so i am really excited for it after not being a big fan of 12 i really like the character and story looks like they fixed the gameplay aswell.

6.L.A. Noire – not is much know but i love the style of the game and concept and the time peroid plus being published by rockstar games has sold me.

7. Alan Wake – this game really interest me and one of the reasons why i bought a 360, it just looks awesome and i really like the story.

8.MAG – the only online game im really excited about, it sounds cool and has a cool idea behind and these guys know there shooters.

9. I Am Alive – this game just sounds awesome and so much fun, i love the idea being trapped after an earthquake looking forward to this game.

10. Max Payne 3 – i thought the first one was alright but hated them dream scenes but this one is looking more like shottem kill em game plus i like max’s new makeover.


Syberia III – hopefully it will come to the ps3 plus i love point and click games and i i have the other ones so this one could be really good on the PS3.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – i didn’t mind the first but did have its problems, but if they fix them this could be a good fun game.

No More Heroes: paradise – i don’t hvae a wii this and mad world have been wanting to play and with NMH now coming to the ps3 im really excited.

Dead Rising 2 – i love zombie games and i don’t mind the first one besides the crappy save system so if they fixed thet im going to be happy but this one looks crazy in a good way.

ModNation Racers – more i see on this game i get excited what you can make in this game is going to be insane, not a big fan of the racing but the making i am.

Gran Turismo 5 – this and burnout are the 2 racing series i buy and with no 5 and seeing what they have added im getting excited im not the biggest fan of racing games but with Gt i always find something to love.

So that is my top 10 with some metions, so what games are you excited for next year.



It happen again and only having it a WEEK FUCK THIS SHIT i am so PISSED RIGHT NOW what gets me isn't it dies again 9i don't know why it dies) but just week and again i lost all my saves again i really am sick of this shit also i was think i should really give up gaming but about 5 hours i came to my senses i was just really pissed well i am getting it foxed for free off sony which is good if you can't tell im really pissed.


Final Fantasy: My History

I thought i would do something different. with Final Fantasy 13 coming out next year i thought i would do my thoughts on the final fantasy series. I started at 7 but i haven't played every final fantasy but i tried to.

I remember when got my Psone it was the first time i got into RPG'S and thought they were fun. One day i went to a video shop and i remember we were going down just to get a game and we saw a game called Final Fantasy 7 and i saw a pick of snowboarding and so did my father and thought it would be cool. so when we got we relised it was an adventure game i remember each weekened this would be a game we would play together taking time to play it, both aof us playing bits of it. took us a while to finish and was a great game and i remember stayed home some days just finish a bit i wanted to finish. i really like cloud and barret was cool and that inro was awesome (i do hope they remake this game one day.) the villian Seproith is evil and shows why he is evil and a cool story. i really liked it and made me love RPG's.

Next was Final Fantasy 8 i hired this game out for a week and i took the whole week of school just to play it. i loved it and still my fav Final Fantasy game. i just loved the characters and story. I LOVED THE STORY of this game, i really like squall and zell was cool then you have the Seifer who you rivals then basically goes all the way bad about 30 mins in the game. then there is Edea story revolves around her. i really love the story how all the people in your party are from you life as a kid and its gets interesting and finding that out but i really like the war scene at dollet is awesome. i loved this game.

next was 9 which was werid for because it was one of the last big games i played on my PSONE. i remember hiring this out from the video store for a week. So i liked it, i really need to go back and play this game one day. the story was very interesting but never got around to finishing it. But had some cool out there characters like ZIDANE the dude who had a tail and was on the cover of one on the playstation magazines i had. i did have very fun with it i did get up to a boss but can't remember what boss.

I wanted play some of the older games i got A final Fantasy game ported to the Psone can't remember which one but it had the Final Fantasy x demo and thats the main reason i got it while i waited For Final Fantasy x.

i downloaded Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and it was fun but never finished it and downloaded 4/5/6 never finished but had fun and just played them to get a history of the game.

So now i had a PS2 and i know kingdom hearts isn't part of the Final Fantasy universe. but its has characters from that universe but kingdom hearts was the first game i got for the PS2 wasn't the biggest fan it had a lot of problems. i did like the 2nd one it was cool.

Then some time after i got Final Fantasy x a game i was really hyped it wasn't the reason why i bought a PS2 it was one of the reasons i did, i just loved the intro to the game. the characters were cool and the ball game was cool BLITZ i had a lot of fun and put a lot of hours in it. i did end up finishing it was one the best PS2 games i have veer played it was just incredible.

I got Final Fantasy x-2 was the next one. it was one that wasn't good an average final fantasy game at best. some things i didn't like but cool story but not one i would put on my list of my fav Final Fantasy game.

never played 11 the online game but would have liked to. But i hope to play 14 it looks really good. so i am excited for that.

Then there was 12 not one i really liked that one made think i think i don't like Final Fantasy games. But what made me buy in the first place was the story but i would like to give this game a second chance so i hope they put PS2 games soon on the PSN. i hated the combat wasn't a fan of it. the characters were okay but what i liked the most of it was the story but i really hated the combat.

13 is coming out next year and now i am looking forward to it after seeing trailers but at first i wasn't i didn't want to even play it but the more i read and watched has convinced me i will end up getting. SO there is my history.


top 5 games so far and worst one

i thought i would do my top 5 games so far and until the onslaught of games i am looking forward to.

1. inFamous - i just had so much fun with this game, i loved the story and the character its the game i had so much fun with.

2. Red Faction: Guerrilla - a game i wasn't expecting even to be in this list, but from playing its just awesome just smashing a building is so much fun you can have.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum - the best batman game ever, but also a great game, from the stealth elements and the awesome characters.

4. Killzone 2 - what a great game, the graphics was amazing and i was one who liked the story i think it was the first game i finished in 2009. plus an awesome online, i loved it.

5. Pokemon Platinum - i do like the pokemon games, they are fun and this one is just like them all and are still fun pokemon games are still my weakness.

So whats the worst game i have played this year so far ?

Prototype - This game had a lot a hype and great reviews so i bought it and at first good game but the more played the more i got bored thinking i just want to play inFamous and i know people love this game but even the the ultra bloody kills which is awesome wasn't something that could keep me interested. i found the story average and nothing great and i thought the graphice were nothing special it was just the worst game i have played this year so far.


Top 20 PS2 Games

So here is my top 20 PS2 games, this is my top 20 it will be finally one because i don't think i will be playing anymore PS2 games. a lot of rare games are on this list but some gta, final fantasy and popular ones like that. so enjoy.

20.The Getaway
- its like a british gangster movie. i like the story but the gameplay can get annoying at times, but i still had fun playing it.

19.Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
- i still haven't finish this game but i i have a lot of fun with this game it is crazy and what a insane story.

18.Shadow of Memories
- i really had fun with this game, and at the time i didn't know anything about it. it was a cool game with different themes.

17.Grand Theft Auto: Vice city
- a really good story, with themes from movies like scarface. really crazy stuff you can do i had a lot of fun with it and the chainsaws were cool. and bringing the bikes for the first time was cool.

16.Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
- i love the broken sword series not the best but was still good but did have some hard puzzels, ended kind of werid aswell but was good fun.

15.Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory
- this game was fun or well i had a lot of fun with it. i really liked it. it has elments of twisted metal in it but in a warzone lots of fun.

14.Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
- Sly is awesome i like the cel shading and just how different it was. i loved sly aswell.

13.Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
- I love the Metal Gear Solid series and i do like this one because snake is still awesome and has great cool villians and story is awesome until the ending where is just goes into WTF land. but just a great game "SNAKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

12.The Warriors
- the warriors is one of the best video game movies, its fun and has everything from the movie and before which makes that game great aswell. this game is truly awesome.

11.Gran Turismo 4
- my fav racing series and it so good what you could do in it, but also hard. just the graphics and all the card is just great.

10.Kingdom Hearts II
-i really didn't like the first one but it was one of the first ps2 games i got but i only bought the 2nd one because there was nothing else i wanted it and i really liked it, i didn't finish but i did like disney and the square characters combined. i had fun with it.

9.X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse
-first one was good but this one was totally better, i really liked the story and the x-men they did put in this game plus Apocalypse was in it, just awesome and now this has turned in marvel Ultimate Alliance and the 2nd one coming out soon. just a great game.

8.Freedom Fighters
- this game was awesome, it so much fun and what a cool story. picking your team was cool to, one day i hope there is another one or remakes this game.

7.God of War
- is such a great game with the gore. i love the ancient mytholgy story and kratos is so awesome.

6.Red Dead Revolver
- i personally think this is the best western game out there, it reminds of movies like the good, the bad and the ugly. also i really liked the hell out of this game.

5.dark chronicle
- i love this RPG game i wasn't the big fan of dark cloud but this one i loved the cel sheded graphics, to making your towns and the gamesplay and story, just awesome stuff and very underrated.

4.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- just a great GTA game, a big state to explore and a lot of stuff to find even the myth bigfoot in the game. it was crazy, jetpacks and planes but cool story and you had the gangs oh and the characters are awesome (samuel L Jackson).

3.bully/Canis Canem Edit
-this game was just awesome i loved this game a more friendly version of gta and it was awesome, the missions were some crazy stuff you would see in GTA. just awesome and jimmy was cool.

2.Final Fantasy X
- i love this rpg everything from the story to the rpg, the character and was the last Final Fantasy game that i loved but 13 might change that.

1.Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
- i really liked it, seeing the past and how it all became what and it was really cool and i liked the new stuff they put in this game was awesome.


Top 6 Special Gaming moments (for me)

so i had plans to a mega blog for my 4ooth blog but who really cares instead i thought i would do 6 very special gaming moments that happened to me.

Top 6 special Gaming Moments

6. Getting The Ps3

- I remeber the week just thinking about the PS3 and counting it down, then the night thinking in the morning i would have a ps3 with motorstorm and Resistance, i knoew the rest of the world had and of cause us Australians had to wait and i just couldn't wait i rember getting to the shops early and walking in there and picking one up and seeing a guy picking up 5 and thought that was werid but it was just awesome to carry out the store abd then be home seeting it up and playing it.

5. Finishing Metal Gear Solid 2

- i remember finishing Metal Gear Solid 2 it was a great moment for me, i think it was the first ps2 game i finsihed and the first MGS game i finished. just finishing i was so happy and i knew people didn't belive because they havn't finishedit and i think they were jelous and i said i would even show them and they just made excuses bnut i was just happy about finishing it.

4. GTA 3 Gets Banned And I Get GTA 3

- so i remember when GTA3 got banned because that chrsitmas i was getting the ps2 for chrsitmas and on of the games i had to have gta3 but the thing is when my father picked it up was the day it got banned and my father was good friends with the guy there and he get a copy for my father behind the counter which was cool and got the banned version which i was glad and i was just glad getting the game and playing it that christmas it made me want a PS2.

3. GTAIV Midnight Launch

- So this was the first midnight launch of a gaming event i have been and who knows probally will be. because of my love of the GTA games i had to go and i did and i got gtaiv special edition and loved it, the people was good and it was just great being there.

2. Spending 3 Days Playing FF8

- i remember i hired out it when it came out because i loved RPG'S and i loved FF7 at the time, and so i got FF8 for 3 days and that was on friday for the whole weekend and i remember playing it nealy 25.7 the only time i wasn't playing it was dinner and to go the toilet and it was the first time i never went to bed for 3 days but oh god it was worth it. because it was a great moment for me and my friends couldn't understand and they never will.

1. Getting A PS2 For Christmas

- So i remember the chrsitmas i got my PS2 it was so awesome i remember playing gta3 all day the day the only break i took was chrsitmas lucnh and dinner so yeah it was so grea it could have been the best chrsitmas ever.

When i joined Gamespot:

when i joined gamespot about 3 years ago i just use to browse then when i finally joined i didn't know what blogging was then i saw what other people were doing and i remember my first blog was on the tv show and i didn't even no what to right but got better with each one. i remember the ps3 was about to come out and i was blogging about that a lot. so now i know what blogging is and i use it a lot now.

so i have had my 360 for 2 days and i have played games and joined xbox live but i have no friends so anyone who want to add me my gamertag is InsaneGamer666 or if you want me to add you just tell me.

so i played some Halo wars and i don't like i played about 4 levels and i just could not get into it i didn't mind the RTS but i am not a big fan of it i just couldn't get inthe story and the gameplay. Also played Resident Evil 5 i haven't played much but what i have played i am liking it so far. played some uno yeah uno i like it. also played some street fighter 2 hd brings back memories but i won't be playing that often.

picked up Persona 4 but who knows when i will get to play it after all the games i have to play.


The Red 360

- so i traded some games and i had money so i really wanted a 360 and i thought about time to get one so i put one on order at EB so i should pay it off in April and get it at the end of April. so i am getting this one. A red 360 elite with Resident evil 5 + Halo wars + the street fighter download game. so i am happy i got that and i will finally have a 360 and i will probaly get live as well but it will have to wait a couple of weeks after i get now deciding what games to buy.

- so i had enough money for Persona 4 finally and thinking EB would have but they didn't they didn't get many copies and just sold out so i got a order on that and just waiting for it to come in now so i can't wait by the sounds of it its a great game but i have never played a Persona game in my life.

- so today i got rid of world tour because i was done with it and i am waiting for Rockband 2 hope it comes out soon ? i just want it to come out here but since i have Guitar hero instruments and i can use them with RB2 i will happy. but when the hell is it going to come out here ? because i want to play it and i will probally just import it soon if i don't hear anything soon. plus i hear RB2 is better then world tour and i don't need 2 music games.

- Played some Peggle today i really like that game i really should buy it. i also want to get Civ:Rev and Midnight club: LA, i am trying to hunt them down but the prices for these games are exspensive trying to find them cheap i will keep looking maybe going on ebay is a safe bet.

Thanks for reading.


EB Games Story

eb games story

so the other day i was in at eb games trading in some games. and i was looking at some games, and this guy comes over (a customer) who starts talking to about games to me and tells me he is gangster or something like that so i just go and trade some games in and while i am trading in some games. he then comes over and says he wants to buy one of my games while i am trading games and only offers $20 i was you have to be kidding and i said if you have $50 you have a deal just a werid experncie i had.

Resistance 2

- so i got Resistance 2 and only have started but its a fun game. really having a lot of fun, getting trophies and just find it fun and can't wait to play more.

madden 08
- bought this today after having a bad day and just tackling people is always fun and the last madden i played was 2002 so playing this was great fun and i am not a big nfl fan. but i like playing it and just seeing people get hammered.

gaming predictions

so i want to do some gaming predictions that might happen in the gaming industry this year.

1. dead rising to the PS3 ?
2.MGS4 to the 360 ?
3. PS2 games to the PSN
4. wii to get better games
5. a lot more gaming studio's close down
6. ps3 gets cheaper
7. 360 finally gets a blu ray drive
8. more mmo's that fail
9.lbp just gets bigger
10. psp gets more games

and i couldn't give 2 shits about this years oscars for some reason also my tv fucked up so i have to get it replaced.


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