Pokemon Sun / Moon Demo

So i got to play the demo for pokemon sun / moon and i was alreayd excited for the game but after playing the demo i can say i am going to enjoy pokemon sun or i should. wasnt the biggest fan of x/y so thaat is saying something. The changes i saw in the demo i find a step forward but not perfect you still have people teaching you about pokemon and catching pokemon even though you have been playing pokemon games for 20 years. But what i really liked about the demo was you can now ride pokemon and i like that idea and it make sense. how the pokemon center and pokemart are combines its like a cafe. Oh it looks so good on the 3ds as well.

In the demo you get introduces 2 some characters and learn were your character are from but also you can to do something like pokemon snap which was cool and you get introduced to this new location which has a nice vibe aswell and has me excited for the game but just ssome things i noticed im sure there is more and im going to explore more because i have noticed characters saying back here or come here in 24 days so im see what happens when i turn maybe nothing maybe something.

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21 years ago... Evangelion

so it's been 21 years since Evangelion debuted and i just want to talk about my experience and my love for this anime. I was really into anime before i watched Evangelion i remember seeing ghost in the shell and akira on vhs and i don't know if i had seen Pokemon and dragon ball z but that had been my experience with anime and i didn't even know it was called anime. So when i got around watching Evangelion it was on tv and it was because i saw an ad for while i was watching south park on a lacal tv station over here called SBS i remember it saying next week after south park Evangelion will debut or something like that. So i stayed up late to watch the first episode and loved it and i watched every epsiode ever week.

For me why i love evangelion and really got into it was because i really liked the story but for i really could relate to the characters and but i could relate to the characters that were going to school because i was in school. But also the EVA's were just awesome and that first episode was amazing and really spoke to me, you had the characters and the story but the amazing action but also just amazing music and it was just amazing to watch and to watch something like that after south park on a school night just felt special.

After watching every episode even watched it when the family went on holidays and it wasn't something i couldn't miss. by the end i was love with this anime and was the first anime i really loved and i really didn't know what anime was aswell. the more anime i watched or didn't watch i always remember evangelion. When the first time i had my own my money and was getting back into anime one of the first things i wanted to do was to buy the anime on dvd so got the boxset which was about $100.

Then i had some time out of anime until the rebulid movies started coming out and i was kinda getting back into anime but i didn't really until i decided to get netflix and watch attack on titan. But since then i have rewatched the rebulid movies over 5 times or something like that and i think there alright and they don't touch the original anime and that is anime i try to watch once a year.

So I have a lot of memories with Evangelion and is something i love and something i can connect to and something i think is amazing.


Getting Back Into Pokemon Cards

So recently been getting back into pokemon card something from my childhood.something i love and miss and regret rid of my original cards so recently just been buy the cards i had back in the day but i really want to get all the original 150 pokemon something i wanted to do as a kid but never but being an adult with money something i can try. In 2016 that is a goal of mine to get.

I just love the old cards there is something about them that is special but also when im looking at them i have all these memories from my childhood i still remember getting my first card and having a folder of cards and it was one of the most things i loved in the world as a kid. how i always wnted that charizard but never getting it but the day i regret when i was older and i thought i didnt need pokemon and telling mu mother to get rid of them that is something i regretted but i thought pokemon was only for a little kids.

But now im rebuiling my collection and i stopped collecting in fossil and jungle days but now having money i can find the cards i never had but also can get the sets i never had and finding all these other older cards i never had it is fun and glad to be collecting pokemon cards again.


My Top 8 Moment From Gaming In 2015

Instead of doing a list of the best games from 2015 i thought i would do something different and do a list of the best video game moments. So i came up with 8 they stood out to me and i might not love every game on the list but i loved the moments. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD

8. Arkham Knight The Joker Moment
- I wasn’t expecting the joker to be in arkham knight but then when he appears for the first time wow but his role in this game is awesome. also when the joker takes over batman was really cool but that first appearance of the joker in the game was the wow moment for me.

7. Everybodys Gone To The Rapture Ending
- I liked this game but that ending was something else and was just wow it fills in the holes that happened during the game but it was just amazing to watch that ending and to find out what happened to these people was amazing.

6. Until Dawn Twist
- Okay this game was awesome and if you love horror movies and most of the game it goes like a normal horror movie until there is a twist in the middle of the game where you think one character is killing the characters off. But then you find out something else is killing the people off and just wow who it is.

5. Fallout 4 Seeing Wife Get Killed
- Fallout has been so much fun but the moment in the game that still sticks out to me is seeing your wife getting shot in front of you and then the people take your chile it was just wow and the moment so far from the game that made me go wow.

4. Arkham Knight Jason Todd Moment
- these scenes were you see the joker do things to jason todd really stands out to me and is some of the wow moments from the game. They don’t last long but there is 4 or 3 scenes they show and you just watch but it stands out.

3. Phantom Pain The Dog Moment
- The moment you find a little puppy and bring him to base is just the cutest moment and bring him back to base and to see the interaction is awesome but then to see him grow is amazing i just love it and to me something that standouts out from phantom. the truth is a lot from phantom pain sticks out so its hard to pick what moments to put on this list.

2. Witcher 3 Bloody Baron Quest
- this quest is one of the best missions or quests i played this year from any game. this quest is fucked up and the more you play it the more it gets interesting and the more  you learn about these characters and what happened to these characters to make them turn out this way and the ending to the quest is just fucked.

1. Phantom Pain Ending
- The ending to phantom pain is just amazing and just wow the revealing of everything at the end. the game may have its problems but i love the game and that ending mission and everything that comes after it is amazing. and just sets up everything that came in metal gear solid games which was awesome and that reveal is something i still think about.


Getting Back Into Anime With Space Dandy

Been watching a lot of anime of the last year or so and because of streaming services i have been able to discover a lot of stuff on these services i have either heard of (attack on titan) or some i have never heard of (Psycho Pass) or stuff i thought i would never watch (Naruto). But to me there has only one that really stood out made me watch more made me put money down on these streaming services and that was Space Dandy. I just thought it was amazing when i watched it earlier this year and it was so different it felt like you were on drugs and i loved it. The animation was the standout and something that made this something special to watch with this very cool anime that had a interesting story and had some emotional moments.

So getting back into anime has been interesting and im still watch stuff and i have started watching new stuff week to week and always checking out interesting stuff and looking for stuff that looks really interesting. So im going to stick with watching more anime.


10 Games Im Excited For After E3

So another e3 goes by and we had a really good E3, i really liked what we saw i don't think there was anything mindblowing but there was some stuff there that got me excited for the future. I think MS had the best show they have had in years and it was all about games which i loved but i didnt love every game they showed but there was some interesting stuff but nothing that makes me i need to buy an xbox one right now but also loved the indie stuff they showed was the highlight for me from MS. Then there was EA and that was a miss nothing much to be excited but good to see them talk about the new mass effect and liking the direction there going into. also star wars game looks like its going to look good and the new criterion game sounds interesting. Ubisoft one was a letdown because at the end they always have something mindblowing but this year they didnt. They showed the new assassins creed and this has to be the first one i will be not buying day one to me it just looks the same just with awesome graphics and co-op and after black flag i just think im done with the series. The divison look awesome and still super excited for that game and same as far cry 4 also for some reasons people were dancing and doing pushups...... yeah and there was rainbow six which looks good but nothing amazing but kinda sad we are not getting the previous rainbow six game. Sony had a lot of games and some really exciting stuff but had zzz moments but like ms it was a really good showing from sony and future is looking good.

The 10 Games Im Excited For After E3

10. The Witcher 3
- Each video i see for this game i just get more excited and i never really got into the 2nd game but this game just looks like my jam i can't wait for it very excited for it i even have it preordered it in advanced.

9. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
-OH MY GOD!!!!!! it looks so awesome an older drake and the creative leads of the last of us i am so  pumped for this game and i can't wait, also the first 3 is one of my fav trilogys of all time so im a big uncharted fan and sounds like this could be the end of drake i am very interested in this game.

8. LittleBigPlanet 3
- Wow im super excited i have loved the series and can't wait for the 3rd and its awesome that we ar getting new characters and can't wait to use them in the game.

7. Far Cry 4
 -Big Fan Of The series but 3 was a game i really loved and 4 just looks its just up everything from 3 really can't wait to play this game.

6. Batman Arkham Knight
- WOW!!!! the gameplay just looks amazing and i can't wait to play because this really looks like gotham city but also gotham looks so huge could be the biggest open world game i have seen.

5. The Order: 1886
- Since the start i have been interested in this game i have loved the gameplay but i really like the story there telling but the monsters in this game is something i really like and excited to fight against in this game.

4. Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain
- I was really dreading this game but the trailers have been really exciting but now i have come around to be super excited for this game and the new trailer would be the best trailer from E3 i loved it and i have the song from the trailer but it just looks like another awesome MGS story there going to tell. Still wish they had the original snake voice actor doing it but what are you going to do.

3. The Division
- Um wow the more i see of this game the more i want to play and this E3 really sold me on this game im really getting out of FPS and i am loving my third person shooters and this looks like it is doing an awesome job at that.

2. No man's Land
- Um wow just wow this looks amazing i wished i could have seen more but just going off and exploring just sounds awesome but colours and the planets also animals walking around just look insane.

1. Destiny
- After E3 trailer this looked really good but i was starting to get excited the more i saw of it then i played the alpha and wow i loved it and i also played the beeta for hardline which i didnt like that much but thought this was just amazing and can't wait to play the full game.

Other Games Im Excited For:

Infamous First light - The dlc looks awesome and one of the best characters from the main game is the focus that is awesome and you dont need to full game to play well that is awesome.

Valiant Hearts -Wow i have not been pay attettion to this game but this trailer got me and now i must own this game.

Zelda - The wii-u hasnt interested me that much and never been a zelda fan but after that video i really want this game.

Grim Fandango - I only played a little bit of this game on the pc and loved and can't wait to play this on the vita.

Cuphead - Wow love the style of this game.

Inside - I think i can wait for this game to come to the ps4 but i really wanna play this game.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider - Wish we got gameplay but just to have a new tomb raider is awesome and also not sure about the name.

Mass Effect - Yeah im excited even though we didnt get much and sounds like we are getting new characters which makes me happy.

Oddworld: New N Tasty - Still excited to play it.

Ori And The Blind Forrest - Wow just wow another indie game i really wanna play on the xbox one.

Road Not Taken - Another indie game i am excited for.

Sunset Overdrive - This game looks like so much fun.

Bloodborne - Wow this game looks grusome and im excited for it.

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture - Another trailer and i dont know much about it but it looks and sounds awesome.


2014: Things I'm Excited For

Well been looking over 2014 what movies, video games and other stuff that is getting me excited in 2014 and there is some interesting stuff in 2014 and then there is some stuff that looks really bad.

10. X-Men: Days Of Future Past
- Im very scared this is the movie is going suck but the trailer has me excited and the idea does but whenever someone from the movie is talking about it i have fears about the movie. From to many characters to already talking about the next movie without it even being out and making wolverine the main character, so many fears about ths movie but i hope they pull it off.

9. The Lego Movie
 - Im not a lego person now days but as a kid i loved lego and this movie looks awesome.

8. 22 Jump Street
- I thought 21 Jump Street was going to suck but i loved it, it was so funny and i can't wait for the next one i just hope they dont reuse the same jokes but i have faith they won't.

7. Guardians Of the Galaxy
 - This could be the weirdest movie this or even the the weirdest comic book movie ever, i really like the comic books and i love the cast and the glimpses i have seen like and having a raccoon with gun shooting and making jokers and a talking tree and seeing how thanosappears in this movie is going to be interesting and im excited for this movie.

6. Insterstellar
 - I don't anything about this movie besides nolan is directed and Sci-fi theme in the movie but im excited for it.

5. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
- Another movie i have fears about but excited for it at the same time, i loved the first movie but since its been so long im afraid an some of the movies from the director havent been that great and replacing some of the cast is something im not sure and frank miller righting a new story because his recent stuff hasnt been that good.

4. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
 - I loved rise and i didnt think i would be excited for this movie after the director changed but after seeing the trailer im so pumped for this movie.

3. Godzilla
 - Please let this movie be amazing after we got that crap movie and i saw that crap movie in the movie theater as a kid but going by the trailer this is going to be amazing also director who directed monsters yes please.

2. Captain America: The Winter Solider
- I love the comic book of the Winter Solider and it was one of the first captain america stories i first read and the movie looks amazing and i can't wait to watch it.

1. The Raid: Berandal
- The first movie was just amazing and i can't wait for the 2nd one because the trailer looks amazing but it looks more amazing.

Now onto the video games im excited for in 2014.

10. Destiny
- this game looks like fun and never been a halo fan but the world just looks interested and im interested in the story.
9. The Divison
 - i dont think it will come out in 2014 but im excited for this game, it looks really good and very interesting.

8. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty!
- The remake just looks so good i loved the psone game and can't wait to play this remake.

7. Rime
- This game looks interesting and reminds me of ico and i can't wait for this game and i really like the colour in this game aswell.

6. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture
- Wow the teaser trailer really impressed me and it just sounds interesting and i can't wait to see more.

5. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
 - still havent finished the first game but i have loved it so far on the vita and can't wait for the 2nd one.

4. Octodad: Dadliest Catch
- since seeing video of this i really want to play this game. it looks so stupid and fun and i can't wait to play this game.

3. The Witness
- Looks right up my alley, really interesting puzzels and taking your time doing them and in open world seems really cool.

2. Infamous: Second Son
 - Love this series i loved the ps3 games and i love how we have a new character and city and it looks like a really cool story, can't wait to play this game.

1. Watch Dogs
- The game i wanted for my ps4 and after been delayed im very excited about twhat you can do in this game and i can't wait to get my hands on this game.


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